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Water drops on a spider web - making of

Start with new document, fill background layer with solid color of your liking.


With very large soft brush (B), put some colored dots here and there.


Repeat until you are satisfied with the background. Apply some Gaussian Blur (in Filter menu - Blur) and add a little noise (Filter menu - Noise - Add noise).


... Or, you can use blue-to-black radial gradient to fill the background!


Set foreground color to white, set small (2px) hard brush, and draw the web. This is how it looks at 100% zoom...


... and this is zoomed out view.


Set web layer blend mode = Overlay, add some Noise to this layer, then go  to Layer menu - layer style - blending options, and add some shadow (size = 1px, mode = overlay, opacity = 40-50%)


Now it  is time to create water drops. Drawing drops one by one is not very efficient. Instead, we will use the power of Photoshop brush settings! Create new layer, then open Brushes palette window (from Window menu). Click brush tip shape. set Diameter to 13px (or adjust it accroding to your image size). Set spacing to about 200%.


Then click Shape Dynamics = make sure the checkbox is checked. Set Size Jitter to about 75%, and minimum diameter to about 50%.


Now make a single brush stroke, and you should get many nice water drops" in  a single stroke!"


Do not stop until entire web is filled with water drops.


(this is zoomed out view)


Our drops are now just white dots. To turn them into water, use the power of Layer Style! Open Layer Style, set layer blend mode to Multiply (dots are white, this will make them invisible) and add the following:
- Drop shadow (multiply, 50%, 1-2px)
- Inner shadow (angle = -90!, white color, Overlay, 2px)
- Inner Glow (Overlay, 1px, 50%)
- Bevel and Emboss (highlight mode = screen 40%, shadow mode = white, overlay, 50%, size=3px, soften=6px)
- Satin (color = black, Overlay, opacity = 20%, distance = 8px, size = 2px).

Much better!


Now, the lines of spiderweb are visible through water drops. This is not very beautiful. Right-click on thumbnail" icon representing drops layer in Layers palette


Select layer with spider web, and delete selection.


I want to add small white highlight (as if reflecting light from above) to each waterdrop, but it cannot be done with layer effects. I also do not want to use brush to put every dot manually. Instead, Select Pixels of water drops layer again. Then go  to Select menu - Modify - Contract (2px).


Create new layer, fill selection with white color.


Go to Select menu - Modify - Expand (2px). Then move selection 4 px down.


Delete selection. Then move selection 2px left, delete again, then move to the right, delete again.


That's all! Registered users can download .PSD source file - click here to get it!


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Dalia 12 Юни 2008
Thanks a million... BTW, your wallpapers are awesome!!

august 12 Юни 2008
Very Very Interesting

Ryan 13 Юни 2008
pretty sweet man!

andyboy 16 Юни 2008
Amazing! Thanks a lot!

julija 16 Юни 2008
please make a wallpaper for euro2008. uefa!!!!!! please russia is in at the moment, you must do something form your side!!!!!!

praveen vijayan 1 Юли 2008
Man you are a genius.. Fabulous works. Simply brilliant!!!!!!!

SnoGryphon 5 Юли 2008
You are brilliant. I'm in awe. Thanks for sharing!!

Elena 10 Юли 2008
¡Genial el tutotial! lo hacen parecer fácil... saludos

jotbe 14 Юли 2008
jojojo.... veeee a sio facilisimo :D

Markus Vad Flaaten 20 Юли 2008
Awesome. Glad to see such a talented person like you use a Mac! (Yes, I use a Mac too :P)

Rid 29 Юли 2008
When I first saw the wallpaper I'd swear it was a photo! Man, you are a photoshop ninja!

jADE 2 Август 2008
NICE you do such wonderful work!

Dany 2 Август 2008
un de mes sites préférés .... très sympathique travail .... :-))

dago 7 Август 2008
aaa ya vi... adobe photoshop =)

Nir 10 Август 2008
Your skills and wallpapers are nothing less than amazing. Thanks!

bee 28 Август 2008
very nice...thank you..

Dux 9 Септември 2008
Great, Vlad!

pakdee 29 Септември 2008
woooowww!!! great.

Thomas 1 Октомври 2008
A dear friend recommended your site a year ago. Since then, your wallpapers are the only ones I see every day! Very good work! Keep doing great things!

Ioana 3 Октомври 2008
very impressive your tutorials but also your art : the imagination, the compositions and the way you combine the colours

usha 3 Ноември 2008
very nice effect.simply super

Rita 25 Ноември 2008
Есть на кого равняться. Супер!

aska 12 Декември 2008
You are amazing thanks for all!!!

Oridusartic 8 Март 2009
Thank you for the tutorial Vlad. It rocks! ^^

Blue 22 Март 2009

Anja 8 Юни 2009
I saw this tutorial on eyesontutorials.com, it's really nice. I wonder however, when giving the drop shadows, the drop shadow and inner drop shadow seem to be connected in a way. If I set the inner drop shadow to -90, like you say, the "normal" drop shadow changes as well, from 120 to -90, and that's how it comes on top of the water drop instead of underneath it... Do you have a solution for that ?

TC 17 Юли 2009
Wonderful work! Love it! Thanks for the lessons!

Francesca 13 Август 2009
You're a true artist! And the best is sharing your techniques...thank you very much!

Nicole 15 Септември 2009
Ixy trix mon hixie ticks

umesh 10 Октомври 2009

Andras 2 Ноември 2009
You are brilliant. Thank you very much, Vlad!

jNy! 13 Декември 2009
Ово је ингениозно!

van basten 1 Януари 2010
wooow :D ♥♥like it ♥♥

clippingimages.com 18 Януари 2010
oww nice.:-)

reena 20 Март 2010

Mohan 5 Ноември 2010
Brilliant !!!

ttt 7 Януари 2012

Eddie 11 Април 2012
Pretty good tutorial , seems pretty easy.

sean 12 Юни 2008
nice skill! keep great work!

Phillip Ireland 12 Юни 2008
Very slick!

ksszi 13 Юни 2008
greaaaat! :) thx, the tutorial is very useful. :)

Udaya Senthil 15 Юни 2008
You are the man... I like all your wallpapers....Keep rocking

Lance 20 Юни 2008
your PS skills blow me away!

jpboy 25 Юни 2008
cool and awsome

rosy 26 Юни 2008
Wonderfull wallpaper.Thank you.

Jerry 1 Юли 2008
Very nice! Thank you very much, Vlad!

Marx 8 Юли 2008
thanks for the tutorial, I like how most of the wallpapers seem to be MAC made (clean, simple & elegant)

Sergio 12 Юли 2008
Wow! I stumbled across your artwork yesterday while looking at Cairo Dock for Linux, and immediately fell in love with your Ladybug and Chameleon wallpaper... you're a real artist. Keep it up!

PANIC 28 Юли 2008
你做的图真的很漂亮 !

Daniel 28 Юли 2008
very nice tutorial and cool effect! thank you for sharing.

Vankey 2 Август 2008
Thanks a lot! So wonderful. This is the tutorial I like most!:)

Debbie Hepworth 4 Август 2008
You blow me away with your creativity and skill! Thanks for sharing such a awesome talent!

dago 7 Август 2008
what software did you use?

Apurv 11 Август 2008
duuudeee u rock man!! really gud stuff.. u shud rite a book on learin to photoshop for us unfrtunate souls :D love ur work.. cheers!

instantShift.com 28 Септември 2008
Excellent example of creativity. Two big thumbs up.... really nice tutorial vlad.

紫poo 1 Октомври 2008

Truth 2 Октомври 2008
I was always looking for this, to make water/glass just by blending options. thanks.

Michael 20 Октомври 2008
park am mai vazut tutorialul asta pe undeva :-?

FILOZSOFIA 30 Октомври 2008

Ampe 27 Ноември 2008
Отличный tutorial и прекрасные работы !

Uttam123108@gmail.com 27 Декември 2008
very nice.

Jolan 17 Март 2009
I did one myself, but not as good as you did. Hum...

Vlad Gerasimov 8 Юни 2009
Anja: sure I do! :-) You will nee to uncheck "Global light" checkbox before doing that.

16 Юни 2009
Thanks a lot. It's simple, but you have to think of it. How do you actually make a tutorial, does it take a lot of time to figure out how to achieve a special effect, or do you usually know quite easily how you will do it (f.i. the shine on the water drops, going from left to right and deleting parts). I'm always amazed to read all these tutorials on the Internet, and I always ask myself how it is done...

thnx vlad.

boese-voelker 15 Септември 2009
ich will zu schlage dich so hart das deine Augen raus fleigen.

someone 28 Октомври 2009
COOL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.joule 19 Ноември 2009
thanks for your Tutorial.

Kaushik 15 Декември 2009
Fantastic man!

jIT 10 Януари 2010

lol 4 Март 2010

Liao Liang 26 Август 2010

admdhimanmatharu@gmail.com 18 Февруари 2011
great work my frd

sViz 26 Март 2012
Thanks very much for this tutorial. The effect turned out beautifully.

sherry 20 Септември 2012

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