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Old Wood

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Vlad Gerasimov · 24 July 2007
To make this wallpaper, I scanned my loudspeaker :-) and used Photoshop to burn the ornaments on it.

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Comments 26

Tagy · long ago
U r so great,I love most of ur work,keep it up and I really hope that we can see more new tutorials. Thank u sooooo much

I like it a lot!

bls · long ago
nice and subtle. I like it.

John B. · long ago
Thank you, as always!!!

vishtasp · long ago
This is very very Good

XV · long ago
Mr. Gerasimov... Your creativity never dies,,, I'm very like everything you posted at your deviantART, more my favourites from you [especialy wallpapers]... Old Wood from your speaker? Keren...Indonesian language for 'Cool'

Tatjana · long ago
Very nice...

forrestRain · long ago
but how do you "scan" your speaker??

David · long ago
I love all your work | Your truly an insperation!

Katerina · long ago
Thanks! It's very nice like true wood!

Sergio Bonfiglio · long ago
Beautiful. Awaiting for a tutorial to make it.

Jennifer Gruber · long ago
Thanks for this one. I love your "nature" themed wallpapers!

Kasia · long ago
That's really nice! I'd be glad to see more 'wooden' wallpapers:).

:: saathiyaana : · 16 April 2008
very good wood..!! touchwood..!!

quiensabedebe · 7 July 2012
All your designs, are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you a lot for sharing.

Konstantinos Symeonidis · long ago
Wonderful as usual. Can I please please please ask you to add support for the SONY PSP? Screen Size 480x272. Thanks

wlw · long ago

uwo · long ago
hi,vLad.. my first impression is...i don't know, i just smiLe when i see it. kinda pLain, but strong. weLL, it's totaLLy art. big art work. i Live in Indonesia. you see, we have many wooden sculpture here. ancient peopLe use to draw in their house waLL, poLe and many things. we can stiLL see it tiLL now. and in some urban pLace, peopLe are stiLL sculpting. ofcourse, the scuLptures are more compLicated, and some times more crowded. it's nice to know that you do the same thing(with much modern kit, ofcourse). remember when you made "dragonoLogy 1"? the type is simiLar with our ancient fabric caLLed "batik". and when u made the waLLpaper about door handle?(sorry, i forget the titLe). it's aLso simiLar Like we have here in Indonesia. and it makes me more exited... thanks. weLL, i hope, perhaps one day you couLd come to my country. maybe you can find some inspirations for you next waLLpaper here.

William Baker · long ago

Aneesah · long ago
Scanning your speaker! xD Such creativity! ^^

Jaideep · long ago

laura · long ago
looks awesome!! thanks

Sebastian · long ago
Looks really true, nice!

Jainie · 14 March 2008
The central tree of life image is so gorgeous, I'm seriously thinking of getting it as a tattoo! Beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing! :D

John · 16 July 2010
bad comment !!!!

dulce :) · 9 March 2013
i love the hd wallpapers in here, its all i ever looked for. the quality is amazing,awesome,cool and hd^infinity.

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