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Vlad Gerasimov 6 January 2007
Now that is not for desktops with lots of icons on them! Dangerous - you can become hypnotized immediately after OS start up :-) Feathers created with my favorite ContextFree software, all the rest - Photoshop. Enjoy!

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Comments {42}

Sebastian long ago
Majestic and hyptnotizing as you said in the comment. Screw it, im using this one anyway, even though i have about 25 icons. Ps. Its allways funny to see how your WP turns out on MY desktop. Its a big difference to see the image, and have the WP as background if you catch my drift.

mouse long ago
wow this one really hypnos'

karam long ago
luv da work bro ;-) (L)

tahir long ago
ur things not good becoz this is not same send to any where plz do better thank

SAI! long ago
you're art is magnificent!!!! ppL lyk you make us--who can't draw worth crap--coming back for more! keep up the good work and good luck to ya!

Bin Bin long ago
(L).......(Y)........ SOOOOO CUTE !

Tril long ago
This is a beautiful wallpaper, but I think it would work better if the green feathers were more simple and abstract (less textured), to fit with the rest of the image.

Nirmalya long ago
I am from India and the peacock is our National Bird.I must thank you for such a beautiful piece of imagination.Thanks Vlad!

Marcus long ago
NO COMMENT !!! JUST GREAT !!! Greatings from Ostend in Belgium :-)

Emma long ago
Love this, another brilliant wallpaper!

Alberto from Cuba long ago
Hey Vlad, im visiting your website for a while but never say a comment. You have on me a fan of your wallpapers and this Peacock, ufffffffffffff, man, I have to say something, Is just simply BEAUTIFUL! I love your work bro, I really do.

long ago
Øèêàðíî! Çàâîðàæèâàåò è øîêèðóåò! È âîîáùå - èäåÿ õîðîøàÿ, äàæå î÷! =)

sajjad walia pakistan 19 February 2008
not as good as i want i hate it

:: saathiyaana : 15 April 2008
very regal n royal look..!! really spectacular..image..!! :15,apr'08:

DRIFT_KING 24 July 2008

gag 30 January 2010

Dhakirah 4 August 2010
Have the few critics here ever heard of "Artistic License"....... *rolls eyes* :p

sana 9 June 2012
i love it :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vlad Gerasimov 18 August 2012
Maira - thanks! I contacted them.

Janneke 31 March 2013
Absolutely pretty love it thank you very much! awesome ;)

eiman 6 October 2014
amazing what a geniuse picture loved it i cannot believe my eyes it is the most beautiful picture i ever seen you are genuise really best best picture with magical colours and the most beautiful animal love it :D

dollyflower long ago
This is one of my favorites!!

Nagashree long ago
I just happen to visit your site and i must say this is wonderful!!! Keep up the good work vlad

haarlom long ago
the eyes... THE EYES!!

nie.mail long ago

sonia long ago
sup man i just luv ur work its soooooooooooo catchy andi feel like m there watching that bird :-) (L)

Debbie long ago
Simply Lovely

clouze ixam long ago
it's beautiful... the feather looks so incredibly WOW!!! gud work...

catherine todd long ago
Beautiful! As beautiful as the white peacocks I have found on the internet. How do I download this image? :-) smile!

Lucia long ago
hypnotic !!!!!!!! and so nice, thanks

qwerty long ago
Amazing! My wife's pregnant and her maiden name is Peacock .. so you're two for two so far! Awesome wallpapers!

larry long ago
simply gorgeous (Y)

Mitra long ago
I love it :-p

sadam long ago
I Love It!

Cynthia long ago
Dear Vlad, thanks heaps for your wonderful work and for sharing with others. Peacock is just another beautiful piece of work and remainded me my childhood because i'd a peacock as a pet and they are stunning and goegeous. Thanks again and all the best for 2007.

deya long ago
gr8 idea but in vladstudio i expect outstandings ..not meerly good ones. cud have been more abstract, toned down , sophisticated

Mariya K-W 8 March 2008
This piece of work is simply amazing. Have some free time at the moment, and I must confess to having spent most of it on this website..

melanooo 26 April 2008
great walpaper!!!!!

Lau 5 January 2009
simply amazing!

19 December 2009
Beautiful! As beautiful as the white peacocks I have found on the internet. How do I download this image? smile! ur things not good becoz this is not same send to any where plz do better thank...!!!!! MIND BLASSTING ..!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Maira 18 August 2012
Hold on, I guess someone is using your art in this:

Candie 12 March 2014
OMG this is gorgeous!!! Hi Vlad, I just stumbled across your site from and must say I am thoroughly enjoying your wonderful artwork!! I love your style and all the vibrant colors you's quite cheerful, whimsical, beautiful, vibrant...I just can't say enough about it! So, I have been looking here for about 3 hours now and have found so, so, many that I love that I can't figure out which one I want to use first...oh my! And I still have a lot more to look at!! Maybe I'll use this gorgeous peacock's absolutely breathtaking!! I'll definitely be enjoying your wallpapers for a very long time, thank you so very much, I'm glad I found you!!! Keep 'em coming!!

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