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Paris Map

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Vlad Gerasimov 15 May 2008
I made this map as wedding gift to  a friend of mine who was going to have honeymoon travel to Paris. It might be too complex to use as desktop background, but I wanted to publish it anyway. Feel free to print for yourself if you want to!

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Comments {40}

Nick Khomchuk 15 May 2008
Просто замечательно!

Mario Fernández 15 May 2008
Awesome! O_O A "city maps" series could be great!

Aziel 16 May 2008
Merci pour cette délicate attention

Troy 16 May 2008
Love this image. I would like to see it without the hearts though. :-)

v.ovcacik 16 May 2008
This one is great. I would love a Prague too ;-)

Rit@ 16 May 2008
cool one thanks

Christina (Australia) 16 May 2008
Oh my god, i love it Vlad! I got engaged in Paris, so this wallpaper is wonderful & dear to me, Thankyou Thankyou :0)

Oziel 16 May 2008
I need not tell you more... Thank you Vlad.

lisa 16 May 2008
Beautiful. Wouldn't this be lovely to put on a iPhone or something and zoom into the area you want to refer to.

Pépère nono 17 May 2008
Wonderful !! This one is really funny (and very beautiful as always). Quote : I'm french.

haktom_CZ 18 May 2008
Can you Brno map? ;-)

librarian from croatia 19 May 2008
i'm going to paris this winter... jupii i'll take your map with me

Ioanna 20 May 2008
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Perfect!!! LONDON, LONDON!!! We are more users in London than Paris :-)

Wish 28 May 2008
Great wallpaper. You should make a map of Jerusalem, lots of great sites to see here.

Zev 30 May 2008
Great work!

Jehzeel Laurente 14 July 2008
i simply love ittt :D

Guy Hughes 9 September 2008
Please more like this. Also, PLEASE recolour this in blue. The colours at present don't look pretty on a 25 inch screen. Thank you.

Louis 20 February 2010
Merci! J'aime celui-ci parce qu'il affiche mon pays d'origine ! Merci beaucoup Vlad !

Natashenkalitvin 16 February 2011
Wonderful image! I use it on my Mac and iPhone! I've been to Paris - so I know all the tags!! love it! thanks! <3

anna 23 June 2012
And what about a map of beautiful City

Martin Stružský 15 May 2008
Oh my God, this is awesome wallpaper! It went to my desktop immediately as I'd seen it :-)

peťa 15 May 2008
vlad, couldn´t there be moscow map in blue colours???? i´d love it.. it would be great memory of my recent visit there.. (paris is good as well, but i have never been there..) thanks for even considering it ;-)

bbx 16 May 2008
Lovely colors. J'aime beaucoup. ;-) I can almost see my home (near the "Jardin des plantes"...). ^^

Jainie 16 May 2008
I'd love a map of Seattle! :D

Shan 16 May 2008
And what about a map of Milan, Italy?... :D

djurban 16 May 2008
Could you do a map of Wrocław, Poland? It is a really nice city and the street plan looks just great

Daniel 16 May 2008
One of Cologne would be great! And in blue color :)

Henry Winter 16 May 2008
Can you do one of London PLEAE???

Me 17 May 2008
Vlad you just made my day! I recently traveled to Paris over spring break. This map shows exactly where we stayed. There's even a little building symbol approximately where our apartment we rented was. Thank you so so so much for this. It's amazing. The hearts are a nice touch, too. And if you use a dock, it's not at all too complex for a desktop. Thanks again!

Barcellona 19 May 2008
Barcellona... please!!!

Fabio Papa 20 May 2008

Alain 22 May 2008
Thanks from France :D

Tade Sargsian 22 May 2008
влад, мог бы ты сделать карту Киева в таком же стиле? Пожааалуйста :)

1998 7 June 2008

Xavie 9 June 2008
Wow. This wallpaper is awesome (as usual, of course)! You should do one of Venice. Or maybe one of Rome. I think that those would be great map-wallpapers. :-D

Kahel Nicolas 8 February 2009
Thank you. Going to your site never fails to give me pleasure.

25 February 2010
какая прелесть!

corea_jung 5 March 2010
same "seoul"

Eve 26 March 2012
It's so beautiful. <3 Can you make one for London, too? Please? It'll be awesome :3

Zina 29 May 2013
I love it... can you make one for Rome as well???

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