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Comentários {25}

Jeremy Kemp 10 Julho
I'm so excited to see this! Welcome back. :) :) :)

Max 10 Julho
It's great, you're back!

LTA 10 Julho
Glad you're back! PS, You should look at implementing SSL on the site. :)

Leo L. 10 Julho
Nice one ! (the wallpaper, not the come back) :)

Isabelle Filippi 10 Julho
Love it.

Timothy Whitbeck 10 Julho
Really glad to see you creating again!

hintze 11 Julho
wow, thanks alot! maybe we will see more from you in the not-so-far future? would be great :)

roby 11 Julho
so happy! looking forward to new drawings.

jase 12 Julho
I just happened to stop by to look at some old favorites! Glad to see your work again. Mostly I appreciated your view of NY and the "people". We don't look at people enough here, we just look through them. GOOD CATCH!!!

Fra 16 Julho
So So good to see you pop up in my google reader feed again! :)

Nicolas Antoniades 18 Julho 15:52
I have been checking your website once every now and then for the last 4 years, hoping that one day I'll see a new wallpaper ! Well, the day has finally come and I couldn't be happier ! You were missed ! :)

Yiming 11:13
Thanks for posting new wallpapers! Keep them coming! Friends, he's back!

Cinzia 10 Julho
We were waiting for you ...... Very happy!!!

Bzzz 10 Julho
Welcome back! :)

Geoff 10 Julho
So happy you're back

jeva 10 Julho
I also missed you. I like your illustrations.

Sithdown 10 Julho
Nice to see you here again!

Kelcey 10 Julho
I was so surprised and thrilled to see a new illustration from you today! What a beauty it is too. Thank you Vlad:)

Ian 10 Julho
Lovely surprise return :)

Becky 11 Julho
So glad you are drawing again! You make us all happy :)

Barb. 12 Julho
Hope you're doing well, Vlad! The new picture is wonderful. It makes me so happy to see new artwork from you. I have often wondered how you were doing over the years. It's nice to hear from you again.

bob 12 Julho
So happy to see this, thanks Vlad. I've been checking in every now and again in the hope you'd be back. I suddenly had a weird sense that I should check again and to my delight saw this. Great pic and great to see.

Manuel 13 Julho
Welcome back!

Steve 16 Julho
Thank you! Glad to hear you feel like drawing again!

M. 06:05
Good to see you back, Vlad! Hope you had some good times in the last months/years. M.

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