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Comments {57}

iV4 long ago
Utsukushii!! I'm a violin lover 'n' thiz arts is wonderfull.

Gary long ago
Nice Vlad! Any chance of a guitar version? :)

Emily long ago
Beautiful! Absolute perfection! I play cello and my sister plays violin. This might be my wallpaper for life... or until your next wallpaper is out.

Edward long ago
Wonderful art, but isn't that piano music in the background?

Bilal long ago
sorry you i,dont speace english i,m a iranin boy me id is>>>(pasha_khan1365)bye

vickarasu long ago
So...beautiful! *_* This wallpaper rules!

rani long ago

Mohammed Korashy long ago
We really missed your beautiful wallpapes So So So Nice wallpaper and the clocks too I guess I should make acredit card Soon

darthvinyll long ago
love it!

megan long ago
wooow this is beautiful wallpaper ... love it

Mina long ago
Finally! I am a musician, a violin player, and a fan of your wallpapers! This is an amazing gift, Vlad! Thx :D

Mina long ago
Um.. it'd be great to have a violin clock!

Pete long ago
Beautiful! Could you also some time do this with a clarinet? I would lengthen my lifelong registration for that, if only it were possible ;-)

Gaby long ago
Excelente trabajo. Congratulations!

onguarde long ago
sweet and original...............

Alvaro Mendez long ago
Oh my god! I think this is my favourite wallpaper. Love It. Excelente fondo de pantalla!!! ;) ;)

ja 21 January 2008

mbdm 12 March 2008

Petr 26 March 2008
máto fakt pěknej styl a provedení je výtečné

Enzo Zanier 25 April 2008
Incredible way in fashion

gagzters 7 June 2008
OMG...I really like it...its one of a the way i posted it in my blog like it soooo much...your soooo artistic...hope to see more about your arts...tnx

sherry 25 July 2008
the love of real taste

Azry 30 July 2008
I love it

Cori 18 November 2008
Just lovely, I play violin and the shape, colour, proportion, its all right! The first correct violin I've seen in a long time. Absolutely gorgeous!

soar star 16 April 2011
that is so amazing i am goimg to put that as my desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ojoh 29 March 2012
Hey! Look how I butchered your artwork! Hope you like it...

Unique 18 December 2015
Love this pic...and the creative ppl that make music flow from it~

Vera long ago
It's amazing, vlad. I love music!

moo long ago
Wow... this is beautiful...

Anna long ago
Cool wall love it i love art you have for art indeed

Jaideep long ago
Yet another classic masterpiece! Magnificent!!!!!!!!

lissy long legs long ago
i love it i even play it , it looks like mine!

dandy lad long ago

jenepooh long ago
Oh my! This is absolutely breathtaking! You are a very talented artist! Thank you so much!

Naveen long ago

George long ago
Seriously, it's wonderful!! I only wish that their was a trumpet version...

f_e_l_i_s long ago
òàêàÿ ìèëàÿ...

mihir,india long ago
oh man superb wallpaper..and ya your wallpaper clock concept is outstanding...its very artistic.and i like ur artistic and spiritual touch in ur all work..keep workin...

David (Mex) long ago
It`s amazing check your page daily and found a new creation, thanks for your art, God Bless You

Mija long ago
Vlad, is realy beautifull! fanx to you for this ;)

çakmut long ago

feng shaun long ago
amazing...can you make one for piano? thank you very much

Ruby long ago
So very beautiful

Mahrad long ago
Very nice!!!

LucasDT long ago
Great job Vlad, awesome work!!

Nick long ago
Awesome wallpaper Vlad. I've been looking quite a while to find a really good music based wallpaper(I'm not a musician, but I really like classic music). Keep up the good work and I hope to see other instruments being illustrated on your website.

Karen 23 February 2008
Very very nice. Like it! I'll vote for guitar too.

Kimmy 23 March 2008
Ses vraiment une de mais préféré :)!

Daren 8 April 2008
Sehr schöne

ANGEL 12 June 2008

Lyresh 14 July 2008
violin rocks!!!!

Christen McMakin 24 July 2008
This is beautiful. What's the chances of me being able to talk you into doing a banjo....I'm so glad I found you...

neves 26 August 2008

zoya 29 December 2008
so beautiful...amazing works

25 November 2009
I absolutely am in awe of your site and your work..., speaking of work -- I will hopefully subscribe to your site when I get back on my feet. Love your mind... Regards., Mike

PAULO 1 April 2012

bethy 12 August 2016
i love instrumentt

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