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Vlad Gerasimov · 5 October 2006
I have seen similar concept several times before in Internet (long ago, so cannot provide links), but I though I'd love to explore this idea too - the life of someone (something) during changing seasons. Tree shape generate in ContextFree, manipulated in Photoshop.

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Comments 67

Amie · long ago
Whenever I need a change, your website is the first place I go. What a lovely wallpaper! It reflects the seasons as well as my moods :) Thanks for lovely work! What season is it where you are? ;-)

Waiyu · long ago
It's a very nice wallpaper indeed. But in my opinion... It looks TOO neat.. Like... Very squarish, you know?

Sahand · long ago
A Wallpaper For All Seasons!

shay · long ago
Love this wallpaper. One of my favourties! Though I must say that each season would also look fantastic as a separate wallpaper.

omid · long ago
its so beautiful

serenabox · long ago
just adorable, mister Vlad!!!

Nelson · long ago
Nice Work, really nice work (y)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Woz - your idea is a bit different. I wanted to have all 4 seasons in one image.

buy cialis · long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

Stacie · long ago
I love this one(L)

Rebecca · long ago
I love the picture. I love the bright colors. Just beautiful.

xindan · long ago
ao beautiful,i love it very much ,thanks

宁宁 · long ago
Nice also

Jelly · long ago
I love the simple but artistic concept of this piece of artwork..

katasza · long ago
in comparison with the others autumn is very sad... why? it is such a beutiful season, my favourite btw;) but the picture is a masterpiece of course, as each one. best wishes

Woz · long ago
You should provide each one as a full-size standalone desktop. The other day I actually did a 4 seasons thing with ContextFree and Photoshop, each as a seperate desktop, and then I set my computer to change the desktop picture every 5 seconds with a nice little fade effect. It looks pretty cool.

Sneha Kochak · long ago
Love it Vlad! You've got my vote!

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Sneha: thank you very much!

Jaideep · long ago
Exclusive (L)

Justin · long ago
Im glad to see the GUI championships are back - although i did like the name 'GUI Olympics' a tad better :). im hoping to see some real good stuff come out of this. I love this wallpaper, although I dont see myself using it. Its a great rendering of the seasons - you did a great job. Are you going to submit anything else? I think 'The Two' should make an apperance in the championships :) P.S. you LOVE ContextFree :)

Matt · long ago
NOOOOOOOO! you submitted it to late V. Ive already sent my vote for the Gui champs :-( but wait that woas for most useable phew yours will get my best overall vote!

chada · long ago
i like the shape of the trees..very nice

Sebastian · long ago
Very Nice! Very nice indeed. I think allso the brown go well with the images. You got my vote! (Y)

sirag · long ago
its beautifull i likee

Josh · long ago
Vlad, I've been following your wallpaper for a long time, and this is some of your best work yet. Bravo! I immediately voted for you.

JaDe · long ago
I really like it Vlad. Wind and rain is what we usually get here for a Fall season and Fall is part of our Summer..nice job! Of course i will go and vote for your are great!

Ashwin · long ago

Ashwin · long ago
Nice. : - )

Cat · long ago
I nearly submitted a comment at the GUI championships site to say I loved it but wished you'd done a dual. Should have known to look here first ;-)

Marija · 24 January 2008
It's beautiful Vlad,blessings to You :)

Katty · 27 January 2008

::saathiyaana: · 14 April 2008
its really so amazing..!! very nicely done..!! !♥! with heart..!♥! 14,apr'08

jorge kulesza · 19 March 2009
me gusta esta muy bueno, muchas gracias.

Maxim · 4 May 2010
One of my favourite! Thanks, Vlad!!

lore · 12 August 2012
nice pic

Khushal sharma · long ago
IF i have to describe the color of life then i will surely show this wallpaper to everyone.. it beautiful.. good going vlad

Vlad the Man · long ago
stunning! (Y) very nice indeed

nan · long ago
I would prefer Autumn with brown colors

Lisa · long ago
I love the simplistic style of the 4 blocks, but the background doesn't really fit with the style.

ultracuerpo · long ago

Caótica · long ago
La idea es muy original, las épocas del año...

kathy · long ago
plis congratulations exellent wallpaper

MaGaLy · long ago
Very nice, but Vlad, I wonder if you have a wallpaper for each season ... it's wonderful, but have it all year as wallpaper? I prefer to change it constantly. Thanks!

Celeynah · long ago
I love this wallpaper. The only issue I have with it is that, for me, autumn is about the vibrant oranges/reds/yellows of the leaves. It would have been MUCH prettier that way. Still, I love your work. Thanks. :)

Safia · long ago
Beautiful.Keep up the good work.

Sefko · long ago

Rebekah · long ago
What a great concept. The coloring and design is beautiful yet simple. Two thumbs up!

Brooklyn · long ago
This picture captures the true beauty of the season. Bravo!

dev · long ago
that' s looking nice. This is artistic wallpaper.

˸ · long ago
Ìíå íðàâèòñÿ, ó òåáÿ íàâåðíîå òàëíò :-)

lietuvis · long ago
Vlad this is very good wallpaper,that is your style. Thank you for this one. Very good :-D

Câline · long ago
This is pretty amazing!! I love it!! (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

Narada · long ago
Exquisite. Simply exquisite. I'm lost for words.

kacenka · long ago
Hi Vlad, you don´t like autumn? It´s my favourite season and you created it so sad and unhappy... :-( Just imagine all the colours of the leaves when there is this special evening autumn sun shining on them ;-)

Justin · long ago
Another note: I think a sort of gradient would look better as the backing. The brown doesnt exactly flow well with the image as a whole. Just my 2 cents :)

Rina · long ago
beautiful! I like! :)

Debi · long ago
I like the brown, It makes the images stand out. I love the seasons, you have portrayed them well into the season instead of at the begining as most do when everyting is fresh. Excellent!(Y)

natasha · long ago
i like the shape of the trees..very nice:-)

gil · long ago
suks!!!, it's a lady's wallpapers, what the hell...

VoeD · long ago
I think the main background suggest one definite tone but the four frames, one for each season, all give a very contrasting appeal to the whole design. So i think the design is quite confusing for me. If somehow the four frames are different (cuz they need to represent different seasons) but yet still in the same tone, that would be great. =)

Moo · long ago
I love the way you've represented each season! They're all so pretty! :) I agree with Justin, though... I find the brown takes away from it a bit. I don't know what would look better, though... :S

Nita · long ago
Just brillant... I went there to vote for this too. Thanks for all this eye pleasure.

Cat · long ago
Hmm, should have applied it before I commented. I think I'll go back to tiling the 1280x1024. I don't think the lack of "background" at the top and bottom of the dual does the seasonal panels justice. It lessens the wow factor IMHO.

ksymeon · long ago
Beautiful. Your idea and style are fantastic. I wouldn't mind them as well as separate wallpapers.

highlandstorm · 29 March 2008
if autumn is supposed to the the rainy one, then i loved it most! i love rain! but i do tend to think of autumn as more dry than rainy :) i thought it was monsoon at first

????? · 3 July 2008

Leonardo · 22 August 2012

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