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然后反选(Ctrl-Shift-I),用油漆桶 (G) 填充黑色-不要勾选连续,否则你得单独填充每一个水珠。



把这一图层的白色填充移除。可以试试下面的快捷键: Ctrl-A * Ctrl-C * Q * Ctrl-V * Q * Del 这是另外一把杀手锏! :-))






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Knight2k5 更久之前

my name 更久之前
love this work, very good

Venkatesh 更久之前
what a beautiful exellent! thanking You sir. :-) & (Y)

ian 更久之前
great...what a well done job!!! (Y) ;-)

amit 更久之前
Awesome stuff..... :-O (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov 更久之前
lbc: you probably mean the step #13 - applying layer effects. I applied Bevel, Inner shadow (reverted and white), shadow (black overlay). You can (register and) download photoshop source file from downloads page - http://www.vladstudio.com/downloads/- to view exact values for each layer effect.

CerebroJD 更久之前
This is gettin added to favourites! Thanx!

Rob7 更久之前
You are my hero, your creatios are of great inspiration to me

esnf48 更久之前

Xarvan 更久之前
Can't Say Any Thing

Vesna 更久之前
It is really good but I tried to remove WHITE PART from the layer and it didn't work. p.s. free download is not available :-)

Rok 更久之前
Nice work. This one is really the best and the most pretty.


Guen 更久之前
-drools- This is amazing!

yeah 更久之前
really professional work... (Y)

koyn 更久之前
nice work...(Y) can you make some matrix style?

Norman 更久之前
... -thats awesome!

Pieter 更久之前
Nice! (Y) I have one problem, I use Photoshop CS2 and when I do the Paint Daubs filter, there are a lot of options and I don't know excactly what do to with this since I'm a real noob with Photoshop. You can mail the solution for this problem to photoshopproblem.10.pdedecker@spamgourmet.com. (this is not my real adress, this is a redirect adress so that spammers can't spam me) Thanks.

Nawshad 更久之前
Very nice and extremely generous for explaining your procedures.

Eissa 更久之前
Wow....thankyou so much for this wallpapers aren'ta nightmare anymore! :-D

Jeanette 更久之前
I got as far as getting the water drops to be smooth but I have not been able to remove white from the layer. The shortcuts that you gave don't seem to work for me

D3v:L D3z:Ns 11 一月 2008
kk!! not realistic!! nice work

rajan 2 五月 2008
nice man but i still cant get the rite way to do the water drops

sojo 1 十一月 2008
thx for these tutorials.. it's even better that the procedures doesn't contains much details. everyone can discover and play a little bit until desired results is achieved ;) you're REALLY talented, nice work Vlad!

pit 14 四月 2009
a layer remains unused here Create new layer, fill with white, and then in another new layer (!) draw a slighly chaotic oval using sharp pencil tool.

Victor 19 八月 2009

10 二月 2010

egy designer 17 三月 2010
dang very nice ..but i got a problem with language can't read wht u did tottaly bullshit ha?:-s

PICO 20 十二月 2010

miro 更久之前
Predivno, Ochen Harasho

fan!! 更久之前
You are the shiznit!!!

colin 更久之前
we are trying to create an image just like this, but increase it to aprox 4 x 2 m in size ,to cover a wall in our house,do you or any body have an image of around 600 dpi,in order to get the image quality we require

lbc 更久之前
not easy to follow this tutorial because you need to add more steps, for drops for example, its not easy to make drops as yours because you don't gave us explanation about shadow, inner glow and emboss ... btw great work (Y)

bellex 更久之前
woow. very good !!! (Y)

me 更久之前
I don't completly understand how to do it (I tried it), but the outcome is awesome! Good job! Keep it up! (Y)

Madeck 更久之前
It's really great, but to add to Pieter, it is true that with the Paint Daubs effect, I didn't get the same results as you... I know that you would probably ask me to register, but It would be nice to detail a bit more how to manage the Paint Daubs effect :-P !

Nguyen Vu 更久之前
so cooool :-O I really love it (L)

air 更久之前

Magic 更久之前
Nicely done! but since am new to photoshop, I need more explanation..(-:

Black Xero 更久之前
You are Master of Crafts ... Welldone :-) (Y)

Radi 更久之前
it's easy, not worthy of following. :-s (N)

Amoo 更久之前
Sweet Man, Good Job

RoSy 更久之前
you are a reall artist i like that... thanx

Marty 更久之前
Hmm.. ;-) im sucky in this lol don't understand it well but ok. nice work anny way.

rob 更久之前
if only you had put comerty on but great site

chris 更久之前
masterclass if i ever saw it

Almo 更久之前
Thankyou for sharing your expertise so freely.. :)

Raja 更久之前
hi it was really good and keep up the good work

Dj 更久之前
Man... you're one nice bloke.. thanks for these tips. :-)

Tomy 更久之前
dont know how to remove the white from layer

jobinvarghese 更久之前

Vinit Kulkarni 28 二月 2008
where is this filter in phtshp cs2 =>Paint Daubs filter

jota 6 八月 2008
fantastic, you are geat

Viten 17 十一月 2008
Уважаемый Влад, уроу действительно классный и простой! А все гениальное... Только одно плохо, что нет уроков на русском.

felicidade azten 21 七月 2009

Amy 6 八月 2009

petka 6 二月 2010
to su fakt kokoti co tosem dali

melo...64 6 三月 2010
this is very hard to follow and i cant do it

neil 6 八月 2010
well this was fantastic

sheperahmed5@gmail.com 16 七月 2011
Fine Thank you very much for this tutorials.

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