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Halloween In The Midnight Forest

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Vlad Gerasimov · 15 October 2006
As Halloween is approaching, I modified one of  my spooky wallpapers to make it even more spooky! :-)

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Comments 48

spinkig · long ago

Dawn · long ago
Very cool, love it

ME · long ago
ya, i agre, KILL THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its great!

*Moi* · long ago
mainly its not about the pumpkin,its the whole idea of it makes it soo holloweenish...the colors are so weheeee.... weeee

janet Anderson · long ago
I think it is the wrong one.. I want the forest one.

hfdtr · long ago

Ruby Pipes · long ago
So Nightmare Before Christmas.

bevieb · long ago
Totally agree with those who said to ditch the pumpkin. The trees are great, the pumpkin a bit much --- doesn't even fit. (Hey, does anybody actually read these comments? I'm new to the site, and don't usually post comments anywhere. Just wondering. bb

emma · long ago
love the new halloween version...i think i almost prefer the hot colours in this one to the blue! :-P

Justin · long ago
even though its not really a new wallpaper, it sure looks like it. awesome changes vlad. i love it!

Terri · long ago usual....Thanks, :-)

Caótica · long ago

Patricia · long ago
Mhmm.. the pumpkin looks very much out of place. But it looks awesome in orange - adds to the eerieness of it.

yazen · long ago

Guti · long ago
Would love to see this one in a dual monitor format. Awesome work!

mysha · long ago
really cooooooooooool:-)

Jeremy · long ago
Very nice update, but the pumpkin just doesn't match at all. Maybe replace it with a menacing looking moon?

Francesca · 12 October 2008
Scaaaaaary! ;-) I'm getting ready for Halloween, and this is really perfect, Vlad: a dark forest where trees observe you, an orange sky lightened by a frightening pumpkin... Great job as usual!

yummymissy · 21 October 2008
I love this one. It truely gets me in the halloweeen spirit!

Kyle · 30 October 2008
Love it!

am|n · 30 October 2008
Love it... Cool... Really an inspiring Halloween...

lucy guerrero · 11 October 2010
very, very nice

R.V · 15 January 2016
Not bad

twad · long ago

Saz · long ago
this stuffs amazing! U MUST DO MORE WITH IT!!!!!!!! awesome full stop.

yabeth hernandez · long ago
☻It's a good one☻

EDD · long ago

sweepie · long ago
i came here expecting a cool halloween wallpaper....and you made my day :-) it is lovely

arbnora · long ago
uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh! killlllllll.......

srushti · long ago

dollyflower · long ago
Fantastic!! My favorite holiday. Thanks for the beautiful shots.

dollyflower · long ago
P.S. Keep the pumpkin.

jessica · long ago
emmm cool

Câline · long ago
A spooky one! :-D

Mikey · long ago
Loved your new forest wallpaper... one teeny bit suggestion: kill the pumpkin. The eyes on trees are spooky enough! Pretty please? :-D

Moo · long ago
I love it in orange! I agre with Mikey, though... The pumpkin isn't necessary to make it spooky - those eyes are eerie enough!! :)

Cindy · long ago

Mina · long ago
Awesome wallpaper!Leave the pumpkin where it is.It brings a humoristic touch to the scene.

jessica · long ago
emmm cool

Dezier · long ago
I think that it's great! It looks perfect as it is!! :-)

Aerolynn · 5 October 2008
I agree, Keep the pumpkin. Absolutely love it!

Katherine Davis · 13 October 2008
I love it!

Kathy · 15 October 2008
Nothing like getting into the Halloween Spirit!

Mat · 22 October 2008
Very nice :-)

Evik · 22 October 2008
Very good, beautiful!

Tammy May · 31 October 2008
thank you so very much. this is so cool!

yao · 5 December 2008

· 15 October 2010

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