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Self Portrait 2009

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Vlad Gerasimov · 1 August 2009
You might think it  is an awful idea to put someone else's self portrait on your desktop :-) But maybe you will like this kind of portrait! My mother says he looks very similar to  me :-)

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Comments 68

Adam Moore · 1 August 2009
Not too bad.

Martin Stružský · 1 August 2009
Not too bad? :-O Vice versa! I love it, I love it, I love it! :-D Great job, Vlad. ;-)

Gavin Scott · 1 August 2009
I have had a problem with your last few images. I get the readed red x for the 2560x1600x2 image. Your images are just great as always :)

· 1 August 2009
Very nice desktop Vlad. Nerdy and cool all at the same time!

mihaid · 2 August 2009
looks like me :)

dalibor · 2 August 2009
this portrait is pure you, Vlad. and we must believe to your mother

Jo · 2 August 2009
For someone without thumbs you have great computer skills!! (Just joking). I like it - it's fun!!

Emilia · 2 August 2009
It makes me smile!! Cute!

Marzieh · 2 August 2009
So cute!!

Koushik · 2 August 2009
Very cute.. :D Nice work :)

Brenda · 3 August 2009
Very cute, I love it!

Aidolar · 3 August 2009
Хах, похоже на меня! Прическа почти такая же, и я тоже в очках, правда не в круглых =)

nishant · 3 August 2009
amazing !!

Jose Daniel · 3 August 2009
Cool... That's your third self portrait, as I can remember :) great work Vlad! The other self portraits: (04/17/2004)

iPod Lover · 4 August 2009
I love it!

Suzanne Thurman · 5 August 2009
Vlad Cute, very cute!!!

AMPIT · 5 August 2009
It's nice to have you on my desktop. Thanks.

· 6 August 2009
i hv seen this design at

Petter Senften · 9 August 2009
Considering that your self-portrait looks virtually like I would've done myself, I see no problem with using this as a wallpaper on my desktop :)

tg · 11 August 2009
thank you for the registration gift!!! that was amazing. i have been a fan of yours for YEARS! keep up the wonderful work.

Morrog · 11 August 2009
you should have your legs checked ^^

marziyeh · 11 August 2009

ping wang · 15 August 2009

lanilani26 · 18 August 2009
Vlad, it feels like an eternity... 17 days from your last wallpaper. I have found myself searching for some on deviantart : O the only comfort i have is that is always worth the wait with you ^.^

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 August 2009
lanilani26: yeah, I made some sketches but can never find time to finish them! Hopefully very soon :-) Thanks!

julia · 19 August 2009
It would be cool if you also made a female version

sahar · 9 September 2009
very nice it also looks like my brother

Martin Gartner · 3 November 2009
Hello Vlad, may I ask you if it's possible to get this Wallpaper without the selfportrait and laptop? I'd like to have only the simple background for work on my Mac. Regards, Martin Gartner

Nanda · 13 December 2009
Bem legal , adorei é minha cara!kkkkkkkkkkk

· 8 January 2010
하하 감사

Vilma Saldate · 28 January 2010
I like it a lot!

Amaia · 3 June 2010
It's really cute! :)

James King · 5 October 2010
I love it! I can have it on my laptop wallpaper and on my iPhone too!

Floydian · 6 February 2012
love it.... amazing as always....

Yásser Natanael Rodríguez · 2 June 2012

Chandra Sekhar · 29 March 2013
Never seen such art .... Beauty... All of your Creation...Rather I would say invention..

Oziel · 24 September 2014
Autoportrait 2014?

becca · 1 August 2009
first time i've commented on one of your amazing desktop wallpapers, but I gotta say I'm loving this one. Very cute and funny! Keep up the amazing work Vlad, your art definitely spruces up my desktop :)

Jaideep Nadkarni · 1 August 2009
You look very cute, Vlad!

Christian Engel · 1 August 2009
My girlfriend just said: "This looks like you!" :D It seems to me we look very much alike ;D

armanda · 2 August 2009
Draw a longer hair and it will look just like me ;)

Anusha · 2 August 2009
wow...I wudnt mind to put ur potrait as my wallpaper..afterall I can introduce to my friends and say..there u go..he is the creator...Cheers...! Thanks a lot again

Crazy Man · 2 August 2009
good job!

Maira · 2 August 2009
So cute!!

· 2 August 2009
wow i like it

Jon · 2 August 2009
HAHA This really looks like me, cause I have a mouse connected to my laptop at the moment, I have dark short hair similar to that and I have these blacked-rimmed joke glasses that look just like that, strange!

Katie · 3 August 2009
I like it! I noticed it was under the category 'Creatures'. You consider yourself a creature?! How funny.

Barbara Kurzawska · 3 August 2009
So that's how you look like ;) Very nice wallpaper (I love blue color). It looks so simple but it's really gorgeous :) Thanks for sharing and keep up great work!

Luke Sky Walker · 4 August 2009
Is this your real Mac with Vlad Logo? I like it. See u at the pegasus galaxy. ;)

Chloe · 4 August 2009
Could you make a wallpaper like that, of me? XD No, just jokin'. Love this wallpaper!Thanks!

John Hanam · 4 August 2009
Hehe! John

· 9 August 2009
Hey, now we know what you look like! ))

Traci York · 10 August 2009
I saw your announcement about giving away free 3-month registrations today, and wanted to pop in to say, "Happy Anniversary"!

i love this design...from sudan.

George Mariot · 11 August 2009
Very cute! By the way Congratulations for your coming wedding! I wish you all the best. I am sure that your married life will be as sweet as your artwork! All the best my friend!

Anusha · 17 August 2009
ur website is awesome...but there is something missing here...;) whn u open the webpage on a browser it shows the Man with blue screen(which in on the bottom right of all urwallpapers) as a small icon(ontab page or new page)...hope u get wht I am saying!! can u change tht to ur potrait??it wud be much fun and cool too...

Aleksandra · 18 August 2009
Mr. Vlad you are very handsome :) Great wallpaper. I really love it.

stefano · 18 August 2009
sei troppo forte Vlad! Bravo!

· 25 September 2009
thank you. very very very cute-

jose luis · 9 October 2009
Siempre estas alli para hecharme la mano y te lo agradezco ahora nec tu ayuda no traje mi marcador

Marta · 6 November 2009
I`m working all alone in these period because my company is going to close and it is very sad. But having these desktop is like having a smiling collegue!! :)))

sepide · 14 December 2009
asheghe in axam-------->i really love it:XX:X:Xkisssss

Ann · 25 January 2010
Can't stop watching this wallpaper... :-)

Fabio Bovenzi · 9 February 2010
Yesssss....i like your's a pleasure see your work on my desktop...

Enrique · 2 February 2011
¡Que chulo me encanta! aunque estaría bien que el ordenador fuera un mac.

Khatereh · 27 January 2012
I love you dear Vlad... I love all of your pretty wallpapers...I love all of your bright thoughts... I thank you for working hours and days to produce these lovely wallpapers... your sincere : Khatereh (Memory)

Vinay · 5 July 2013
Good for a techie

Kal Mondal · 29 December 2016
Looks just like me :D

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