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Black Cat White Cat (Color 4)

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 January 2011
This is the color variation of previous wallpaper. My favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, is coming soon! So here is  my first submission this year, dedicated to love. It  is inspired by felt toys made by Polina, a girl living in  my city, Irkutsk. You can check out her works at As always, drawn in Adobe Photoshop. I had to invent my own brushes to recreate felt effect. I'll try to write a tutorial (if only I had enough time for all tutorials I want to write! Oooo). Thanks!

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Comments {27}

Robin 31 January 2011
Very cute!

anonymous 1 February 2011
you should make a dog version of this

1 February 2011
Awsome!!!!!!! I love cats!!!!!!

David 2 February 2011
Muy lindo los fondos visita mi sitio

3 February 2011

nupur 5 February 2011
wow!wow!wow....!! another fantastic work of urs.....!! i just love it.....!!

Brenda 5 March 2011
Meow!! Love it, Thank you!!!

Tauheed 27 May 2011
I love all three shades of this wallpapers.

c 8 July 2011

PasHa_AzeRi 5 August 2011
I didn't like it..((

linda r 10 March 2012
Way 2 cute

vivi 25 November 2012
very cute

Sarah Jane Avory 11 October 2013
That's so sweet! Meow! Thank you!

Ziani 1 February 2011
Aww so sweet...thanks

Hayley 1 February 2011
I am always excited to find a new wallpaper. This one's just gorgeous, thanks x

Leti 2 February 2011
I love it

Burkard 2 February 2011
Yes, I want a doggie version, too!

Christina 3 February 2011

lumax 4 February 2011
Please make this a clock!!!!!!!!!!

Lesli 5 February 2011
So totally BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erom and Sajid 10 March 2011

zoe 25 June 2011
este dibujo está de puta madre , me encanta ¡¡ soy una chica me llamo zoe ¡ soy mu guappa

Foulard 10 July 2011

Risnah Inna radhi 13 January 2012

pyaephyo 27 October 2012

Hannah 2 October 2013

Vardenis 2 June 2014
kokios mielos katytės, o ypač rožiniam fone :-)

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