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Pawn takes Queen

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Vlad Gerasimov · 11 November 2008
A simple wallpaper with double entendre :-) for those who, like me, have lots of icons on desktop lately. As always, Adobe Photoshop only.

← Typographic Rain (Color 2) Light bulb →

Comments 36

Andreas L. Madsen · 11 November 2008
Did you draw the pieces yourself? Best wallpapers on the internet, no question about it.

Aron Bury · 11 November 2008
ha ha, Excellent wallpaper as always. Great to see some orriginal and inspiring artwork available at 2560x1600. The lifetime membership is the best money I've spent all month, cheers Vlad!

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 November 2008
Good Friend: no they are not allowed to do so. Thanks for letting me know.

Дмитрий · 11 November 2008
У Вас очень аккуратный сайт. P.S. Не многие в интернете могут этим похвастать...

Just-in · 11 November 2008
Vlad, I`m a regular visitor of Your site for a very long time, yet didn`t wrote any comment, so far :) Let me express my best words describing your excellent work! I`m truly amazed by your talent and your endless & beautiful creativity. Each time before I upload your site I`m thinking `I wonder what Vlad made this time?` and each and every time I`m positively surprised. Keep it up Vlad! Your brilliant! Greetings from Just-in PS Your site is in `my favourites`, but I think you know that ;)

Mayank · 12 November 2008
gr8 thinking....simply innovation....each & every wallpaper from your end is awesome....gr8 going..keep the good work.. :)

LeGutier · 12 November 2008
Es un hermoso papel tapiz. Felicitaciones.

Feng Wang · 12 November 2008
I always find the naming of images interesting

ojler · 12 November 2008

Sergio Bonfiglio · 13 November 2008
Boy... you're really good. Really.

AMPIT · 15 November 2008

Sahar · 15 November 2008
Very Nice! I like it. It has the theme & background of chess too.

johnsarq · 19 November 2008
excelente, muy lindo.

pete · 20 November 2008
breathtaking !

Ammooh · 7 March 2009
Oh My Gosh!! I love you work!! Most creative and darn good wallpapers ever... ii oh so heart it all! My personal favorite is 'they stole the moon'!!

· 17 October 2011
i love it · 30 June 2012
Nice pleasant background without to much distraction.

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 November 2008
Andreas L. Madsen: Thanks! Sure I did them myself. I used stock photo as a reference, but all shapes are created from scratch with Photoshop Pen tool, lights and shadows with Brush tool. I will publish a short tutorial tonight.

Mohammed korashy · 11 November 2008
Nice .. But I guess this is his enemy !!

Good Friend · 11 November 2008
awesome it by the way *****.com Korean version is publishing you artwork in hq 1920*1200 i don't know if you authorized this just i wanted to tell ya bye

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 November 2008
Дмитрий: спасибо, стараюсь :-)

Anita · 11 November 2008
Oh. My. God. Look at the colors!!! All my fave! You genius you Vlad :D And I happen to be a sucker for double entendres so... :) A perfect combination

Leti · 11 November 2008
I love Chess!!! this is a great wallpaper. I expect to see more of them! Thank you Vlad :)

Claudio Vinciguerra · 11 November 2008
Thank you, very nice!!

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 November 2008
Just-in, Anita, and all: thank you very much :-)

Illya Termeno · 12 November 2008
Влад. очередная замечательная работа! Продолжай в том же духе! Но меня по-прежнему мучает вопрос, будет ли развитие раздела с обоями-часами.

mhtrinh · 12 November 2008
simple but Very beautiful !

Gülbin · 13 November 2008
awesome as usual..

qubra · 14 November 2008

Ashwin Narasimhan · 14 November 2008
This is a unique idea I haven't seen elsewhere. There is also a possible mistake on your homepage. Some of the category titles are missing letters. I'm not sure if that was intentional or accidental.

Jaideep Nadkarni · 17 November 2008
Very creative thought. Charming as could be...

Alex Givens · 20 November 2008
ROCKIN.. keep em coming =)

qubra · 7 December 2008
yeah.. a perfect combination :)

Emma · 5 July 2009
ha! I love this! I didnt get it because i dont play chess, but them I just read the tile and laughed!

Tara · 7 April 2012
These make my day and inspire me to work. LOVE your stuff, keep it up :)

Darko Kojic · 8 July 2013
Beauty of simplicity with a little touch of humor. Great as always. My compliments for your work.

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