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Sound Wave

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Vlad Gerasimov 7 July 2009
Simple abstract wallpaper, inspired by the beauty of sound wave! As always, Photoshop only.

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Comments {43}

Murat USTUNTAS 7 July 2009
Great.. :) and wish FreeBSD wall paper please :D

V 8 July 2009
I love the use of colour the blue to the red looks great!! keep it up vlad can't wait to see what's next.

Adam Moore 8 July 2009
Hey, looks great. As a subscriber, I have noticed a few things. On all the images (except the highest resolution ones) there is a faint border on all your wallpapers at the lower resolutions. This is caused by Photoshop/Illustrator resizing a rasterized image, but, all the game, being a fellow graphic design i've noticed :) I just wanted to mention it! That is all. Keep up the great work :) I'm glad I subscribed! Regards, Adam

Jynrya 9 July 2009
I love it!

Carina 9 July 2009
Really great. Would love to see a tutorial. Thanks!

Mellllanic 9 July 2009
terrific painting...............

Alkahest 10 July 2009
Sheer awsomeness. You never cease to amaze me Vlad =). Would it be possible to different different colour variations of this?

Adam Moore 11 July 2009
Oh, and I love this. I have it on my desktop (2x 1680x1050), at work 2x (1680x1050) and on my Macbook :) Brilliant work dude.

Jeffrey Gibbons 14 July 2009
Perfect for my studio!

Cec Medin 14 July 2009
WOW! stunning as always. I'd love to see more tutorials please. Thanks for share your wonderful work.

Imagine Programming 18 July 2009
Looking good, I love reds and blues in a design. Nice work!

28 July 2009
super tapet bravo be vlad!

Senthil 7 November 2009
Love it!

Money2Blow 31 December 2009
Diz iz awsome!?!?!??!!?!???!

jon 21 January 2010

Darby 18 August 2010
This is a great background for my musical device! Thanks!!

mimi7 12 September 2011
wow this is only by Photoshop?? u must start some lessons >>

Memo 28 December 2012
esta muy buenoo Graciias

ran 16 September 2013
Thank you, I will try this...

kikiki 14 March 2014
good,cool and nice

Alejandro BÄdïmön 11 December
que bueno es como lo que tiene VIPERVENOM arriba

Kara 8 July 2009
Going on my Blackberry!

MaTt 8 July 2009
cool... =)

David Brenner 8 July 2009
absolutely stunning! and as always, a great use of vibrant colors. I really dig your smooth adaptation of the sound waves — it creates a great flow. Btw this goes great with the Arabesque screensaver (packaged with OS X Leopard).

Joshua Bergen 8 July 2009
As a lover of music and an audio engineer I LOVE this wallpaper. Keep up the amazing work Vlad!

Nero 8 July 2009

mkultra 8 July 2009

jorge kulesza 9 July 2009
Beautiful wallpaper, i hope some day u do a wallpaper with something related to Peru.

George Zhelyazkov 9 July 2009
brilliant! thanks!

Jacek Dominiak 9 July 2009
It would look just great with green like colors. Easier for the eyes.

Justin Murray 10 July 2009
vibrant. brilliant. tutorial please! :)

Liz 12 July 2009
Love love love this one! <3

Ryan 12 July 2009
Yeah I gotta say, lovin this one.

Katie 17 July 2009
This picture also looks pretty cool if you invert the colours. You get a lighter picture with the background going yellow to blue and the sound waves become darker. I'd like to see a tutorial - could you put one on your site?

mohamad 25 July 2009

pavethira kumar 11 August 2009
superb !!!!

kiko 30 November 2009
vlad u background is exellent,can i use it for a flash project of mine?ill credit you 4 it?

Can 7 June 2010
did you see this before ? I made something like this old days

Tauheed 27 May 2011

David 27 October 2012
Great if there were a tutorial showing you how to donload it.

Paola 9 February 2013
Very, very nice!

moy 26 October 2013

Sy 12 November 2015
Love this wallpaper, had it on my laptop for years. Fun fact is that it is a single frequency that only changes in amplitude :)

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