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The Two and the Lighthouse

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Vlad Gerasimov 10 August 2005
Made by request, which I very rarely can afford to do. The previous artwork was too dismal (as mentioned in its comments), so here's more positive piece!

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Comments {77}

vincent long ago
the home : where my heart it is..... long ago
Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks! long ago
Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks! long ago
Fabulous site.

Ragen_Dragon long ago
Great Job! Who Doesn't Love Lighthouses?(L)

Elusive long ago
Love is their guidin light...;-) long ago
This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...

sami long ago
beautifull!! (Y)

saveen long ago
Guess. I own that lighthouse.

richi long ago
nice job i like it(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

richi long ago
nice job i like it(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

m long ago
ëþáëþ òàêîé ñòèëü - çäîðîâî! è îðèãèíàëüíî! æàëêî ìàëî ðàáîò â òàêîì ðîäå long ago
good website

Frost long ago

maimai long ago
great feeling

Anya long ago
beautiful, impressive, making one feel and dream...

Cristina long ago
ooohhhh!!! so cute! so romantic! I love it!! (L)

justin long ago
very cute. i would set this as my desktop, but im still hooked on condensed :). very good work.

Vitaly long ago
Mmm.. Yeah

I think long ago
I think it needs a sunset

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
watermark fixed @1280x1024, thanks!

Jose Daniel long ago
I love this art. I'm not sure about the sunset or daylight... I think it's perfect just as is. Thanks Vlad :)

SeaDog long ago
Obviously, being an old Sea dog, I love it. Super stuff! (L) it

Maija long ago
Almost the same as in my town:)) Love it:))

Nancy long ago
Just like the lighthouse where my father lives! Lovely - I've been thinking of him lately, and this will make me feel like I'm there... :-)

Jannette long ago
om my god this is so awesome!:-D(L)

inna long ago

jone long ago
hijo puta pirate a cobrarle los wallpapers a otro mamon

Walt long ago
Love the emotions long ago
Thank you for being generous with your resources... I hope that you will receive more than you need for your time and energy. Keep at work! long ago
You have an excellent site easy on the eye and very easy to navigate, keep up the good work. Best Wishes. long ago
Your site is the best. I love your humour, layout, design and everything!

none 12 January 2008
it's good

andy 26 February 2008
great site

indy 10 March 2008
Look! It's me and GumGum at "THE" Lighthouse... ;-) благодаря столько, Vlad Gerasimov!!!

Sammy 18 December 2008
wow, very romantic. good job Vlad! Def one of my faves.

10 December 2009
Miluju tento obrázek!

weiwei 7 August 2010
wow~so cute~~

young cheol yun 18 February 2011
I keep this on my desktop and phone(front and back side). LOVE THIS !

huihui duan 20 September 2013
Sehr gut!! long ago
A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

yvonne long ago
its lovely..i set it as my desktop-background..thanks vlad you're a great artist! long ago
Hi. Beautiful content and website design. Sorry for my english. I am from albania. long ago
I have added your site in the bookmarks as for a long time did not meet anything similar! Thanks.

Elusive long ago
Love is their guidin light...;-) long ago
Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often! long ago
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.

long ago
øíÿãà êàêàÿ-òî :( (N)

richi long ago
nice job i like it(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

mrpyun long ago

m long ago
çà ñâîþ îò÷èçíó ñòàíîâèòñÿ ãîðäî)

buy viagra long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

prabhakar long ago

mc long ago

Rio long ago
Good long ago
Hallo you! Great web site. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I will recommend your page to all my friends!

Jeremy long ago
I like it :-) But the watermark is a little too far to the left on the 1280x1024 cuts off.

gil long ago
yeah, the watermark is a bit off...but It is a great picture! I would love to have a daylight/sunset version :D

manjar long ago
excellent work!!

Moo long ago
mmmm... not quite the same textures and feelings coming from this one as from most of the other The Two wallpapers you've made, but I still like it!

Jared long ago
hmmm.... like always was eagerly waiting for the new one.. I will stick to codensed for now...

Lisa (aaqua123) long ago
Just lovely!

serenabox long ago
I been see better lighthouses in ...sorry!! :-S

venu long ago
verry super

Christina M Waldman long ago
i like all of tham thay make me happy long ago
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Vincent long ago
A-W-E-S-O-M-E long ago
Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often!

s vinoth ganesh long ago
i am vinoth study in engg final yr u r p is vvv good

stistirillina 31 January 2008
è stupendo....

aogiri 27 February 2008

Rich-E 20 August 2008
Very Good. Thanks for sharing your masterpiece :)

jennifert dunn 18 October 2008

Julie H 4 November 2009
Just wanted to say how much I LOVE your art work!!! It's inspiring and beautiful!!!

28 January 2010
mi perdo nel blu

Mulberry 20 August 2010
So lovely!!! I really liked this wall and recommended it in my blog, together with a Chinese poem. Thanks for your great work.

Peter Brennan 22 December 2013
Always my favourite

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