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Vlad Gerasimov 13 July 2010
I am  a father! On July 3, our first baby, Alice, was born. Welcome to the wonderful world, my little Alice!

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Comments {250}

Andreas L. Madsen 13 July 2010
Congratulations :)

Kristen 13 July 2010
Wonderful! Happy Fatherhood!

Tugce 13 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad! How lucky she is... A talented father like you :)

Kelcey 13 July 2010
Congratulations to you and your wife Vlad and you've chosen a lovely name too:)

Kristýna 13 July 2010
Congratulations to you and mum for your new little reason for smile in your faces. ;)

Maja Homen 13 July 2010
Awww, congratulations! :)

Álvaro Méndez 13 July 2010

Aleksandra 14 July 2010
Mr. Vlad! My best congratulations!

Jenn 14 July 2010
Congratulations! What a lovely tribute to your new baby. Thanks for sharing :)

Mark Stewart-Stanley 14 July 2010
Many congratulations

Carlos Tofla 14 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad!!!

Dimitris Anagnostopoulos 14 July 2010

Peggy 14 July 2010
Congratulations to you and your wife. Welcome to the world, little Alice!

Moni 14 July 2010
Many congratulations and good luck for you and your family!

SUE 14 July 2010
How Wonderful! Congratualtions!

Andy Stoica 14 July 2010
Many congratulations Vlad!

Eliot 14 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad

Thomas Hodder 14 July 2010
Awesome! Congratulations! We had our first daughter just over a year ago, and she is the best thing ever. I didn't know how happy she could make me.

Adriana Jara 14 July 2010
congratulations!!!!! my best wishes for you and your family :)

Jesse Bradford 14 July 2010
Congratulations Sir! Keep up the good work.

Dee 14 July 2010
Beautiful!!! And congratulations! :D

anazamalloa 14 July 2010

Yuntao Zhou 14 July 2010

Todd 14 July 2010
Congratulations, how wonderful!

Sergio Magdaleno Covarrubia 14 July 2010
Muchas felicidades Vlad dios te bendijo con una hija, enhorabuena...

f2press 14 July 2010
Congratulations! I have been following your work since I interviewed you back in 2007 for and am amazed at all the cool ideas you have. Glad to see how much your website and popularity have grown over the years.

Balcooly 14 July 2010
Congratulations :)

Nadia 14 July 2010
congratulations Vlad!! ^_^

BlueCat 14 July 2010
Congratulations to you and to the mother! Welcome Alice!

Diana Macuta 14 July 2010
ПоЗдРаВлЯю! Здорово! Мудрости тебе и радости в воспитании вашей Крошки!

Nilesh Joshi 14 July 2010
Hearty Congratulations to you and your wife.....

shital jethva 14 July 2010

Sylvie 14 July 2010
Bonne route à Alice sur le chemin de la vie!!!!!

Dirk Niemegeers 14 July 2010
Proficiat! I saw by some of yourprovious artworks that this isn't a coincidence

Christine BELVAUX 14 July 2010
Nice to have personnal news. Congratulations to you, your wife and parents, and, most imortant, We welcome little Alice.

14 July 2010

camilla 14 July 2010
you've got the gratest luck of life much enjoy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Domond 14 July 2010
Many, many congratulations, Vlad. You deserve it on many levels!

Jose Daniel 15 July 2010
Your little Alice and my little Isabella were born in the same month. What an adventure of joy is to be a father! congratulations Vlad!

J Hoye 15 July 2010
Many congratulations. You will have a whole new source of inspiration for your work now.

camy 15 July 2010
congrats!!! :D

Ron Santos 15 July 2010
Congratulations! This is perfect for me too, my first child is coming within the next month and a half.

Raya Bergin 15 July 2010
zOMG Vlad! Many many Congratulations to you and your wife! This is one of the best wallpaper you've ever created!

Austin Bailey 15 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad!!! A child is a great blessing!

Abderrahmane TJ 15 July 2010
Congratulations !!!!!!! \O/

Thorsten Lange 15 July 2010
Congratulations! May she grow up as a lucky girl! And may her parents get some rest ;-)

Christina (Australia) 15 July 2010
Huge Congratulations from Down Under Vlad! May you & your family experience a lifetime of happiness :0)

AleBardales 15 July 2010
Welcome Alice!... :) Wow!... Felicidades!

Tamalita 15 July 2010
awwwww!!!! congratulations!! this is spectacular :) I"m happy for you!! and enjoyed the wallpaper too :)

Emily 15 July 2010
Congratulations! How exciting for you! :)

Melissa 15 July 2010
How sweet! Congrats - that's wonderful!

Vlad Gerasimov 15 July 2010
Thanks a lot for all the comments! I honestly did not expect so many congratulations :-) Thank you thank you thank you!

Antonio 15 July 2010
Ma è splendida con i capelli rossi come nel disegno?? Meraviglioso, sono bellissime le bimbe con i capelli rossi!!!!!! But it is beautiful with red hair as in the picture? Wonderful, wonderful are the girls with red hair !!!!!!

Anna 15 July 2010
Congratulations! My little girl is also called Alice. I wish you and your baby all the best!

DG 15 July 2010
Congratulations! Alice is a very blessed little lady. I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your new baby with the world.

Hello 15 July 2010
Congrats Vlad :) Wish ya all the best :) I hope you'll enjoy many beautiful moments with your whole family and I hope you're happiness will reflect at your work :)

ethylmorphin 16 July 2010
Welcome Alice, in our Wonderland! Congratulations! I believe, that she will experience a life full of miracles.

Laura 16 July 2010

Steve Forster 16 July 2010
Vlad, many congratulations on your first child! I've liked your wallpapers for years, and this one is certainly one of the most memorable ones

Andy Br 16 July 2010
congratulations, Vlad

TVitamin 16 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad

judd 16 July 2010

David Fattal 16 July 2010

Alice 16 July 2010
My name's Alice too. I love my name!!! Tis the best name in the world ^^ Congratulations!!

Jynrya 17 July 2010

teresa 17 July 2010
Muitos parabéns (congratulations). Hope Alice can live in wonderland

Aziel 17 July 2010
Just like a Muse's song... Félicitations !

Robin Bagley 17 July 2010

sam 17 July 2010
congratulations! :)

Елена 18 July 2010
Рада за Вас!!! Сердечные поздравления!!! Крепкого здоровья малышке,расти доброй и талантливой умницей! Радовать мамочку и папу красотой и мудростью!!!! Творческого успеха и креатива Вам,Влад! Пусть хранит Вас Господь!!!!

Nargess 18 July 2010
Awww, Many many congratulations!

Baby Bone 18 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad!

Gordana@Belgrade 18 July 2010
Congratulations! May she have a long and happy life :)

The Phantom 18 July 2010
Alas, yet another ungood person has found his way unto this world. Alas! Let us hope the new beast shall not harm many innocent humans.

Cindy 19 July 2010
Congratulations! Many blessings to you, your wife and to your little one. Again, Congrats!!

George Tsin 19 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad! Let's hope to see more art made for your newborn Alice. Also birthday cards, and nice drawings for her, will be a nice "company" to us! Keep up!

Rebecca Kauffman 19 July 2010
Congratulations! And what a lovely name...Alice.

Tsve 19 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad!!! I`m sure you will be an amazing father and Alice will live in Wonderland, thanks to you:))))

franchija 20 July 2010

sarah 20 July 2010
so happy for you, congratulations!!!

Kifoiser 20 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad !!!

Paolo 20 July 2010
Congratulations !!

Cesar Osorio 21 July 2010
This es tu maestra Obra . Felicidades mi amigo . Este bebé es su obra maestra. Felicitaciones a mi amigo

ZE 21 July 2010
Congrats,Vlad!!!!!!! :D greetings from Serbia ^^

Maryam 22 July 2010
Congratulations! I'm sure she's really pretty! :) she's an angle! :)

Karen 22 July 2010

Dhawal Vaghela 22 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad !!

Patrick L. 23 July 2010
Congratulations, beautiful name.

shiro 23 July 2010
Congratulations! 恭喜!

CLS 23 July 2010
Congrats Vlad! Enjoy fatherhood!

Glen Hilton 23 July 2010

Vit Svarc 23 July 2010
Congratulations too! But I am little bit affraid that was one of the last wallpapers you had time to paint :))

Caio César 24 July 2010
Parabéns! Congratulations, Vlad! 25 July 2010
ohoooo.. congratulation vlad. i hope she be a great source of inspiration for you.

Stephanie 25 July 2010
Congratulations - such wonderful news!

Ann 25 July 2010
CONGRATULATIONS.....i'm veeerry happy....Happy Fatherhood Vlad...!!

Ardenia 25 July 2010

Suraj 25 July 2010
Congrats!!! Vlad...

ANDRE E SIMHA 26 July 2010
Congratulations !! Been a father of a lovely girl for 15 years and everyday gets better ! All the best Andre

elisa 26 July 2010

Craig McCaa 26 July 2010
Vlad - huge congrats!

Glynis 27 July 2010

Antoshak 27 July 2010
Auguri vivissimi!!

I am Jay 27 July 2010
Hey Vlad, It's been a while.. Wow you have a baby! Congratulations!!!..

hi 28 July 2010
eno magha

Jaideep Nadkarni 29 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad!

Joyce Clines 29 July 2010
Lovely! Congratulations, Vlad! :)

shalooool 30 July 2010
ok congrads, but this is the worst piece of art ive seen!!! in my life! jk;) kiddin no seriously i like it lovely! :) and i like the name u chose 4 ur child cool:)

shaby 1 August 2010
many hugs & kisses to little alice

Desiree Grace Tan 3 August 2010
Congratulations Vlad! May your lovely daughter Alice bring more magic and color in your already magical and colorful life. I'm a 19-year-old girl from the Philippines. :)

SNU.K 4 August 2010
My best wishes to you both on that auspicious starting of you !

Trang 14 August 2010

hana 22 August 2010
hi it is realy nice thanks!!!!!!

Diego Meozzi 23 August 2010
Congratulations on your new little one! As a matter of fact, also my first baby's name is Alice - now she's a beautiful 8-year-old girl. Welcome to the world of parenthood - your newborn baby will bring you a great joy (and many sleepless nights...) Ciao from sunny Italy

ксюша 26 August 2010
большие поздравления большому творцу с рождением маленькой доченьки! присоединяюсь к счастью (у меня тоже родилась недавно лапотунька)! обожаю пупсика в ромашках!!!

Sandrijn Van Waeg 5 September 2010
A very late congratulations for the birth of your daughter. Really nice wallpaper, maybe you can make a card of it too? There are a lot of babies being born around me, and I would love to send the new parents a beautiful card like only you can make them :-) Enjoy every moment with your family!

Yvette 8 September 2010
Congratulations!!! My birthday is July 3, too! XD

Julius 9 September 2010

bheem 16 October 2010

kedar raut 27 October 2010
Congratulations ! l

pravin lal 14 November 2010
that is good

Madalina 6 June 2011
I'm 33 weeks pregnant and this wallpaper makes my day every time i turn on my laptop. Congratulations! 23 June 2011

Darren 14 March 2012
Congratulations! We just had #5 a couple of weeks ago. I was about to set my wallpaper with your "Newborn" image for the occasion. Keep up the great work!

Michele 13 July 2010
What wonderful news! Congratulations!

Natasha 13 July 2010
поздравляю! надеюсь, что рождение ребенка подарит Вам еще больше креативных идей! А дочка пусть растет здоровой и счастливой!

Amaia 13 July 2010
Lovely!!! Congratulations!!

fredericasso 13 July 2010
Yeahhhh Lucky Man !!! Congrats !!!

Helena Costa 13 July 2010
Congratulations!!! Wellcome to the wonrderful & exciting parenting world! Health and joy for Alice and your family. (from Brasil)

Min 14 July 2010
恭喜你!You will be a great father!!

Matthew 14 July 2010
Congratulation vlad :)

cat 14 July 2010
congrats! Beautiful wallpaper, and i hope she brings you joy everyday in your life!

selenium 14 July 2010
congratulations! =)

Clic 14 July 2010
Congratulations :)

Carl Willetts 14 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad! May Alice have your creative touch also. Beautiful wallpaper by the way.

:) 14 July 2010
what a lucky little girl. congratulations!

agancsos 14 July 2010

betsey 14 July 2010
blessed news my friend--lots of baby pics--please!!!!

Sonthi Yamniyom 14 July 2010
congratulations vlad!! :D

Dusan Vlahovic 14 July 2010
Congrats Vlad!

Sandall 14 July 2010
Мои поздравления Влад)))

Orkydee 14 July 2010

Jacqueline Grillo 14 July 2010
So very happy for you and your wife!!!!!! Congratulations!!

Xochi 14 July 2010
Congratulations from Mexico!

Michael Krajnak 14 July 2010
Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

14 July 2010
You couldn’t name her Shaniqua? Peace.

Gail 14 July 2010

Lurker 14 July 2010
Congratulations!!!!!! My little girl is 26 months, each day is a surprise and a gift with her in our lives. I'm sure it'll be the same for you both.

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esquinca 14 July 2010

deFINE 14 July 2010

Maja 14 July 2010
So sweet! Congratulations! :)

Nick 14 July 2010
Поздравляю! :)

Sergey Smirnov 14 July 2010
Wow, man! Поздравля! Сам 4.5 месяца как отец. Здоровья вам, радости большой и счастья всей семье.

Eimlia Delacroix 14 July 2010

Sandra 14 July 2010

Luchezar Panov 14 July 2010
Congratulations! May she grow beautiful, smart and tall :)

alex egri 14 July 2010
Vlad, Congratiulations :)

Sharon 14 July 2010
Congratulations! My daughter was born three days later.

Jacky Leroux 14 July 2010
Bienvenue à Alice et félicitations à la maman et au papa !

Peter 14 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad! You sound like you'll make a good father. Children are amazing, that's for sure. I hope your wife is doing well after everything!

birol yilmaz 14 July 2010
may god let Alice live a long & happy life together with her Sweet Father & Mother.

Ryan McLean 15 July 2010

Anne OBrien 15 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad! What a lovely name! Here's wishing you much joy and a little sleep!!!!

MQQ 15 July 2010

Ify 15 July 2010
Many congratulations to you and the new mum, Vlad. Here's wishing baby Alice good health and a very happy life. :-) Enjoy each moment, they grow up much too quickly.

William Slaunwhite 15 July 2010
Many happy days ahead Vlad, how wonderful! Congratulations to you and Alice's mom! Bill :)

Smiling 15 July 2010
Congrats! Congrats! Aww.. what a sweet picture!

Kate 15 July 2010
What wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your wife!

Maja 15 July 2010
Congratulations! All the best to your happy little family! The wallpaper is so cute (but I think Alice is even cuter). :)

Michael S Lewis 15 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad !!!!! I am a grandfather...enjoy their life...Michael

Luminita Varlam 15 July 2010
Je suis nee le 8 juillet et je suis deja grand-mere. Je veux dire que le signe du Cancer est extraordinaire, tout a fait artistique, donc Alice travaillera, certainement, avec son pere. Felicitations et soyez heureux!

Skyrider 15 July 2010
Hey Vlad, congratulations to you and your partner mate. Welcome to the wonderful world of Parenthood.

Mark Allshouse 15 July 2010
Congrats Vlad!

mahmoud 15 July 2010
Congratulations :)

Antonio 15 July 2010
Congratulazioni, il bello deve ancora venire Congratulations, the best is yet to come

Debbie 15 July 2010
Congratulations, may she long be an influence for many wallpapers.

Arthur 15 July 2010
Влад, поздравляю, это потрясающее событие!)) Алиса - замечательное имя)

Sophia 15 July 2010
Congratulations to you and mum for your new little reason for smile in your faces. :) :)

Frédéric ADDA 15 July 2010
Congratulations !!

AMPIT 15 July 2010

chaitanya 16 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad !!!

Jeff Toomb 16 July 2010
Blessed Be!

Cee 16 July 2010
What a lovely tribute to your new baby! Many congratulations! Enjoy every moment ~ they grow far too quickly.

Jo 16 July 2010
Well done!!

Tpojka 16 July 2010
Many congratulations. Mnogo sreće i zdravlja Vam želimo.

Vittorio Castiglioni 16 July 2010
Congratulations, and lovely wallpaper

Angelle 16 July 2010
Super congrats and a very cute wallpaper. ;)

Renata 16 July 2010
wonderful news, congratulations ;)

fabio 16 July 2010

Яков 16 July 2010
Поздравляю Вас, Влад и Вашу жену с самым счастливым днём в Вашей жизни! Растить ребёнка - тяжкий труд, но он ответственен и благороден. Желаю Вам и Вашей половинке приятных хлопот и радостных, торжественных вех на пути взросления Вашей девочки, которые Вы отметите вместе! Здоровья Вам и Вашим близким, пусть у Вас всё получится!!!

Cornelius 17 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad!

Hasnul Nadzrin Shah Abdul Halim Shah 17 July 2010

Pawel Konieczny 17 July 2010
Congratulations, Vlad. I am a proud father of 8-months old Ula. I know exactly how are you feeling now. This is the most important day in our life, I can assure you.

Lefteris 18 July 2010
Congratulations!!! I became a father only a year ago, so I can understand how you feel, but I can also promise you that it's going to feel even greater day by day.

lis 18 July 2010
Congratulations from the Dominican Republic!

TejasOlDiFluff 18 July 2010
Congratulations! Alice is a great name.... I am sure you will make her enjoy the wonderworld with your beautiful art!!! ... Tejas, India, July 18,2010.

Whoy-Tae Kim 18 July 2010

Rafael 18 July 2010
Congrats Vlad! This is the best one yet!

Darby 19 July 2010
So happy for you! Congratulations! :D

Krassimir Stavrev 19 July 2010
Congratulations! Welcome to the club.

enotya 19 July 2010
Wow! My best congratulations! So very happy for you family, Vlad!

lanilani26 19 July 2010
See now i'm utterly confused =s First I thought you were a man, but then I think you said you were female, and now your are a father. *confused to the nth degree* Anyhoo Congrats!! =D And God bless her ;)

joyrex 20 July 2010
Congrats :) Lovely wallpaper!

Georgia\'s mom 20 July 2010
Congrats! So precious!

susan nolan 20 July 2010

Alunsina 20 July 2010
I'm a fan of your work. A warm congratulation

Denisa 20 July 2010
hello vlad , congratulations!

summer 21 July 2010
Congratulations Vlad . can not imagine the gifts she will receive from you for future ;)

Emma 21 July 2010

René Andreas 22 July 2010
Congratulations to your wife and you for your little daugther!

sergiom99 22 July 2010
congrats dude!

backintime 22 July 2010

Ola 23 July 2010
Congratulations from Poland:)

Paul Koziorowski 23 July 2010
CONGRATS!! I have two... a 3 year old (boy) and a 2 year old (girl). Best thing ever and keep up the great work!

Evangelos Sakkas 23 July 2010
Congratulations ¡!!!!!!!!

Ameya 23 July 2010
Great Great Congrats vlad!!!!!! God bless u all and shower health, happiness and prosperity.

Vlad Gerasimov 23 July 2010
Vit Svarc: oooh, you bet! You're so right :-)

Mellllanic 24 July 2010
Congratulations . she will be a good artist like her father .

:) 25 July 2010
Many Many congratulations for Alice to you.....i personally think this wallpaper is your best work so far...its simply beautiful I always just love your wallpapers...they ooze creativity..Can you please upload the beautiful 'newborn' wallpaper in a lovely shade of pink and in a bright blue shade too if possible?...I am taking infertility treatments, and this wallpaper with the baby on my desktop keeps my hopes alive of having a beautiful child of our own someday...

anusha 25 July 2010
congratz vlad...!

Steffi F. 25 July 2010
Congratulations!! :-) I also want to thank you. I've been using your wallpapers for my computers for years now and I never thanked you before.

Marilyn 26 July 2010
Congrats and enjoy this precious time!

Ada Monroy Baldi (Mexico) 26 July 2010
Vlad: I wish with all my heart that your new baby fills your life with joy. I also wish her to be an additional source of artistic inspiration, and you keep producing these beautiful images, coloring the deskstops all around the world. Thanks for share your art! Ada.

ernesto barba 27 July 2010
Muchas felicidades desde México!!!!!!!

Gary White 27 July 2010
As a fellow father and massive fan of your work, huge congratulations to you both :)

28 July 2010
congrats Vlad!

M.Firas.Kzebra 29 July 2010
Congratulations,vlad you are very good and perfect postion and thank you.

c.s. urmi 29 July 2010
qute clocks.... get time & happyness

Kelly Weber 31 July 2010
Congratulations! My sister had her baby on the 12th and when I got home from the hospital, I logged-on to find something festive, this was perfect!! I hope you are all having a wonderful time.

bunykinz 1 August 2010
Congratulations Vlad!!!

Manjunath Pola 2 August 2010
hi vlad, congrats to you. I too became a father on july 31th....i am blessed with a baby girl

Simon Cadieux 4 August 2010
Congratulations! I just had my 3rd, and it makes a perfect wallpaper for my Mac!

Thomas Gao 7 August 2010
Alice surrounded by daisies~~~

Larissa 17 August 2010

Mehregan 23 August 2010
تو بهترینی.بهت تبریک میگم............متشکرم

serena borsello 24 August 2010
You made this wallpaper few days after my daughter was born... and has been om my desktop since. I follow and admire your work.

Вовка Рудых 26 August 2010
Поздравляю, Влад! Это так здорово;)

Haleh... 28 August 2010
OMG...!!!! Congratulationss....!!!!! wow Alicee....very niceeeeeeee Nameeeeeee!!!!!!:):X

Zzziiip 29 August 2010
that's wonderful! congratulation, Vlad

SueBee 31 August 2010
Vlad - fabulous news that you are a father. It is the best thing you will ever do. Good luck, and congratulations.

Cynthia 6 September 2010
Wonderful! Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Alice!

rOsa fast 8 September 2010
Ternura, mucha ternura... Mis felicitaciones al equipo de Valdstudio

HURİMO 14 October 2010

negin 21 October 2010

pravin lal 14 November 2010
that is good

shirin 11 January 2011
congratulation from Iran

Stefano 6 June 2011
Madalina <3 :)

Stefano 6 June 2011
I typed a "heart" sign but it got wiped :)

Inna 5 July 2012
Big congrats, Vlad!!!

hung 3 August 2013
Thanks for an amazing one. love

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