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Save The Planet

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 April 2009
Made by request. April 22 is the Earth Day (see Wikipedia for details). This is  my quick wallpaper about saving the planet. Thanks!

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Comments {45}

Ng 21 April 2009
Our world need you and me to restore it.

Martin Stružský 21 April 2009
Absolutely sweet and definitely one oth best Vlad's ideas ever!

Christina (Australia) 21 April 2009
Very clever, simple & mezmerizing! wow! i love it!

Leti 21 April 2009
very original. congrats!

Adam Moore 21 April 2009
Fantastic work. Great job. I have never regretted a minute of my subscription to your work.

Tina 22 April 2009
the bottom puzzle piece dosn't look like it fits!

Manjunath Pola 22 April 2009
beautiful vlad...

Jaideep Nadkarni 22 April 2009
This isn't just a wallpaper. It should be approved as a Poster Warning for Global Warming! Unique and Unbeatable Creativity... as usual ;)

Tusnelda 24 April 2009
Vlad, what can I say? Beautiful as always!

qbr-turkey 24 April 2009
wow... thats good....

simon- ireland/poland 25 April 2009
oh my God! great job!

Barbara Kurzawska 28 April 2009
Great idea! I remember one contest when I was in high school. We had to create poster about saving our planet. I painted Earth which looked like a bomb. Your idea is really gorgeous. Thank you, Vlad, for this work.

30 April 2009
Great job grtngs from the netherlands!

pete 6 May 2009
u put some heart in that work

toni 25 May 2009
i absolutely love this picture. something about it makes me ache inside, but in a good way. thank you for sharing.

İbrahim 6 June 2009
Hi I m from turkey in erzurum I liked picture because I like world and picture bye bye

14 July 2009
very goooood job wow

Stef 7 November 2009
wonderful. so true. go green.

Julekha(India,AP) 3 February 2010
Excellent! really it's true.

Marija 27 May 2010
Let the sun be forever,let the sky be forever,let this planet be forever,let me be forever too

sammi bear 28 November 2010
i agree with everyone here but just where and when can go do something about saving the planet go clean beaches everyone always need to start out strong to become big and help save this planet

hwanstar 13 December 2011
good !

dinesh 21 November 2013
OMG! What A Wonderful Work!

Darkcat 21 April 2009
Another Master Piece ~

Robert Marton 21 April 2009
I absolutely agree with Darkcat :)! On the other hand it's not our planet who needs saving... It's US, from our self destructive selves... :(

Jury 21 April 2009
I'd suggest a second version of this wallpaper, where stick guys pull the puzzle pieces out of the globe. It's how reality is. It would be sad picture, but may be even more deep than this version.

Lucia 21 April 2009

Marcus 21 April 2009
NO WORDS...!!! Grtz from Belgium

Nuheen Khan 22 April 2009
The bottom puzzle piece doesn't fit, the land mass should be on the left. But great work ;-)

Dave 23 April 2009
I thought it was just me because I also noticed that the bottom puzzle piece (from South America) appears to be a "mirror image" of what it should be. . .

mohammad 25 April 2009
hello , i come from in iran very good , tank you

Mike G 25 April 2009
Wow, this is gorgeous. Nice colors. THE most important theme of all--if humanity is to survive it's brutally reckless adolescent phase.

Pete 29 April 2009
Tell us, Vlad, is there a reason the missing piece of South America is mirrored?

k_sam 30 April 2009
Just stunning. Love it!

Vlad Gerasimov 3 May 2009
I finally found time to "fix" the bottom puzzle piece (the one that was mirrored) and it is now correct. Thanks for your comments!

29 May 2009
merci bien pour tous

omega palguno 4 June 2009
wonderful..... it's amazing...... the idea is briliant... INA

jay 25 June 2009
actually no words but extremely beautiful photos

leo 28 October 2009
irado loucura

VlAdStUdIoLoVEr 9 November 2009
Very, very clever, vlad. Great Job :)

satish 25 February 2010
super greate job

tigi 7 June 2010
oooohhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! it is really nice!!!!! Good Job. It is awesome

maged 21 September 2011
العالم أجمل بدون بشار الأسد

maged 21 September 2011
العالم أجمل بدون بشار الأسد

negin:) 17 September 2012

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