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Where Smiles Are Born

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Vlad Gerasimov · 5 February 2006
Ever wondered where people get smiles from for their forums and blogs? They gather them on secret fields, carefully searching for them among pea pod! :-)

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Comments 74

Heidi · long ago
I'm going to buy this one for a friend's baby so sweet...

Julie · long ago

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
To Demeter: because they are available in high quality only. Thanks.

kevin · long ago
more smiles

Tauheed · long ago
Nice Very Nice :-P

friendly~friend · long ago
This made me think of my mom, she used to call me her sweet pea. Thank you. Your so awesome!:-)(L)

Nirmalya · long ago
c¡l¦Z q­u­R ! (Y)

Gloria · long ago
Green is a serene color, and add to that smile it's even more. Beautiful

gr8 · long ago
thats so sweet!!!! · long ago
Art should be fun at times and this is one of those moments! :-D Hay Vlad, I did not get a reply for the wallpaper no.232 titled "a message" I'm still courious... keep up the amazing work! dante

soybeans · long ago
Wheres the download button its so cute but i cant get it without the download button

Jason · long ago
Can i see more?

sò lông · long ago
great, that's alll i wanna say !

süss · long ago
Hey bu çok tatlı bayıldım çok da şekerrrrrrrrrrrr

Carrie · long ago
Sooo cute, I'm using it!

Me · long ago
< O O O :-) O > !!!

Caline · long ago
This is very nice! I think that nobody will see it without a smile. :-) :-) :-)

kristine · long ago
It`s great ! I hope that won`t stop do so nice things and hava so amaising ideas!:-)

Moo · long ago
Adorable. Simply adorable. :)

son · long ago

viva · long ago
so nice

Singapore · long ago
Cute! i like it :-D

Kacenka · long ago
Hi Vlad, I simply love it. Your pictures make people smile, that´s so nice of you!!! :-)

LanKa-NJ · long ago
(Y) you are so great!!:-D

Paru · long ago

urghhhhhhhh · long ago
u must be mad its soooooooooo bad do u actually do this for a living?

annsley · long ago
I'm amazed by the bright green color. Reminds me of gelatin, in that it is so refreshing and sweet. (L)

zzz · long ago
yeah, nagyon aranyos

Yeti · long ago
He he . Mind control! I'm now grinning :-)

Sebastian · long ago
Your a verry creative artist. Keep up the good work! (Y)

Amir Hossein V · long ago
Thats cool , But I havn't enough Money ( for sale your Wallpapers)!!!!!!!!

tzieaqua · 11 January 2008
i love green =)

loni · 31 March 2008
sen valla

masha · 14 September 2008

katrinne · 21 September 2008
Beautifull. the colours are great :D very very cute image. Thanks vlad

kimotheraphy · 25 August 2009
Sweet, whimsical... Made this grumpy person smile...

terebetan2 · 8 August 2010
muy lindo

a · long ago
(L) it

siberia · long ago
It can send you back to the childhood! 这是一种可以让你回到童年的色彩!

Demeter · long ago
You are writing that all of your nice and fabolous wallpapers are for free in low quality, yep? So why i cant download dual-monitor wallpapers? Thn. De

chussey · long ago
i (L) green sooo mUch..=",= ;-)

سجاد · long ago
سلام این خیلی بده همه چی پولیه

buding from porac · long ago
ot kalwat????? :-D

Harry · long ago
Simply, your artwork is Second to None !! :-) (Y) (Y) (Y)

elina · long ago
Tak prijatna kamuta darit ulibki!

Lawrence · long ago
It is a nice wallpaper :-)

atena · long ago
nice nice nice wallpaper but nicer the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrea · long ago
u rule. :)

Ally · long ago
It's so ADORABLEEEEEE! I love your art!

Steve Cobb · long ago
very nice!

koko (5ly) · long ago
wow it's very beautiful

Monica · long ago
u are so creative!!! I love it so much

süss · long ago
hey bu cok seker bayıldım cok da sevımlıymıs

superb · long ago
:), it ok

marysiakom · long ago
It's soooooo sweeeeet, brings a smile to my face :)

Alex · long ago
Its cute! :-D

Carl · long ago
One of your best Vlad. (Y)

Jade · long ago
What a surprise! A smile was born when i saw it!

Marc · long ago
hahaha, cute. The smile on the pea reflects on your face in a few seconds

suzana · long ago
Vlad~~~ :-D I love it! ! ! ! Even makes me think of Spring; hopefully the groundhog is wrong...LOL btw..."Cold Night" is one of my favourites.

Rich · long ago
The Two and the Bubbles is still my favourite, but this one is a close second.

pte · long ago
ist ok:)

Aung AUng · long ago
I want to photo

rohini · long ago
itz good 2 c that u hav used a different colour.i must say it is very nice(y);-)

smiley · long ago

arezoo · long ago
سلام عالی بود مرسی @};-

JASON · long ago

Lynn · long ago
Very creative piece of art!!! NICE!!! (Y) :-D

reggie · 8 January 2008
this is one of my top ten favorite vladstudio wallpapers! such a happy piece of art! love it! thanx

vanda · 23 February 2008

goa · 24 April 2008

ghazal · 21 September 2008
it's soweet!i love it soOoOOoOOOoOOoOOOoOOo much!

Rachel · 24 August 2009
I love your idea!!!! And my teacher loves them too! =))

Nistyer · 3 May 2010
Awesome !!!

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