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Jeans World Map

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Vlad Gerasimov · 26 August 2008
First of all, my apologies for lack of updates! August was very hard for me, and I wasn't able to make a single wallpaper for almost a month. Anyway, this is  a new wallpaper, I hope you will like it! As always, Adobe Photoshop only. (Wallpaper clock and tutorial coming soon!)

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Comments 64

Spirit · 26 August 2008

janedoe · 26 August 2008
awesome idea and very creatively done! gorgeous as usual, thank you!

tp · 27 August 2008
....its been so bout some colorful ones.

Nathan Nelson · 27 August 2008
Beautiful, thank you!

A1Elements · 27 August 2008
Yeeeeeha, after 1 month you came back. It's beautiful; as always.

Pete · 27 August 2008
Yes, we were beginning to worry but now we hope September will bring better days for you...

Christina (Australia) · 27 August 2008
OOOHHH! Welcome back, Vlad! Missed you terribly! I hope all is well now in your amazingly creative denim patchwork world! Sending you lots of hugs & well wishes from Australia xoxo

Jynrya · 27 August 2008
I love this one too!

Krist2ps · 27 August 2008

MuzikJunky · 27 August 2008
Very, very kewl, but the next time you do something like this, could you use the Arno Peters projection instead? Peace.

Vlad Kovachev · 27 August 2008
Just a suggestion - even at high res the labels are hard to read cause of all the "cloth-lines" effect (try to focus on Greenland for example) and the overall feel gets a tad rough to the eyes. Probably should have used a simpler texture for them. Good one tho.

almang · 28 August 2008
So cute and beautiful! Thanx >_

Nick Khomchuk · 28 August 2008
Super, Vlad! As usually! :)

OJler · 28 August 2008

1998 · 28 August 2008
their is no beater than that wallpaper :)

petra · 29 August 2008
прекрасный!! (hope it´s well written and means what i meant..:-)) i´d like to see more wallpapers in denim-style..!! e.g. blind map of europe with no other state just czech republic "the heart of europe" highlighted in it would be great..;-) though i know it´s a bit discriminating...

matthewt · 30 August 2008
very good. I love that. (but russia is in asia?)

peťulka · 30 August 2008
to matthewt: i really hope your question about russia being in asia wasn´t meant seriously or there was some secret point i didn´t get..;-) otherwise i would really doubt the quality of the education system in your country..:-)))

Sahil · 2 September 2008
This is very creative

Diana · 2 September 2008
I dont quite like it, sorry :) Its too dark · 3 September 2008
it's great = )

Nora · 7 September 2008
How clever and beautiful. Something about your work always makes me smile. :)

Purple · 27 September 2008
original ;) and cool

Tussie (Canada) · 15 October 2008
Awsome..............but you forgot CANADA!

Freeman · 19 November 2008
So Cool!!!!! May I make a cloth as this style?

河马君 · 19 January 2009
太棒了!It's so cool!

Yoshumitsu · 29 January 2009
Cool Man...Its Cool.

Alex · 5 March 2009
Very original, well done! Greetings from Poland. :)

Supreme Being · 18 June 2009

Photi Bouris · 12 September 2009
Our illusionary boundaries ... X

· 2 August 2011

· 8 December 2011
so cooooooool :P

Sorfateh · 26 May 2013
Dear Vlad, Once again I'd like to thank you, from the heart, for all this graceful creativity that you share with us boundlessly everyday.

kikiki · 14 March 2014

Cristina · 26 August 2008
Second!!! Very cool wallpaper, I love it! I also love Formula 1, could you please make a wallpaper with F1 cars or something like that? Thanks!

Leonel Macias · 27 August 2008
thank you! love it...oh and I agree with Cristina...F1 wallpapers would be awesome

Rafa · 27 August 2008
great idea!! definetely worth the wait... f1 is a great theme or maybe about the olympics

Michelle · 27 August 2008
I'm so sorry to hear you had a difficult August! Good to see you back posting new desktops. Thank you for the new wallpaper, it is beautiful and creatively cool as always.

admin · 27 August 2008
waaw..! muthish bişi(turkish) ...

Svannah Present · 27 August 2008
I don't know if its my computer or what but did the website layout change? I can't veiw the wallpapers large and all the sizes are only 3 digits. When I try to place one as my background it comes out all fuzzy. I miss the old layout.

Alejandra · 27 August 2008
Love it!!!! Great work as always.

lwy · 27 August 2008
good------------very good

Ivi® Spain · 27 August 2008

Leti · 27 August 2008
Absolutely Cute!!!!! I love it

marcus · 28 August 2008
Just great like always and Vlad ... I agree with Cristina, Leonel and Rafa ... F1 wallpapers would be awesome! Vlad, welcome back! Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

none · 28 August 2008

Mohammed korashy · 29 August 2008
Welcome back...., Nice work Too.

olegna · 29 August 2008
ur wallpapers are so simple.. yet so elegant and beautiful... soooo relaxing to my eyes ^^

librarian from croatia · 29 August 2008
i'm crazy abouth you. you allways make my day....

molly · 30 August 2008
^-^ cool as always! I love your job, it is so creative and nice! Thank you for these amazing wallpapers!

darkcat · 31 August 2008
This is a creative one yet not losing the style of being simple... i love simple things with lots meaning.

Cat · 1 September 2008
Inspired as usual. Hope September is better for you. Speaking for myself I never mind a long wait for a new wallpaper as I know it'll be worth it.

libraryN · 3 September 2008
Very cool! If I were a better seamstress I would actually sew that onto some jeans! Maybe someone else will. Welcome back - I hope September is better!

Bia · 20 September 2008
Loooooooooooooooooooove it

poland · 27 September 2008
:( dont like it at all..

Ivan · 10 October 2008
Fourtyfifth! Nice.

Pita · 5 November 2008
Absolutely LOVE this one. .How Creative!!!

Blackberry · 24 November 2008
Dear Vlad, what a creative look upon the world. Does it have a political meaning? Could you give us a hint on how you chose the different labels for each country? Thank you!

Петр · 23 March 2009
Граница (во всяком случае географическая) между азией и европой располагается не там. Э-эх..

Zero · 17 August 2009

Amy · 17 January 2011
I love everything you make but this one I really like. It is amazing! I would have never thought of it. Keep doing your thing!

some guy · 7 December 2012
how to download please

:) · 9 March 2013
i love this jean stiched wallpapers i download them all

爱丽丝mm☆ · 12 October 2013

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