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Water drops on a spider web (Blue)

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Vlad Gerasimov 10 June 2008
Another color variation of Water drops on  a spider web wallpaper. As always, Adobe Photoshop only (no photos manipulated).

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Comments {15}

LucasDT 10 June 2008
Really nice one

Kevin Olson 10 June 2008
Beautiful...Good work.

Shan 10 June 2008
how beautiful! as always :D

Eugenia Noriega Plancarte 10 June 2008
It's beautiful, as always. Also, a spider would look gorgeous on that web!

Rit@ 12 June 2008
i won't comment this picture because you don't read our comments :( and I'm not the one thinking that one day I have post a comment and that comment says "If you read our comments please put Iread your comments like title or subtitle of your work but you didn't do anything was always you don't have read my comment and you don't put that titttle... WhO Is wItH mE??

****** 14 June 2008
great work... but where's the wet spider vlad??:P

Ali 7 July 2008
Very Good

DCShoesBoss 5 November 2012

Dragana 10 June 2008
Wow... Was making all of these drops boring? I can't wait to see the tutorial.

Meg 10 June 2008
Right when I saw this one I thought "wow... making those drops must have been really boring!" Your labor has been worth it! Thanks Vlad!

none 11 June 2008

john 11 June 2008
all your works is fantastic!!! keep it up!

Vlad Gerasimov 12 June 2008
Rit@: Comments are for commenting. If you expect my reply, please use contact page instead of posting comment.

Dhakshi 13 June 2008
Thsi luks well cool!

:: saathiyaana : 17 June 2008
pearl..harmony..!! as always...great..!!

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