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If Companion for Mac is not working after you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion... {10 October 2012}

A little hint sent by a visitor - if Companion for Mac is not working after you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion, delete the app AND its preferences ( ~/Library/Preferences/com.vladstudio.VSCompanion.plist ), then download it again and install. Thanks!


Introducing vPass - password generator for everyone {4 October 2012}

vPass is a tiny web app I made quite long ago, but forgot to announce it :-)

vPass is a tiny web app I created to solve my own problem - keeping my passwords secure and easy to manage at the same time. Passwords are the only way to identify yourself in the Internet. Nothing better has been invented yet. However, passwords are still painful to work with:

Numerous password-managing apps are here to help. Most of them are tied to one OS. None of them appealed to me personally. The best approach I could find is to have single ("master") password and generate account-specific passwords from it (using account name for encryption).

Try vPass (also available as bookmarklet, extension for Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Read more about vPass - highly recommended! It's not immediately clear how it works, but once you get it, you'll probably like the idea as much as I did. Thanks!

P.S. If you can help me make Firefox extension, I'll be most thankful!


Introducing Vladstudio Companion for Windows 8! {3 October 2012}

Thanks to the same Grig as in my previous post :-) I am happy to announce the Vladstudio Companion for upcoming Windows 8!

If you already have Windows 8 Beta, get Companion here:



abcNotes for Windows Phone 7 with Vladstudio wallpapers {3 October 2012}

My friend Grig from Alsedi Group has released abcNotes (which uses my wallpapers for background) for Windows Phone 7. Give it a try:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

If you're using Windows Phone 7 - how does it feel generally as a phone OS? I'm curious about any mobile interfaces, but did not yet use WP.


Vladstudio new site (codename Kauri) {3 October 2012}


If you have been to my website before, you will notice I changed a lot of its design. I hope the new features (as well as removal of some clutter) will make your stay more comfortable. If you stumble upon a bug, or have a suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

P.S. I code-named this design Kauri - a mighty tree from my beloved New Zealand :-)


"Who Stole The Moon?" - now for iPhone! {28 August 2012}
Ladies and Gentlemen,

recharge your iPhones, Bertie is coming! "Who Stole The Moon?" is now available for both iPad and iPhone. Try the lite version or buy the full version now!



Updated bash script for resizing and saving wallpapers using Ubuntu and ImageMagick {5 July 2012}

Some time ago, I published my method of saving a wallpaper in multiple sizes, using "bash" scripting language. Please read the original post here and more recent discussion here.

Recently, I revised my bash script, and I wanted to share the updated code with you. Maybe you will find it useful. It has comments inside, however, to fully understand what is going on, you will want to learn a bit about bash.


From email conversation: creating a wallpaper site that does not suck {4 July 2012}

Below is my email conversation with a website visitor, published with her permission.

I’ve always loved creating art for my phone, desktop, etc and have been looking for a way to someone monetize this. Creating a membership site seems like the perfect business model. And so I started researching membership sites and thought I’d reach out to someone already doing it successfully ~ you. :)

Could give direction as to what system (wordpress? membership plugin?) you use or if you developed your site entirely yourself. How did you decide what to offer FREE and what to make PREMIUM?

That’s a big question :-) Allow me to split it into several questions.


Only July 3! Happy Birthday little Alice! Premium accounts for $2.00!!! {3 July 2012}

[Update] July 3 is officially over :-)

Today, my little Alice turns 2 years old! To celebrate that, only today, all premium accounts are $2.00 (that's $12.99 off!) Buy one for yourself or buy a gift account. Thanks!


New sizes for all wallpapers: 2880x1800 for MacBook Pro Retina; 1440x1280 for HTC One X {20 June 2012}
If you're a lucky owner of all-new MacBook Pro with Retina display, and even more lucky Vladstudio premium user :-), you can enjoy your new display even more with my wallpaper in awesome 2880x1800 resolution. I also added 1440x1280 for HTC One X and other phones with 720x1280 screen.


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