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Vlad Gerasimov 28 March 2008
I think they are friends! :-) All done in Photoshop as always, with little help of Wacom Cintiq tablet.

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Comments {54}

guilherme sena 29 March 2008
vixii muito dahora


Jennifer Gruber 29 March 2008
I REALLY like this one!!!!! Excellent!

Mufaddal 29 March 2008
i know its really hard to force something out but please give us an abstract one next - i miss those

Ampit 29 March 2008
Yes, they are very good friends. Thanks again

Moo 29 March 2008
Love it!

cathy mercury 29 March 2008
it's Sonia again! :) you're incredible!!! i have no words to describe my feelings towards your Works - great great regards from Poland :D

Sarah 29 March 2008

Alucard.G 29 March 2008
great work.. love it...THX 非常喜欢,谢谢

Mohammed Korashy 29 March 2008
Fantastic But Noisy

darnell 29 March 2008
very nice

Chaeseok Lim 31 March 2008
Very Cute! ^_^ 귀여워요-!!

Intamin 31 March 2008
I love Tarsiers! :)

Barbara Kurzawska 31 March 2008
Oh, Vlad. This is amazing :) I really love this wallpaper. It looks so cute :D Thanks!

Anne O\'Brien 2 April 2008
This is so cute!

Tatjana 2 April 2008
Ooooooooo......wonderful !

Michael Allyn 3 April 2008
This one is like you read my wife's mind!

Marcus 4 April 2008
this wall is not good for people with a HERNIA problem!!! Buy the way VLAD you didn't answer my question about making a whall for the F1 HEROS, how come? I really do love your work but you always stick to the same .... please try something else...remaster your borders the world is BIG... don't stay on the same place... you are not made for that ... you are a traveller in time and space,... enjoy it and we allllllllllllllllll enjoyyyyyyyyyy your FANTASTIC work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grtze from Ostend in Belgium...."again".

mydlin 23 April 2008
nice work

Niko 9 May 2008
Ce as putea spune superb nu credeam k o sa gasesk ceva asa de frumos pe net pana akm am dat numai de simple imagini akum am descoperit lumea ta frumos...

SUNata 2 June 2008
Забавная и в то же время невероятно милая

Бель 15 August 2008
Здорово! Хорошие работы.

jay reyes 5 October 2008
tarsier are little creatures that can only be seen in presereved habitat in Bohol, Philippines. They are cute little creature and are now being protected. Haha, yeah Vlad,they look cute together!!!nice job here.

uue 4 November 2009

leonardo 23 March 2011
quem responde a isso e estupido

Mordecai 13 August 2012

Callum Macdonald 29 March 2008
Brilliant. Really Brilliant.

julie 29 March 2008
that's really cute!

Justin 29 March 2008
haha, very cool vlad, although i think the reflection of the giraffe takes away from this piece..

Arthur Pustynin 29 March 2008
Красиво, просто, самое то на рабочий стол.

Christina (Australia) 29 March 2008
Dear Vlad, this one is lovely & cheerful, friends are soo important! Would there be any chance you could do a "Taurus" wallpaper? I'm turning 40 in 4 weeks & freaking out a little, i know you could cheer me up! You are incredibly talented xo

Tade Sargsian 29 March 2008
в очередной раз убеждаюсь что не зря поддержал Влада. Пусьт не иссякает твой креатив и муза всегда будет с тобой

João 29 March 2008
I must say... This is beautiful! Congratulations, you have talent!

milad cavalera 29 March 2008
valad is god.fantastic....

Marija 30 March 2008
It's very beautiful !

paul farsing 31 March 2008
great, but the legs look pretty awkwardly done.

Lesya 31 March 2008
очень прикольные :) скучала без них

Leti 31 March 2008

alex 1 April 2008

Ruthie 2 April 2008
My coworker who is past the age or retierement and works inour office part time seems to think that you make the girafes just for her! I think so too! You are the reason she gets in the internet!

natia 3 April 2008

Dimian 10 April 2008
For russian speaking readers =) - very nice song for this picture - My boy like it so much =)

tanokitas 14 April 2008
este e bue da fixe os wallpeipares sao fantasticos parabenssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina 18 April 2008
These designs make me so happy to turn on my computers. Thank you.

Jaideep Nadkarni 20 April 2008
Sooooooooooo cute!

Rit@ 29 April 2008
its a pretty wallpaper thanks vlad i like giraffes they have cool colours... :') by the way to the next time put a small girafe next to a bigger one... bye :-)

Mehdi jamshasb 16 May 2008
Looove it!

mesut 16 June 2008
muhteşem sanat eserleri

BRENDITA 4 July 2008

Eimam 14 December 2008
that's sooooooooooooooo cute man

Brian 8 August 2009
Very nice! I'll make this my Twitter wall paper.

Влад 15 September 2009
Ты лучший в своём деле!

alex 19 March 2010

24 September 2011
cool stuff

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