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Punched Metal Wallpaper

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov · 5 January 2009
This is simplified version of Gear Wheel wallpaper, without gears, only background.

← Lake Baikal - Another Sunset Gear Wheel Wallpaper →

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efand · 5 January 2009
hahahha! i'm the first one again! keep up good work vlad!

우현배 · 6 January 2009

John · 8 January 2009
why there is no negative comment i don't know, it just seems to me unnatural - i love it, my favorite, keep up the good work, etc. etc. - over and over again maybe i try this - your style is often repetitive, i am overeaten of it sometimes i don't say your work is bad, but you are not the greatest artist in the world :) as some people say anyway, good luck John, Slovakia

Arthur Pustynin · 11 January 2009
Я, например, просто не оставляю комментарии, если мне картинка не нравится. Да и когда нравится не всегда комментирую. Однако, если человек уже отдал деньги за регистрацию, то это точно значит, что ваши работы он ценит)

Darren Embry · 13 March 2009
Ooh, nice wallpaper to go along with the Royale Noir theme for Windows XP. I might have to darken it just a tad though.

Fantastic... just the kind of wallpaper I like Unobtrusive, gentle on the these old eyes of mine Yet very classy.... enables you to see your desktop Icons.

· 5 September 2009

· 5 October 2009

ruben · 9 January 2011
me like · 15 October 2011
this good :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 16 August 2012
Vince J O'Sullivan - no way!

Alam · 28 October 2012
Hi! that's the one which i was looking for. Nice work man...

Oziel · 5 January 2009
Cool! Thx Vlad

Mak Mann · 6 January 2009
I love it when you do the simple and elegant, this is the kind of wallpaper that I will use for a long time because it does not clash and works year round. thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov · 8 January 2009
John: finally, a negative comment :-) thanks.

Mufaddal · 8 January 2009
sometimes being the greatest isn't necessary or what your after The love and goodwill of your fans and loved ones is all you need Keep up the great work Vlad Love your work, and i'll keep coming back for more

John · 8 January 2009
Mufaddal, so will I keep coming back, of course.

dmitri · 11 January 2009
i love your work, except this one make my eyes burst! i stare at center, i fall off this chair!

Emily · 13 January 2009
Awesome... as usual Vlad! I love this design because it is so ornate yet so simplistic at the same time! I love how you balance things! Anyway, keep up the good work! I am always amazed by your desktop wallpapers!

Sunny · 15 March 2009
This one is a cool wallpaper, something like the Matrix trilogy. It has dark minimalism. Makes my black monitor seem from the future. Great sense of aesthetics as always Vlad. Thanks

JORGE · 10 September 2009

HH · 23 May 2010
thanks tyou

pablode · 16 January 2011
am i allowed to use this as my webpage background???

Vince J O'Sullivan · 16 August 2012
I've just convinced a colleague here that this is actually the inside of the lid of my MacBook and that it is visible because I have set my wallpaper to "transparent"!

Unknown · 28 November 2012
Nice and simple background, goes perfect with my mac! :)

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