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Windows 7 Alternative Default Wallpaper

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Vlad Gerasimov · 27 April 2009
I had a chance to spend some time with upcoming Windows 7 OS. And because I  am wallpaper maniac :-) the default wallpaper (this one - View from Arstechnica website) was most interesting to me. I decided to fire up Photoshop and try to draw better wallpaper. I changed the fish (because my favorite is clown-fish), made wallpaper darker (I thought it was uncomfortably light), tweaked light source and reflections. I'm not sure if  it turned out better, but here is the result!

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Comments 44

Jorjennia Jaushlin · 26 April 2009
Beautiful work! I love your artistic genius!

Karl · 27 April 2009
I quite dislike it. The fish seems a bit too... fat. And the texture looks more like brushed metal than scales. But anyway, that's good work, eh ;).

Illya Termeno · 27 April 2009
Определенно наряднее, чем оригинал. Хорошая работа!

A1Elements · 27 April 2009
And another new category, what's going on. :-?

Martin Stružský · 27 April 2009
Wow, my favourite fish from the Finding Nemo movie on my desktop by my favourite wallpaper designer. 8-) Lovely as usual. ;-)

Michaela Basham · 27 April 2009
I like this one better. The beta fish seemed kind of drab and lifeless, and you're right, it did seem too light. Your wallpaper is much more vibrant!

Vlad Gerasimov · 27 April 2009
Justin Murray: I am not offended at all! Karl: I took your comment into consideration and made slight changes - fish is not so fat anymore, and background is not looking like metal. Thanks!

David I. · 28 April 2009
I'm all for alternatives to Windows 7. ;-)

sergiom99 · 28 April 2009
Its amazing how M$ is copy-cating Linux look-and-feel even more release after release. would love to see an Ubuntu themed wallpaper. And a cow themed one! ;-) Keep up the good work Vlad!

Harro · 29 April 2009
Maybe your should go apply at microsoft as wallpaper maker.. the guy they currently have for the job isn't doing as good as you ;)

Pete · 29 April 2009
To me, the fish looks out of place. Some more shading maybe? Translucency? A blue sheen, reflecting the color of the water?

Mel · 30 April 2009
Yours is WAY better!

pete · 30 April 2009
beautiful nemo , but the fish has to be put more in the middle of the wall as the original . nonetheless on my desk right now :-)

Kevin · 1 May 2009
So, is this a subtle suggestion that Windows 7 (or Microsoft) is/are clown(s)? jk

Davidz · 4 May 2009
Great work! Looks so beautiful on my desktop.

BnY~ · 6 May 2009

Feng Wang · 11 May 2009
I love this one. I've always been liked to compare this one to the original MS wallpaper.

Aaron · 22 May 2009
Con su permiso, en mi blog ( he puesto un post diciendo lo mucho que me gustan tus fondos de pantalla. Espero que no sea molestia. He puesto un enlace, a ver si algun amigo pone este fondo que es tan bonito.

david cybulkiewicz · 6 June 2009
I love it, wish you had more like this my kids love them i change their pc backgrounds every week

sarah · 23 October 2009

pankaj kumar · 23 March 2012

ZEKROM X · 27 March 2013
Nevím, co mám dělat.

Carl Willetts · 26 April 2009
How good would it have been for Windows 7 to have included some of Vlad's wallpapers? At least my Windows 7 desktop will have Vlad's wallpaper and not the usual sterile slop from MS. Excellent work by the way!

Vlad Gerasimov · 27 April 2009
Jorjennia, Carl, Karl: thanks for your honest opinions :-)

Lorena · 27 April 2009
Beautiful!! Love nemo! jaja

Cheezwhiz · 27 April 2009
What a coincidence. I just installed the Windows 7 Beta. Now I have the perfect replacement for the default wallpaper!

Bin Liu · 27 April 2009
What about creating a series of wallpapers/clocks of this kind featuring different kinds of fish?

Justin Murray · 27 April 2009
no offense vlad, but i prefer the original better.

Arthur Pustynin · 27 April 2009
Очень приятная рыбка)

efand · 28 April 2009
That's not as i expected...... the fish seems unreal

Vit Svarc · 28 April 2009
You are my favourite wallpaper maker, Ubuntu is my favourite operating system. Please, can you make some wallpaper(s) with ubuntu theme?

Jaideep Nadkarni · 28 April 2009
Its better than the real thing!

Barbara Kurzawska · 28 April 2009
I think clown-fish fits better. Original wallpaper looks so.. so.. blurry (water is blue, fish is blue, I think it doesn't look good). Another wonderful work :) Thank you!

George Mariot · 29 April 2009
It is beautiful !!! As always. Thanks

Suzana · 29 April 2009
I like your clownfish, he can come over and play with the ones we have in our tank, maybe your next wallpaper you can give him a few clownfish pals and a nice sea anemone?

Cynthia · 1 May 2009
Well done Vlad! Did you come to Oz (Australia) after your trip to Kiwiland (N.Z.)? Clown fish lives in our Great Barrier Reef. Thanks a million.

Dan from Chicago · 2 May 2009
MUCH better! Ridiculously better than standard MS wallpapers. Keep it up, love it!

· 7 May 2009

nupoor · 15 May 2009
i like u'r clown fish . in my tank there r only blue blue & blue...& d orange one died and so this will stay with me forever and ever and ever...........

fezighart · 29 May 2009
nice work ,maybe some more shades would go a long way

Carole · 30 May 2009
I haven't seen the other version yet, but I do love this one. Beautiful colors.

ruby · 31 October 2009
is so awesonme,

baha · 5 August 2010
항상 잘 쓰고 있어요~이쁜 화면이 참 많아요~~

oubeida · 3 February 2015
جميلة جدًا

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