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Vlad Gerasimov 27 April 2004

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Comments {84}

DoToEvSkY long ago

Princess long ago
It took my breath away!!

Bullet long ago

fdsf long ago

Dino long ago
very nice work..

Zsa Zsa long ago
Beautiful!!!! On my page :) Love it

Amie long ago
Just beautiful! For a long time now Ive been looking for a site with original and inspirational wps-this is IT!! Ive thoroughly enjoyed ur site and LOVE the wps! Keep up the fantastic work! Im going to make this my one-stop-wallpaper-shop :)

raissa long ago

siddharth long ago

stefani (bratty) long ago

bobby long ago
thank you so much;its wonderful

ada long ago
No comment... :)

mystery girl long ago
I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g My opinion doesnt have any effect on your work, so does it matter?

Eddaclub long ago
I think it's an exactly wonderful image....and it's seem as cool life..

.... long ago

. long ago

anoniem long ago
ik vind dat de schermafbeeldingen weer groot weergegeven moeten worden!!! :(:(

courtney long ago
absolutely beautiful

sasukelover long ago
it is just beutiful! if my twin sister saw it she'd love it! :-D

budda long ago
You suck!``

Charo long ago
Muy bueno!!

Jennifer long ago
blue is my favorite color :-P

Sofia long ago

greenmadness long ago
The mack of dukeness. very cool

paulette long ago

mr.liquid long ago

Alexey long ago

Jury long ago
One of the best works on this site, imho.

kristin long ago
very beautiful and serene!!!!

stephanie (babs) long ago
i love it.. its relaxing.. keep them ..

Orchid long ago
I find this very beautiful and relaxing. the colour and the shading just light up my window when i turn it on. it's prefect.

Shorty long ago
Totally awsome i luv it super job Vlad!!! :-)

ginn long ago
love all your work!

NoNaMe long ago
Ничего особенного...Композиция не удачная....

s n e h a long ago
I'm impressed! All your wallpapers seem to reveal something sensual something sentient about themselves when enlarged. Simply love the water ones. Keep winning buddy... you're the best! B)

melanie long ago
i thought it was beautiful. i have been looking for a blue desktop for a long time

Diana long ago
Very Soothing To The Eyes.

somayeh 31 March 2008
how great !!

Carly -wisconsin =] 28 August 2008

Caren 15 March 2009

Emma 3 July 2009
Have this on my phone and Iv send it to my friends, they love it too! :)

Maite 5 August 2010
Me gusta

Kruppt long ago
Very Nice Image Kruppt

reni long ago
it's ok

cincir long ago
blue is the my favourite color...ı love it so s the beatıful pıcture i like it i like it....:D :D :D

drummerboy long ago
Pretty freakin' sweet:-P

Nick long ago

lindsay long ago
omfg i love it sooooooooooo much its so pretty. BUBBBLES!!!!!!

mchkewlr long ago
I loooooove blue so much... and I also like water so, I really like this one. The bubbles are cool too! (L) :-) ;-)

skyisblue long ago
omg....i'm really impressed....i never saw before such divine combinations of blue coulour with this great well really have a deep artist soul.....and a beautifull inside as person, no doubt!!! ....i really loved the bubbles...great result!!!

anoniem long ago
want nu krijg ik een heel vaag plaatje als achtergrond!:S:S

happy long ago
Mystery girl i disagree, i think its a lovely painting!

U_n_k_n_o_w_n long ago
This is stunning! I love it. It's so deep, and mystical. Now I'm going to go back to staring at it whilst listening to relaxing music.

lol long ago
I used it for my webbie! It rocks!

:. long ago
(w) (F)

Andrew long ago
Bravisimo!!! :)

Divya long ago
Its great Wonderful job ,,,I simply Loved it

umm long ago
umm (N)

GORDO long ago

elizabeth long ago
it rocks

Nooman long ago
free from the bounds of this world

Ellen long ago
Fantasticamo!!! I get lost in it: e

jacquelyn long ago
calm and relaxing

digi long ago

Jude long ago
I love it!

LAUREN long ago

___GOD___ long ago
Very nice...

Anton long ago
Really cool!

Blueboy long ago
Top notch as usual m8

Chloe long ago
Ok! That's definitely going to be on my desktop! Love ur site and ur works! Keep it up.

Kennora long ago
It's so pretty, and it gives you a relax feeling

a-lo long ago
dude that is so friggin awesome*Fantastico* :-)

DarkshadowBoy14 long ago

bam long ago

Diana long ago
Very Soothing.

jodellipus long ago
gulp! gulp! gulp!

navin long ago
blue is one of favourite colors, this is one of the excellent and awesome

kari long ago
wow these are awesome:)

Charles long ago
I don't surf anymore. I just gaze at my desktop. Thanks

Kaui long ago
it's almost perfect!! but the bubbles make me crazy. bubbles underwater - especially big ones - have such irregular, unspherical shapes. i adore everything but bubbles. the jellyfish are divine.

Anastasia 26 June 2008
I have an aquarium, and this artwork reminds me of it :-)

Emma 3 July 2009
I accually have this one saved on my phone :) the light coming from the top ties it all together. One of my favs!

Tanja 21 October 2009
Love it! :D

ravisharma 11 September 2011
ya it is better than the other

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