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The Two and the Bubbles

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Vlad Gerasimov · 30 August 2005
Enough depression! Have fun :-)

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Comments 102

Priya · long ago
Cooooool! Simply Super

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Moo - thanks! You're right, I paid not enough attention to the bubbles themselves. I uploaded updated wallpaper images, with better bubbles! Enjoy!

jdc · long ago
It's me!!...thank're great!

Riyaz · long ago
It's very nice, keep it up :-)

Magaly · long ago
bonita :)

Rina · long ago
topísimo!! :)

Ana · long ago
I'm love in it :-D

Kiks-E · long ago
Luv it! Luv it! Luv it! (L) (L) (L)

Kathy · long ago
I love it. I think it is cute!!!! ;o)

Luca Redana · long ago
(Y) Bellissimo!

大江 · long ago

Vernon · long ago
Love it! My 2-year son old is obsessed with anything water or bubbles related. I can almost hear the screams of excitement now as he first sees my desktop tomorrow: "guggles, guggles daddy, guggles!" :-D

cristina · long ago
romantic, fancyful and dreamy as always your works are best compliments! :-)(Y)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Karina - please see the link on the left column (yellow) saying How to set this picture to my desktop?

sunset · long ago
that's very cute i think that i look to a carton pic i love it .

weishen · long ago

Kacenka · long ago
this is my new wallpaper...(Y)(Y)(Y), so happy I can look at it! :-D

nurseEllie · long ago
This piece encapsulates my feelings of my boyfriend and I, that I am the dreamer and his merely along for the ride. I love it, and ironically enough he is the one that has it on his desktop. (L) Ellie

windy · long ago
so lovely~

kuny · long ago
estan hermisisimos estos encantan . los felicito

sevilay · long ago
thank you (Y)

uday · long ago
this wall paper is great;)

ian · long ago
what can i's just simply marvellous!!!

drwhite · long ago
What an amazing work you do with those "The Two" series. So pure and kind to our eyes, yet filled with warm emotions. Such a sincere way to express the humanity inside the mankind. (Y)

cem · long ago
guselmiş gerçekten..turkceyi seviyorum..

phuong · long ago
:-) very lovely.i like it very much

Ashwin · long ago
Luvly !!!!! :-) :-) :-) Be Happy Always !!!

viva · long ago
sooooooooooo lovely

JANICE · long ago

suraaj · long ago
its cool:-)

Katrine · long ago
Very nice. En dansk hilsen herfra, vladstudio er det bedste :-) Jeg kan bruge flere timer herinde. Tak skal I have. Don´t do drugs.

Binay · long ago
U are so

Devidas · long ago
nice collection. (Y)

Pauline · long ago
cute! love it!

Mandy · long ago
thisis stupid~!! hello im am mandy and i coming from holland!! i can very good englisch bye bye

anna · long ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (y)(y)(y)...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gokben · long ago
iste bu resmi cok seviyorum! :) :) :)

divya · long ago
Woo a long list of comments..should be.. Its looks great ..So so so so cute ...I liked it alot

Ricardo Antonio · long ago
I liked it so much that it's now my desktop's wallpaper ^^ The cartoonish style amazes me, such simplicity wonderfully decorated.

disha · long ago
i luv it-100times

deepmala san san wal · long ago

Morgan age11 · long ago
I love this piece, the characters actually have faces.

vign · long ago

Natka · 5 January 2008
This is my favourite wallpaper! =)

Olga Balba · 12 March 2008

Teki Repalda · 23 June 2008
This has actually made me feel good. It brings out a really nice feeling.

Angel · 6 August 2008
this one is absolutly the cute picture, i decided to made a screen saver (for personal use only) and added the song bubbly by colbie caillat, it turn out really cute. thanks for the cute picture

David Kim · 24 April 2009
정말 멋진 그림이네요...깨끗하고...좋습니다...^^*

ogie · 13 August 2009

· 26 March 2010

Jade True · 10 April 2015
You know what's funny! There's an ATM in Mexico at Tulum, that is using this image. Also, we think it was that ATM that compromised my boyfriend's debit card. It's the only time he used it in Mexico and shortly after we returned there was a questionable charge that was caught by the bank. Go figure! I took a picture of it if you'd like to see.

vinay · long ago

Jaideep · long ago
Smooth Effect, Cute Concept. The unconventional and not so perfectly round bubbles give it a more casual, easing touch. L-O-V-E-L-Y :-)

Moo · long ago
:) I love it!!!! So cute! I like their faces, which we don't see very often. The bubbles look oddly like the water droplets from Condensed... :P Is there a way to make the bubbles look rounder? They look a little flat... It's amazing though! I wish I had your talent...

justin · long ago
a nice wallpaper to celebrate the end of summer. cheery and fun. excellent work.

Vino · long ago
Exelent Vlad, againg. There is so little possitive, yet good art toady on te web (Y)... I only wish the main part of the wallpaper was more to the right, since most of my icons are on the left side and are covering the beatiful big one ;-)

Jose Daniel · long ago
I fall in love with every "the two" wallpaper I see... Congratulations! and this is for you and for your work --> · long ago
íó ïî÷åìó òàê äîðîãî 9 äîëëàðîâ ÄÅÍÜÃÈ!!! À ß íå ìîãó â ïëîõîì êà÷åñòâå.. è íå õî÷ó äðóãèå îáîè... Óìèðàþ :-|

valen90 · long ago
so... very cutie! (Y)

Karina · long ago
:-s i dont know how to set this as my desktop

Karina · long ago
(u) can somebody help me put this as my desktop?

Karina · long ago
(l) ok thanks i love you! jk

Karina · long ago
but i wont set it as my wallpapper for some reason:-s

water · long ago
i think so! so lovely!

Dominika · long ago
Vlad, you are a genius! I am so amazed by your work and so thankfull for you sharing it with us (L) Wish you all the best and thanks for making the rest of us sooo happy :-) Greetings from Slovakia...

vivian · long ago
i like it very much!:-)

Britt-Inger · long ago
I just love them...

pari · long ago
LOVELY thank you dear vlad

chaitrali · long ago
I think this is very cute..especially the girl who is blowing the bubble(L)i like her hairstyle...i am and always will be amazed by your more time i want to know...what inspires you Vlad?? how do you get these cute ideas??oh and how do i pronounce you name??:-(

bany · long ago
hooo shoooo sweet c",).....I just love them...that's very cute i think that i look to a carton pic i love it .

phuong · long ago
i like it very much:-)very nice

canuckchick · long ago
love "The Two" pieces..keep up the great work..thanks :)

m_artulk_a · long ago

Mo · long ago
I just love it! Nice to see something happy and cheerful!! (Y)

denisa · long ago
so lovely ... :-) ---<---@

xtra2005 · long ago

Elusive · long ago
The Two are always a public hit,no matter of the theme. But this one...(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

vivek garg · long ago
i love ony lovely wallpaper so this side provide me thinks

amelia · long ago
its very nice but can u make some wallprs to the right side b coz we usuallly keep icons to the left

asif · long ago
wow,it is mind blowing,keep it up(y)

ahmed ;-) · long ago
i like it very very much thanks

aashish · long ago
i loved that

terchu · long ago
es tan bonito...

Starlight · long ago
It's really cute! :-)

nelly · long ago

esther · long ago
es tan bonito , me gusta tanto... ayyyyy

mr. lookk · long ago
poor are u....

samdy · long ago
wow~the coulor make me feel good~

vivi · long ago

Ivy · long ago
Cool! Good work on the drops :)

Sammy · long ago
i love it to cute!

deepa san san wal · long ago
one word-excellient

George Mariot · long ago
Amazing work !! Thanks

sammy · long ago
hey jes

yes · long ago

VVVVVVVV · 6 May 2008
oh EXxxxxx

Ellec · 16 May 2008
A nice one! Cute..!

Fabi · 25 June 2008
It's my boyfriend and me ! :)

yuna · 12 October 2008
so so so lovely..

ina · 9 January 2009
I was looking for soooo long for simple but beautiful wallpapers. now I found them and I am really happy and thankful! great work, all of them!!

· 7 November 2009

· 25 February 2010
10 баллов))

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