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Halloween In The Midnight Forest

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Vlad Gerasimov 15 October 2006
As Halloween is approaching, I modified one of  my spooky wallpapers to make it even more spooky! :-)

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Comments {48}

spinkig long ago

Dawn long ago
Very cool, love it

ME long ago
ya, i agre, KILL THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its great!

*Moi* long ago
mainly its not about the pumpkin,its the whole idea of it makes it soo holloweenish...the colors are so weheeee.... weeee

janet Anderson long ago
I think it is the wrong one.. I want the forest one.

hfdtr long ago

Ruby Pipes long ago
So Nightmare Before Christmas.

bevieb long ago
Totally agree with those who said to ditch the pumpkin. The trees are great, the pumpkin a bit much --- doesn't even fit. (Hey, does anybody actually read these comments? I'm new to the site, and don't usually post comments anywhere. Just wondering. bb

emma long ago
love the new halloween version...i think i almost prefer the hot colours in this one to the blue! :-P

Justin long ago
even though its not really a new wallpaper, it sure looks like it. awesome changes vlad. i love it!

Terri long ago usual....Thanks, :-)

Caótica long ago

Patricia long ago
Mhmm.. the pumpkin looks very much out of place. But it looks awesome in orange - adds to the eerieness of it.

yazen long ago

Guti long ago
Would love to see this one in a dual monitor format. Awesome work!

mysha long ago
really cooooooooooool:-)

Jeremy long ago
Very nice update, but the pumpkin just doesn't match at all. Maybe replace it with a menacing looking moon?

Francesca 12 October 2008
Scaaaaaary! ;-) I'm getting ready for Halloween, and this is really perfect, Vlad: a dark forest where trees observe you, an orange sky lightened by a frightening pumpkin... Great job as usual!

yummymissy 21 October 2008
I love this one. It truely gets me in the halloweeen spirit!

Kyle 30 October 2008
Love it!

am|n 30 October 2008
Love it... Cool... Really an inspiring Halloween...

lucy guerrero 11 October 2010
very, very nice

R.V 15 January 2016
Not bad

twad long ago

Saz long ago
this stuffs amazing! U MUST DO MORE WITH IT!!!!!!!! awesome full stop.

yabeth hernandez long ago
☻It's a good one☻

EDD long ago

sweepie long ago
i came here expecting a cool halloween wallpaper....and you made my day :-) it is lovely

arbnora long ago
uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh! killlllllll.......

srushti long ago

dollyflower long ago
Fantastic!! My favorite holiday. Thanks for the beautiful shots.

dollyflower long ago
P.S. Keep the pumpkin.

jessica long ago
emmm cool

Câline long ago
A spooky one! :-D

Mikey long ago
Loved your new forest wallpaper... one teeny bit suggestion: kill the pumpkin. The eyes on trees are spooky enough! Pretty please? :-D

Moo long ago
I love it in orange! I agre with Mikey, though... The pumpkin isn't necessary to make it spooky - those eyes are eerie enough!! :)

Cindy long ago

Mina long ago
Awesome wallpaper!Leave the pumpkin where it is.It brings a humoristic touch to the scene.

jessica long ago
emmm cool

Dezier long ago
I think that it's great! It looks perfect as it is!! :-)

Aerolynn 5 October 2008
I agree, Keep the pumpkin. Absolutely love it!

Katherine Davis 13 October 2008
I love it!

Kathy 15 October 2008
Nothing like getting into the Halloween Spirit!

Mat 22 October 2008
Very nice :-)

Evik 22 October 2008
Very good, beautiful!

Tammy May 31 October 2008
thank you so very much. this is so cool!

yao 5 December 2008

15 October 2010

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