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Adobe CS 替换图标

Adobe CS 替换图标

What are these icons?

This is the replacement of Adobe Creative Suite 4 default icons. Some time ago, when Adobe released CS3 (and then CS4), many designers around the world were not happy with the new style of application icons and came up with their own ideas (example, example, example, example). I know I am a couple of years late :-) but you might like my icons as well.

Why did I design them?

I was mostly inspired by this article by Mike Hopkins, and I agree that:

There were, however, some ideas in default icons that I liked: I also felt that Mike Hopkins' icons were too much work of art, too complex. I tried to keep them simple but at the same time I put as much meaning as I could into each icon, using apps' interfaces as inspiration. Most icons have "rulers" on top and left, Photoshop icon means "pixels", Illustrator means "vector", Lightroom means "histogram" etc.

Are my icons better?

I don't think so! For me this was just a quick spare-time project, and Adobe surely spend more time and efforts. But my approach is different and so far, I like it more. If time permits I will polish the icons. Meanwhile, your feedback is welcome!

How to change icons in Windows?

How to change icons in Windows?


These icons are for personal use only.

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Kaz · 26 八月 2009
How wonderful! I've always hated Adobe's "Periodic table" icons My only complaint is that I love all of them except Photoshop! They all clearly communicate their function at a glance (especially Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Illustrator); I know it's very hard to embody Photoshop because it does so much, but the pixels and selection tool don't seem to do it justice. I'm not as creative as you, and can't think of a suitable metaphor... but otherwise very well done!

Vlad Gerasimov · 26 八月 2009
Just in case you wanted to see :-) Here are variants of Photoshop icons I tried:

Robert Marton · 26 八月 2009
Great work, Vlad! Great-great work!

Karl Yeurl · 26 八月 2009
Agreed, your final Photoshop icon is the best one. Like Kaz said, they're well-made, they communicate quite well the various functions of the programs (maybe a bit less AE, I would say, I use to use AE more to do some fx than to make a proper video, but anyway, tha work's great). And even though Mike Hopkin's icons are… well, let's say way more complicated, I think yours are more usable. Great work, good idea !

Darin Snyder · 27 八月 2009
Great job! These are cool. What about making a "CS4" icon. I place the suite in a folder and place it in the dock. A "CS4" icon for the folder would be awesome. Thanks.

Slobodan Milovanovic · 2 九月 2009
Thanks Vlad for sharing this! Great job!!!

payam · 4 九月 2009
thank u , very very good

omnium · 7 九月 2009
Vlad, i really should say it is something i would not like to see on my PC.. some kind of 3d effect would be much better..

Alexis Brille · 10 九月 2009
Dude, great job. I liked how you kept the colors so that they're still distinctive in the dock.

Vlad Gerasimov · 6 十月 2009
Cec Medin: oops! my mistake. Please try now, should work.

unwiredbrain · 8 十月 2009
OnLocatoin!? Must be a new Adobe app! :P :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 8 十月 2009
unwiredbrain: oops! my typo! fixed ;-) thanks!

mira · 13 十一月 2012
these are fantastic!!

Вы молодец!

judith · 11 二月 2013
Wow! Thanks! Amazing!!! More please...( any interiors?)

Teva-jan Khedjam · 8 三月 2013
Merci pour ces photos magnifiques

Pauline · 14 四月 2013
fantastic work! Just beautiful. I want them all!

V-KRAN-VWY6-V47S-H41 · 18 四月 2013

Hex Magallanes · 3 六月 2013
Yours pictures are amazing !!!

Peter Templeton · 30 七月 2013
Vladimir, I am a furniture maker from Taos, New Mexico , United States. I am very interested in this traditional Siberian wooden architecture. I love your photographs. I would like to learn more about the history of these houses and origins of the design elements. I would like to learn more about the range of cities and towns where these houses can be found. Are there any groups I could contact who are involved in wooden house preservation? I may eventually like to plan a trip to Siberia to study these houses in person.

Ariel Diaz · 6 十一月 2013
I like your work so much!!! It's perfect to me!

Ingrid · 13 二月 2014
You are an artist in the deepest, truest sense of the word. I was amazed at these beautiful bits of history. You may call yourself a photographer (per excellence.) Thank you!

Ирина Ледовская. · 19 三月 2014
Никогда не была в Сибири. По моему представлению, это сказочный край. После просмотра фото я уверена, не ошибалась. Это чудо! Это - величие и торжество! Хочется самой увидеть. Спасибо!

Diane · 19 五月 2014
Oh my, Vlad, these are gorgeous photos! I arrived here via a link here: http://trueslant.com/joshuakucera/2009/09/28/the-endangered-wooden-houses-of-siberia/. I want to do a Google Earth Community post about Siberian wood houses and wonder if you would allow me to use a few of your photos to illustrate architectural details of these treasures. In fact, I feel they are international treasures, not just Russian. Cheers, Diane Putnam (USA) diane9247@gmail.com

jose joi · 24 五月 2015
Lindas contruções,gostaria de saber qual a madeira e o tipo de tratamento, que as fez manter tanto tempo conservadas.

Nicola Damm · 12 九月 2017
Hi there, I am an interior designer in Christchurch New Zealand,I have just been to your lovely city and I would like to link this site to my newsletter this month to show the beautiful houses.Please let me know if this is not ok. Cheers. Nicola

Mark Raykhlin · 6 八月
I am your fan for the last... 10-15 years. Love your taste.

Vlad Gerasimov · 26 八月 2009
Kaz: yeah it was not easy. I always knew I wanted Photoshop icon to show pixels (as this is pixel-based editor, opposite to Illustrator), and after many Photoshop icon designs thrown in trash, this is the best I could achieve!

Haz · 26 八月 2009
I actually like default Adobe icons, as they are simple, yet distinct from the icons of other programs, what makes fast identification (in dock, for example) possible. But I like your icons too. Your idea is not another variation on "let's take default Adobe icons and add them more GLOSS", it's not an overkill as these by Mike Hopkins (seriously, they're super-detailed, but is it possible to actually USE them?). You did really good work there, making something original, but also practical.

Pete · 26 八月 2009
Marching ants would be the PS-trademark, I guess.

Dwane Arthur · 26 八月 2009
I love these. Now I learned how to change them. You do "Good Work". Thank You Dwane

Avalars · 26 八月 2009
Simply gorgeous. One thing tho. Why is After Effects the only icon that has the glossy curved cut in the middle, whilst the others' background is consistently and only a radial gradient?

Jana · 30 八月 2009
Je to dobrá stránka...

Item · 31 八月 2009
I don't know what to say? AWESOME? Cool!

Omer Uzun · 3 九月 2009
Wow. Great job. Thank u.

Oomu · 7 九月 2009
I prefer the other version of the photoshop icons. The second in fact. I would love to have them in 512x512 pixels.

keisuke · 8 九月 2009
Just beautiful!! I always admire ur works..

Cec Medin · 6 十月 2009
Vlad, I just try to download Icons for Win and I'd following msge: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mystringfilter() in /home/vladstud/domains/vladstudio.com/public_html/adobe_cs4_replacement_icons/download.php on line 8 I've got Adobe Master Collection CS4. Any reason(s) why? Love to have them on my comp. Thanks heaps

Alex · 6 十二月 2009
Super icons! And your the first one that I see, that did not forget to include Lightroom.

Angela Siegfried · 18 一月 2013
These photos move me. They are so beautiful, in part because the houses are made out nature, wood is so pretty, and because of the way that you captured them with your camera, technique, and eye. It is sad that they are disappearing. They should be lived in, I'd like one with a tin roof to hear the raindrops on. :-) The contrast between the newer more sterile looking buildings in the background of one of the photos and the lovely wood houses is almost shocking.

Lynn · 24 四月 2013
I love your photographs...truly beautiful photos and what a tribute to the artisans who built the structures. They are gorgeous buildings. I have a question about the windows...why do some of the windows have smaller, hinged windows that can open by themselves? For conversation? Passing items outside? It is a curious design that I haven't seen before here in the U.S....and...Vlad, I love your work. It makes me happy everytime I visit your webpage...

Harriette L · 23 八月 2013
Beautiful photos! I would love to visit where you live, it seems like such a beautiful place! Thank you.

Gypsy · 5 九月 2013
I'm not shore i could say anything new after reading several of the comments already made. But i am struck by one thing, the heart and soul that went into building theses house's seams to be something you share also. So i cannot be too surprised that your work shows the same. Sadly, in my country we do not. A big Gu'day from Perth, Western Australia.

Laurie Dalton · 24 三月 2014
These photos are stunning, and carry such deep feeling. I return to this part of your website over and over. Thank you for sharing this special part of the world, and for 'preserving' these amazing houses.

Fiona · 8 五月 2014
Love this!

Nino Lolishvili · 11 七月 2014
Proslezilas ... vpomnila detstvo :) Velikolepnie fotografii !

Joel · 11 十一月 2014
Love the idea to capture a snapshot in time with these houses. They may not be physically preserved, but pictures like these make quite a memory.

Veronika · 8 一月 2015
This is so rare

Veronika · 8 一月 2015
This is so rare

tina · 17 八月 2015

harry · 6 三月 2016
Vlad, How many panes does each window have.?

Stephen Lomas · 9 十一月 2017
I love these wonderful Siberian houses. Perhaps their glory is fading, but they stand proud as a testament to the people who built them. Thank you!

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