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Paris Map

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Vlad Gerasimov · 15 May 2008
I made this map as wedding gift to  a friend of mine who was going to have honeymoon travel to Paris. It might be too complex to use as desktop background, but I wanted to publish it anyway. Feel free to print for yourself if you want to!

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Comments 40

Nick Khomchuk · 15 May 2008
Просто замечательно!

Mario Fernández · 15 May 2008
Awesome! O_O A "city maps" series could be great!

Aziel · 16 May 2008
Merci pour cette délicate attention

Troy · 16 May 2008
Love this image. I would like to see it without the hearts though. :-)

v.ovcacik · 16 May 2008
This one is great. I would love a Prague too ;-)

Rit@ · 16 May 2008
cool one thanks

Christina (Australia) · 16 May 2008
Oh my god, i love it Vlad! I got engaged in Paris, so this wallpaper is wonderful & dear to me, Thankyou Thankyou :0)

Oziel · 16 May 2008
I need not tell you more... Thank you Vlad.

lisa · 16 May 2008
Beautiful. Wouldn't this be lovely to put on a iPhone or something and zoom into the area you want to refer to.

Pépère nono · 17 May 2008
Wonderful !! This one is really funny (and very beautiful as always). Quote : I'm french.

haktom_CZ · 18 May 2008
Can you Brno map? ;-)

librarian from croatia · 19 May 2008
i'm going to paris this winter... jupii i'll take your map with me

Ioanna · 20 May 2008
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Perfect!!! LONDON, LONDON!!! We are more users in London than Paris :-)

Wish · 28 May 2008
Great wallpaper. You should make a map of Jerusalem, lots of great sites to see here.

Zev · 30 May 2008
Great work!

Jehzeel Laurente · 14 July 2008
i simply love ittt :D

Guy Hughes · 9 September 2008
Please more like this. Also, PLEASE recolour this in blue. The colours at present don't look pretty on a 25 inch screen. Thank you.

Louis · 20 February 2010
Merci! J'aime celui-ci parce qu'il affiche mon pays d'origine ! Merci beaucoup Vlad !

Natashenkalitvin · 16 February 2011
Wonderful image! I use it on my Mac and iPhone! I've been to Paris - so I know all the tags!! love it! thanks! <3

anna · 23 June 2012
And what about a map of beautiful City

Martin Stružský · 15 May 2008
Oh my God, this is awesome wallpaper! It went to my desktop immediately as I'd seen it :-)

peťa · 15 May 2008
vlad, couldn´t there be moscow map in blue colours???? i´d love it.. it would be great memory of my recent visit there.. (paris is good as well, but i have never been there..) thanks for even considering it ;-)

bbx · 16 May 2008
Lovely colors. J'aime beaucoup. ;-) I can almost see my home (near the "Jardin des plantes"...). ^^

Jainie · 16 May 2008
I'd love a map of Seattle! :D

Shan · 16 May 2008
And what about a map of Milan, Italy?... :D

djurban · 16 May 2008
Could you do a map of Wrocław, Poland? It is a really nice city and the street plan looks just great

Daniel · 16 May 2008
One of Cologne would be great! And in blue color :)

Henry Winter · 16 May 2008
Can you do one of London PLEAE???

Me · 17 May 2008
Vlad you just made my day! I recently traveled to Paris over spring break. This map shows exactly where we stayed. There's even a little building symbol approximately where our apartment we rented was. Thank you so so so much for this. It's amazing. The hearts are a nice touch, too. And if you use a dock, it's not at all too complex for a desktop. Thanks again!

Barcellona · 19 May 2008
Barcellona... please!!!

Fabio Papa · 20 May 2008

Alain · 22 May 2008
Thanks from France :D

Tade Sargsian · 22 May 2008
влад, мог бы ты сделать карту Киева в таком же стиле? Пожааалуйста :)

1998 · 7 June 2008

Xavie · 9 June 2008
Wow. This wallpaper is awesome (as usual, of course)! You should do one of Venice. Or maybe one of Rome. I think that those would be great map-wallpapers. :-D

Kahel Nicolas · 8 February 2009
Thank you. Going to your site never fails to give me pleasure.

· 25 February 2010
какая прелесть!

corea_jung · 5 March 2010
same "seoul"

Eve · 26 March 2012
It's so beautiful. <3 Can you make one for London, too? Please? It'll be awesome :3

Zina · 29 May 2013
I love it... can you make one for Rome as well???

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