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Vlad Gerasimov 10 March 2008
This is second wallpaper in the series, the first was Rainbows (you can find it  in wallpaper gallery). Thanks!

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Comments {65}

thinkcho 10 March 2008
very good

Minh Vu 10 March 2008

divya 10 March 2008
Its a nice wallpaper however it would have been more Brighten than this. Thanks

Serkan 10 March 2008
Really perfect...

Brittany Teunis 10 March 2008
Very cute :)

Mariya K-W 10 March 2008
To have both the imagination to come up with these amazing ideas, and the talent to bring them to life - what a combination. Simply perfect.

TSiRKO 10 March 2008
WOW! WOW! WOW! That's wonderful!

Marcus 10 March 2008
There is one fairie not working or is she coordonating the others,hihihi..., It's just great like always Vlad,I really love your work. Greatings from Ostend,Belgium PS: Vlad,...Sunday March,16th starts Formula One season again in Down Under,Melbourne Australia...could you make a Wallpaper dedicated to the brave men who drive these cars. THX anyway.

screaming mimi 11 March 2008
how wonderful vlad i loved rainbows now lightning its a triumph!!! sorry for so many comments

Mudd 11 March 2008
Nice Work Vlad.... Top Notch as always!!

Ириша 11 March 2008
Влад, не перестаешь удивлять новинками!

Paolo 11 March 2008
Nice wallpaper

Ampit 12 March 2008
This is a wonderful series. Go on, please. Thanks again

InternetG33k 14 March 2008
My daughter said she hopes the next one in your series is your interpretation of how thunder is created... *grin* Awesome job as always!

Justin 14 March 2008
any chance we could see a version with yellow lightning bolts?

Bioran23 18 March 2008
Awesome wallpaper. Love how the fairies came back. ^_^

Suzana 21 March 2008
so cute!!!

Varun Sharma 24 March 2008
ur wallpaper make my macpro look gr8

roxy 24 March 2008
woWW! Such a cool idea!!

Prashant Borse 27 March 2008
Its great work VLAD, What a visualisation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ibrahim 31 March 2008
Fantastic really Fantastic

maria grazia 13 April 2008
è bellissimo

KajiK 14 April 2008
I like it.. It explains a lot :)!

Ñandu 3 May 2008
Simply incredible... I like so much congratulations you are a master!

Love_korea_ 9 May 2008

shan 4 April 2009
i feel lyk crying its soooo good!

Sam 8 April 2010
I really, really like this one! Great idea and execution. Thanks!

paniz 4 August 2011
lav :d

paniz 4 August 2011
mi saks

Kristin 11 December 2012
Wow, I loved the rainbow fairies but this is amazing too! Can you please make another in the series like sun shower or tornado? I love it!

Keisha 9 November 2015
I've loved your work for years and even got a royalty free license on one. I happened to be looking through google images at random wallpapers tonight and found this...with no mention of you as the owner. It sickens me when I see people do this and I thought you should know.

VanessaCam 10 March 2008
I love it,awesome!

Terry Klewicki 10 March 2008
How do you keep coming up with these wonderful ideas?!?

L'ehins 10 March 2008
the wallpaper's brilliant! thank u

Christina (Australia) 10 March 2008
Yey, those cute little fairies are back doing their magical work again! I love it Vlad, it's gorgeous x

Life Seeker 10 March 2008
Go RAINING next time!

NewB 10 March 2008
Awesome! Ooooooh, can you make a TORNADO soon? This one is amazing!

Zorana Strizak 10 March 2008
I don't know which one is better this or rainbows...cute...great work...

Jorjennia Jaushlin 10 March 2008
I would love to have the wall clock - I really do like the little fairies.

Vlad Gerasimov 11 March 2008
Jorjennia Jaushlin: wall clock is ready!

:) 11 March 2008

( 11 March 2008
i love it

Ltmboy 11 March 2008
Really like this series Vlad, can hardly wait for the next one.

Angelle 11 March 2008
As always, these are just perfect!!!

Mariya Kutreva-Williamson 11 March 2008
I wonder.. if fairies have anything to do with the coming of spring..? :)

bella 11 March 2008
You made my day!!! thank you , Vladik :)

ReggieMann 12 March 2008
So Cute!!

Darren 12 March 2008

peter 14 March 2008
looks like u have opened a window to an invisible world . great !

thinkaravind 15 March 2008
in one word-"simply superb!" a wonderful dream painted with simplicity! wishes..!

moa sipriano 21 March 2008
magnifico. de uma delicadeza estonteante! parabens!

reggie 22 March 2008
loved the first one! and love this one! keep the beauty flowing!

Giselle 26 March 2008
Great ! - These are cool wallpapers! Nice!

leti 26 March 2008
pretty!!! :)

xerez 30 March 2008
YOU'RE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Very unique, creative and cute!

Mr.grumpy 4 April 2008
what the hell is that!! this site is mostly composed of what would seem to be grade 4 art,what a waste of time

saudi 2008 18 April 2008
thank for Vlad Gerasimov

Alexis 9 May 2008
I think the art is great! If anyone has anything negative to say, don't say it at all.

Chris 6 November 2008
i LOVE your imagintation! Surpriisng!

Iosif Gargaronis 17 May 2009

jinggay 6 June 2009
you got cool wallpapers..thanks for sharing.Ü

asdf 26 March 2011
your website sucks, how the hell do i download the dumb images

koko 18 January 2012
para la imac de mi hermanita...! me encanto el wallpaper

wangjuntao 13 January 2013
i im very love it

aziz 22 May 2015
resimleri çocuklar bile yapar

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