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Viola De Teclas (Nyckelharpa)

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Vlad Gerasimov 28 September 2007
Next wallpaper in musical instruments series. This is about Viola De Teclas (Nyckelharpa) - unusual old wooden instrument. Once, I was walking on the streets of Toledo, Spain, and saw young woman playing viola de teclas. That was really great, I bought her CD and later found her website at . This wallpaper is not a photo! Made entirely in Photoshop (except wood texture).

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Comments {26}

foued long ago
Toujours très beau, j'attends impatiemment la guitare classique

Jacob long ago
I love your wallpapers... however, for these ones, it does not work on the Mac because the desktop icons are usually on the right, and it's too distracting. Can you please make versions with the instruments on the left? Thanks! :)

Juan Vicente long ago
Great!, and thanks to link the singer from my city she is really great, we hope you come back to Toledo soon.

nassos long ago
very cool pictures

Tammy long ago
WoOoOoW beauty ;)

raja long ago
shala violin tor ponga dia dhukai dimu

neil long ago
tres bien

George long ago
I love these instruments of old The one I want to play most is the hurdy-gurdy but I do play a little sitar which is also a really awesome instrument, its a shame people don't teach those instruments much anymore

JOE long ago

Sergio Bonfiglio long ago
Great. You're becoming 'kinda drug... something I can't do without...

Lilly long ago
Very beautiful picture. Thanks a lot, Vlad. Please, make a bagpipe one.

alem long ago

sad 4 January 2008
its for me:)

Emanuela 1984 22 July 2008
This is the proof that human's mind has neither boundries nor limits.......! I love exploring its limits and creating new stuff!! You do it better than me :)

Chandra long ago
Long time fan, first time caller. Stunning piece. If you're a fan of the nyckelharpa I highly recommend Filippo Gambetta's cd Pria Goaea. It's predominantly button accordion gypsy style music, but one of the accompanying instruments is nyckelharpa.

Bow-chicka-bow-wow long ago
PLEASE MAKE A SAXOPHONE?!?!?!?!?!? Please??? :(

ogman long ago
These instruments are wonderful. Please make more?

amargon long ago
It's like chocolate jazz..) feeling of warm and smooth...

sunny long ago
can you create something related to reggae?

Dimsthenis Stogiannidis long ago
As usual, this is awesome. However, you should consider starting including 1680x1050-left/right and 3360x1050 resolutions for your dual monitor resolutions - there are more and more people out there that use two widescreen displays (you should try it too, it blew me away when I got my hands on two 22' 16:9 TFTs)

feng shaun long ago
Totally nice. Artistic :)

Sebastian long ago
Aa, very nice. Nyckelharpa is swedish by the way, and means word for word "Keyharp"

Barbara long ago
Beautiful as usual Vlad. You are so very creative and talented. I always enjoy seeing your latest works. Bravo!

Sergio Bonfiglio long ago
I installed the clock. It's really nice. I know that it is a big effort, but you should create a series of backgrounds with a clock too. I mean, this "Viola De Teclas" should have a clock in a corner, for instance the splendid world clock that is the default of the clock installation package. Make a thought about it...

****** 14 June 2008
very melodious!! great work vlad!

Aravind 14 November 2008
Gud work.. Hats off....!

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