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Full Moon in The Midnight Forest

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Vlad Gerasimov · 11 July 2006
Please look at deep night with lights turned off! Trees shapes are done with ContextFree, everything else in Photoshop.

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Comments 89

Mikael from Sweden · long ago
I only use your wallapapers in my computer .... you make me happy with your creativ work .. Thanx and greetings from Sweden :-D

سجادsajj · long ago
اوج فکر اوج هنر the top of the think .... the top of the art

meliss · long ago
harikaa çok beğendim !!!! perfect!!!

sojan · long ago
ooooooo super

ZEE-KRUPT · long ago

Moo · long ago
Freaky, but so good! the depth you created is amazing... I would have never thought of that!

M · long ago
Beautifully creepy and funny! It's decorating my desktop at the moment. Great work as always! (Y)

kim · long ago
(Y) at the moment my favorite!! Greetings from Germany

Midhun · long ago

Cayden Lucas · long ago
It's Weird but, i love it!!!!

Falcon · long ago
Good Job

mathi · long ago
found this great wallpapper on a website and there was written how to make this wallpapper...I tried to do somethin like this but I can´t work with this little program for the´s not possible for me to make those funny trees ;)...dunno how to change the size of the trunk??could somebody explain me ??^^

Gary · long ago
Excellent as usual Vlad.

kol · long ago
ccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll! :-D:-D:-D:-D

DARKO · long ago

Shubhangi · long ago
But where is the motion?

LemonAid · long ago
these r ok :-l

lee · long ago
i love this.

Sebastian · long ago
Stunning, vlad! Stunning! (Y)

roy · long ago
i just wanna tell you that it's cool and i wanna know how are you doin it ???and i wanna know if i could view my paintings with you ???i'm waiting your answer .......hope i could

Narada · long ago
I don't normally comment a lot Vlad but this one was just too good for my transparent Eterm terminals :-)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Justin - the tutorial is here! Please review it at

vlady · long ago
excelente la verdad me asombra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Y)

ho · long ago

MaGaLy · long ago
Very Very Nice!!!! :-) I like "dark" wallpapers (Y)

Val · long ago
It's wonderful :-) Looks amazing...

daniel · long ago
hola bien

steffer · long ago
Nice and scary - I love it! Though, the precision or "starkness" of the two sets of eyes closest to the front somehow don't look as scary as they might/could. Awesome anyway! (Y)

ro · long ago
good as ever!!!!+luks gooood when the lights r turned off

aydin · long ago
سلام دوست خوبم ولاد كارات حرف نداره.اينم مثل هميشه شگفت انگيز و زيباست

meriya · long ago
Cute cute Cute work keep it up

tercoplo · long ago
This is one of the best wallpapers youve made so far, but the closest trees to the camera have too much definition, especially compared with the (so much) blurred in the background. Perhaps these two trees should be a little blurred and it would be perfect. Very nice anyway, now its my wallpaper in my computer and in my home cinema ;) Regards.

marcus · long ago
(Y) Have no words for it ...!!! ;-)

Mario · long ago
Very good. I ike it, it reminds me of Towards the Within. Very nice.

ry;l · long ago
wallpapers here r pretty:-) (Y)

Ange · long ago
This wallpaper is awesome, and I downloaded it to my desktop but then I realized it reminds me of the cannibal guy from the movie Sin City (their lights would reflect off his glasses in the woods) and I got so creeped out I had to change it! I love your site tho and recommend it to everyone - cheers.

anohita · 15 May 2008
oh my God....its the scary n the coolest vlad of that site....

soniya · 25 October 2008
this is so cute its so amusing i like

· 3 August 2009
Love this too. Nice and creepy. Love the eyes on the trees and the textural contrast between the sky and trees.

imlovingrobertp · 3 February 2010
urm wee bit depressing i want one for a twilight prez not a funeral one

· 4 August 2010
creepy (it's good).

Seby · 17 October 2010
this is a masterpiece

nona · 12 September 2012
So late..but I rather like the piece :)

asia · long ago

haliga:) · long ago
te tapety są zajebisteeee :D pozdrawiam:P

koray · long ago
iyi ayrıca kızlara slm

pari · long ago
beautiful. thanks

mary · long ago
it's very beautiful

Suzanne · long ago
Love the wallpaper, but there is still a white line at the bottom of the widescreen versions.

hira · long ago
i relly like dis cauz im mad abt MOOn

Emina · long ago
Stunning! (L)

Joey · long ago
Great job Vlad, stunning piece of work.

iMan · long ago

frankharriss · long ago

M.HOSSEIN.B · long ago

jani · long ago
soo soonooo,muuvvvah,u ka chand acha,par mera chand zeada achah hai;)

meme · long ago

cheesestick · long ago
luv the Full Moon in The Midnight Forest pic

sanity · long ago

ME · long ago
thx 4 taking the pumkin out, but u made it blue, make it like this but orange! greta!

Dave · long ago

moongazer03 · long ago
OMG! I LUV IT!!! ;-)

Liz · long ago
You are one of the most suprisingly artistic and yet dark artists and you inspire me alot

ozlem · long ago
I adored this one-as if I haven't the others.. I am a full moon manic and now this wallpaper keeps me alive all day ;-)

Joanna · long ago

lolo · long ago

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Narada: in case the file was wrong, I re-uploaded it. Thanks

Narada · long ago
Btw. After I put this on my desktop I noticed there was a white line running across the bottom of the 1680x1050. Is it there or am I imagining it? Thanks.

Saumitra · long ago
vlad: Soooo nice!!! You are on a roll these few days!! :D

Justin · long ago
vlad: please stop making so many great wallpapers so fast. i can only have 1 on my desktop at a time!!!! lol. i was so happy to use all full of ladybugs...until this one came out. great work vlad. it seems as if im the only person to ask for tutorials, but i love your work and love learning how you do things. so could you please do a tutorial on this? again, great job again vlad!

jade · long ago
THIS IS GREAT!!! I really, really like this Vlad. It even has a bit of a fractal feel around the tendrils. It's not's not "dark"'s FUN! I'm whisking it away...Thanks Vlad! I hope you had as much fun creating it as i do seeing it. It reminds me a bit of "Alone" but only in it's colour. The eyes are wonderful!

David · long ago
Sweet wallpaper - I love your texture on the sky and how you faked z-space by using blur in Photoshop (or did you?)

Derko · long ago
This is really a nice wallpaper with a strange atmosphere ! (y) (y) Keep up the good work ! ;-)

mansi · long ago
really (L) it is vlad !!!!!!!!! ;-)

Eshagh · long ago
Very good............ :-)

Kruppt · long ago
That is a cool image, another keeper. Kruppt

Tauheed · long ago
Vlad U are GR8!(L)

Câline · long ago
Amazing job Vlad... as usual!

· long ago
Çäîðîâî, î÷ çäîðîâî! ß ïîëüçóþñ òîëüêî òâîèìè îáîÿìè - îíè âåëèêîëåïíû (îñîáåííî òåìàòèêà íî÷ü-çâ¸çäû-ëóíà)!

Mario · long ago
Very good. I ike it, it reminds me of Towards the Within. Very nice.

arzu · long ago
it's very good.. "ben beğendim doğrusu",I love it..

son · long ago

dk · long ago
Everything is good except for the eyes which are a kinda fake, without which this would have been an excellent piece.

asdfasf · 6 January 2008
süper lan bu =D BUCASPOR 1928

Maim · 26 February 2009
Great wallpaper. I was able to create my own version of it using your tutorial, and it turned out nicely. Thanks for the creative inspiration your tutorials and wallpapers provide!

Mike Lonetti · 31 December 2009
Love your work! But, alas, there is still the white line. Looking for the 1280x800 for my MacBook Pro

Gratefullyours · 5 June 2010
I love your work. You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G............................

sparda · 16 May 2011
hey if you have a portable pc, if you "close" the screen you will see that trees got eyes! amazing (sorry i'm french)

Davi · 26 April 2015
I love that this kind of reminds me of the movie "Ink". Excellent job.

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