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Traffic Jam

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Vlad Gerasimov · 16 December 2007
Dedicated to millions of people around the world, spending millions of hours in traffic jams. :-)

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Comments 49

Justin Murray · long ago
sorry vlad. this does absolutely nothing for me.

Coov · long ago
I keep this as my wallpaper at the office to remind my employer what I go through during my 70+mile commute to work!!!

Sergio · long ago
This is reeeeally great and funny, while not also seriously disturbing because really possible in a near future... Just a suggestion for the Companion. I got it as wallpaper, but obviously the Companion isn't aware of it. Why not adding a "save the current wallpaper into Vladstudio images folder" feature in the right-click menu ? So one could directly select the wallpaper from the website and then save it once it has uploaded on the desktop... Just a suggestion! Happy New Year to all the Community and ot our beloved Vlad.

hcano · long ago
Estupendo. Vlad cada día mejora...

Mohammed Korashy · long ago
WoW You Became More Creative In Your New 3D Wallpapers

alex · long ago
not for me

Ampit · long ago
This is a real traffic Jam. Like it very much. Thanks again

Me · long ago
It just doesnt do it for me... i like the lights but it's a little busy (having it on my desktop would make my eyes hurt) and not my taste. Keep making creations, though. Love your work! Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)!

abby · long ago
this one is sooo good! love it!! it almost reminds me of an escher picture, the creativity of it is a ton of fun to look at.. you are such an amazing artist, i don't think there's a picture here that i don't like!! God bless as you continue to invent!

Kareem Khazem · long ago
I agree with Justin Murray, although it is very cute. Very very cute. But it doesn't provoke emotion like your other ones...

MAP · long ago
I miss the two...

zu · long ago
.. muy serio

Life Seeker · long ago
Great!!! Looks like Bangkok in the rush hour

· long ago
Î÷åíü ìèëî)è ïðàâäèâî)

Koudak · long ago
That's awesone, that's great... You're genius. Is it possible to make a tutorial, please?

Morgana · 5 January 2008
A trrrue vurk ov arrt, VVVlad!

lama · 12 January 2008

gorgeous chinese · 27 January 2008
The artst expressed his observation while he was traveling on the road. it is not just about traffic jam. It is dark because the white lights and red lights need to be outstanding. This is really good

suki · 6 February 2008
very interesting

hi · 13 February 2008
can some one post the link to the picture by itself??? my right clikc foesnt work and i need the link to it for my background. thanks!!!

qubra · 9 November 2008
istanbul trafigi gibi.... :D

Tusnelda · 11 December 2008

· 12 August 2009
Woowwww...its amazing, i wonder how can u adjust the beam of so many cars with different distances and angles...simply amazing piece of work

Meg · long ago
Very Cute! Although this one makes me smile... I'll most likely not download it. For one thing, it's kinda dull for a destop photo. Sorry. I still love it though!

Pedro Sa · long ago
Ehehehe ...looks like a Jambori in my country

cheprkusa · long ago
great nice. cute traffic jam. do more stuff like these.

JR. · long ago
es increible tu capacidad para reflejar cosas cotidianas de una forma tan creativa

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
TJ: You got exactly what I wanted to say! Thanks :-)

TJ · long ago
This is awesome, I remember as a child I was always enthralled by the red and white lights of a traffic jam at night! Brilliant!

Jaideep · long ago
Creativity + perfect art skills to execute the idea! Man, Vlad. You've got it all. I like the way all cars are arranged so neatly. Wonder where you get this infinite and tireless talent for creative themes each time... and so rapidly too. Yo great.

crimsomnia · long ago
Merry Christmas and thank you for making and sharing brilliant desktops. I wish you all the best in new 2008 and let your inspiration go crazy twice! :) Great work.

Em · long ago
Oh I disagree! I'd definitely say it provokes emotion, just... depressing corporate emotion. Haha, I love it. :)

Christina · long ago
Fantastico! This does stir up emotion, great use of dark colours Vlad!

Kaizer · long ago

feng.shaun · long ago nice :)

Joe · long ago
Yeesh! The last thing I want to be reminded of is being stuck in traffic every time I open my Macbook! But lord, it still looks fantastic. Thank you so much for the time and creativity that you put in your work, Vlad. You truly are an amazing person!

Phil · long ago
Quite cute. But a bit too dark.

LucasDT · long ago
Vlad... over all, your creativity amazes me. Your are unique.

Iliana · long ago
cool :)

· long ago
very nice

Shellbeequick · 4 January 2008
A picture is worth a thousand words. I cringe just looking at it! Great work!

محمود · 12 January 2008
كتير زحما

zena · 14 January 2008
i like it to muuuuuuuuuuuuch bcoz " i like traffic " hehehe... 10x vlado for these wallpapers (bt3a2ed) (ktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir 7lwe)

Dn. · 30 January 2008
I just love it. A-ma-zing.

Greg Conrad · 1 February 2008
The simplicity of chaos. Awesome Vlad!

gabriel tomich · 15 June 2008
amazing, wonderfull, you are a genious.

Sea&Sun · 29 July 2008
It's perfect! It's a significant fraction of our daily routine for a lot of us here in Los Angeles...

littleladygoldie · 1 April 2009
so cute!!! i love all the little cars! i've always been a big fan of your art!!!

sweetpie · 5 March 2010
hey its so illusious ryt yaar?

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