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Vlad Gerasimov 2 Wrzesień 2005
I found an old pencil sketch in  my archive, and manipulated it into the wallpaper. Hope you'll like it!

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Komentarze {49}

baboo dawno temu
i like it...good work

Zbych dawno temu
This is my favorite!!!!Thanks for great work!!

Ranjkar dawno temu
Vlad Is Great ! You Work Is OK !(Y)

Beata dawno temu
my love cello (L)

omar dawno temu
oye yo he pasado horas buscando buenas paginas web sobre wallpapers hasta que encontre esta y te digo que es la mejor que visto hasta ahora, tiene una resolucion unica, trabajos asombrosos y siempre manteniendo lo que es.... bueno ya he hablado demasiado, en resumen sigue asi, me encanta tu trabajo hombre!

FeDe dawno temu
I´m from a reeeeally far away country, and I´ve been travelling around the world (through WWW of course) looking for a wallpaper like this one. It´s just... fantastic. REAL thanks and congratulations for your work and unique talent... you make people happier!

de ViRi dawno temu
love at first sight!

Thanks dawno temu
cool, i like it!!!

Bhagwat Singh dawno temu
Excellent.................. Excellent............... Excellent. I Highly appreciated your Wallpaper

Jennifer dawno temu
Oh this is awesome... I'm sad there's not a dual screen version!!

gopi dawno temu
u r wallpapers are excellent

Mathias dawno temu
nice :D - altough I miss your beautiful nature-fotographs..

Wildharp dawno temu
Another great wall. I use your work a lot - thanks.

Cindy dawno temu
Vlad; I think your picture looks like jazz sounds.:)

gil dawno temu
the colours are wonderful

Vlad Gerasimov dawno temu
hehe :)

mike dawno temu
great wallpaper.. thanks a lot :)

Nat dawno temu
Outrageously good.

andreea dawno temu
yeah...u are the best!is amazing,congratulation...is verry nice

kev dawno temu
just one word ~ cool :-)

Vlad Gerasimov dawno temu
Thanks Larry! I'd love to experience NYC Village feet some time :-) I've been dreaming to visit New York for a while already...

mikey dawno temu
How appropriate, with Katrina ordeal, you seem to honor New Orleans with this jazzy feel to it. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Jaideep dawno temu
Cool one ;-)

benjtrue 30 Styczeń 2008
cool....very nice.

Sónia 31 Maj 2008
You have a great work and collection out here! Loving it!

Cyril Brossard 18 Lipiec 2008
Bravo, as much as i love taking macro pictures, i must admit that your work reminds me of macro photography, it is purely beautiful. I am not a fan of the landscape pictures but they are quite nice. I simply find your design work simply stunning. "Tres beau" should be sufficient, "Fabuleux" should as well describe how deep is your work. I am quite amazed, i love your work. The french should make an exposition of your work in the centre pompidou. Great work Vlad, you are blessed indeed.

era dawno temu

tiki dawno temu
:-) awesome picture, too bad i'm a violinist!!!;-)

bany dawno temu
wahoooo nice pic....cool i like it:-)

bany dawno temu
wahoooo nice pic....cool i like it:-)

F K dawno temu

inem dawno temu
I have been following you since you were still art.softshape. I LOVE your wallpapers, and when companion pulled this one up i thought it was absolutely beautiful. The colors, the profile, everything. beautiful

Krupa dawno temu
dam gud man...love it

Anastasia dawno temu
It's one of my favourit wallpapers! This one is a.... MASTERPIECE! I appreciate your work. Just thanks

Andrey dawno temu
It's my favourite wallpaper!!! I think it's the BEST!!! :)

One Drop dawno temu
So simple..., so beautiful! Thanks!

PSI, Holland dawno temu
Can i have one with a clarinet?! This is a vibrant pic! Find yourself a copy of "De Profundis", by the Krakow Klezmer Band, play it and you know what i mean by that.

martusia dawno temu
the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen! and music one :) i'll be glad to see more wallpaper in this category (eg. sax, flute ... :) )

BJ dawno temu
So Cool!! Love the colors!!

justin dawno temu
everytime i look at one of your wallpapers, i get really upset that im not as creative & talented like you. amazing work indeed.

patpawz dawno temu
This is great! Variation in the colors is wonderful!

mike dawno temu
glad to see old nice stuff! you could do a series from those retros Olga did toghether with you and me... :-)

Rina dawno temu
demasiado original, excelente trabajo!! ;)

Javier dawno temu
Me encanta tu trabajo (Y).

harry dawno temu

evelyn dawno temu

Larry dawno temu
This is one of your best, it really captures the mood and essence of a dark, smokey, night club......it has a real retro 50's NYC Village feel to it, very warm and comforting. I always love the way you invoke a sense of shadowy lyricism in some of your works. Fine eye and technique. (Y)

Vien 24 Luty 2008
hahahahahaha! no more else??????? I'll wait fo the newest, OK?????

gosh 1 Czerwiec 2008
dude you are simply AMAZING!!! *BEST Wallpapers In The History Of Mankind!!!!*

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