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Wallpaper clocks
Wallpaper clocks 


1. Install an app that supports wall clocks
2. Download WCZ file:

Vlad Gerasimov 7 July 2007
Special thanks to  my wife who provided jeans for scanning and editing!

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Comments {55}

renata long ago

kacenka long ago
I love it!

Mohammed Korashy long ago
I Like This So Much,Great Idea, Great Work..That's Vlad!

wow.. long ago

H2O long ago
lol... good job :)

ACE long ago
good job

dims long ago
and great technic, i must admit.. and the cat of course ))

anon long ago
i think this is amazing

Urszula Czarkowska long ago
What can I say... I am stunned.. being happy stitcher myself I fully appreciate :) and love it... as all your work!

Morgan Vitt age 11 long ago
I love it, so cute.You should make more art like this, alot of my age kids enjoy your art

gerxrdo long ago
not bad!

Lauren long ago
I adore these "stitched" ones. :)

dims long ago
great idea, Vlad =)

dims long ago
emm.. would love to read a tutorial..)

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui long ago

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
I wrote the tutorial about making of Stitching wallpaper! Please check it out at Thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thanks to all for comments! Dieter: dual image fixed!

Dieter Bauer long ago
Hi Vlad, can't see the 3200*1200 version. something wrong? Like the stiching....

Mohammad long ago
That's very fantastic.

Astrid Paramita long ago
So cute... Would love to have a pair of jeans with the design ;-). -shopaholic me

ARASH long ago
it's exellentoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

aydin long ago
you are amazing

:: saathiyaana : 20 April 2008
very creative..!!

tAnGos:P 9 June 2008
Creative ...:D

****** 14 June 2008
VLAD your creativity is so.... good.. its incredible!! u r really blessed with a unique brain which is verryy... creative i deed!!

shima 22 September 2010
that is so cute,

yasika 19 February 2013

Rebekah long ago
This is such a cute idea.

Karla long ago
-Genial, podrian hasta diseñar ropa de vladstudio y seria muy bueno.... (Brilliant, to be able until designing very good clothes of vladstudio and serious )

Priscila long ago
This makes my little crafter heart sing! I'll be sure to tell all of my crafty contacts about this one! Not that I need another reason to tell people to visit your site - you're the best! Congratulations, Vlad! Another classic.

moo long ago
Love it!!

muu long ago
OK very good

poone long ago
fantastic, vlad ;)

FILIP long ago

Urszula Czarkowska long ago
What can I say... I am stunned.. being happy stitcher myself I fully appreciate :) and love it... as all your work!

Naz long ago

ZSai long ago

Ruby long ago
Saw this on Caedes. Love it so much. I do this kind of stuff to my jeans all the time so I love this idea.

Nick long ago
adorable ^^

Sebastian long ago
Aww, haha, love the idea. Great work.

Charles long ago
Wow It's a Real Vlad Style

Sahar long ago
very nice!

Kimmy long ago
So cute !

Karin long ago
this one is my new favorite ! ! ! love the cat

nadine long ago
Y'a d'la joie! Bonjour, bonjour les hirondelles! Y'a d'la joie! Merci pour ce clin d'oeil enfantin!

Omid long ago

Cynthia long ago
WOW! very cute and gorgeous! Love it!

Katerina long ago
Nice idea!

Шурик 24 January 2008
Блииинн ! Влад ты ЖЖОШЬ!!! :))

screaming mimi 24 February 2008
awesome i love it!! :-)

cami 16 July 2008
me gusto mucho este fondo ,muy creatvo

Gisele 14 March 2009
Wow amazing

fechaed 2 November 2009
Muito legal, criativo, chique, para desktops descolados!Nice.

vijay 4 July 2013
nice job.....

Zhuo Ayuzawa 12 July 2013
Es lindo :3

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