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Infinity Blue

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Vlad Gerasimov · 21 April 2008
Finally, an abstract set of wallpapers :-) Fractal image created with Apophysis, then tweaked in Photoshop. Generating fractals is strange and meditative process, reminding me  of taking photos of smoke. Rendering took about 10 hours. Thanks!

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Comments 43

Journeyer · 20 April 2008
Nice! That's really neat. Thanks! :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 21 April 2008
Justin - well there is nothing really advanced to write tutorial about. To make such wallpaper, download Apophysis, then load random batch and change all possible settings here and there until you are happy (or depressed :-) ) enough. There is a button in the program that loads 8 random mutations, so I spent couple of hours keeping on clicking it :-) Thanks.

cast · 21 April 2008
çok iyi

Bigred · 21 April 2008
Amazing! Just from the main page I was like "WoW!" Beautiful and your best abstract to date! But I do love your character wallpapers. But nothing compares to your abstract, in its own category! Well all your wallpapers can't be even compared to anything. You have set the standard!

Davidz · 21 April 2008
Excellent work,really!!

Justin Silva · 22 April 2008
Simply beautiful. Great Job!

Unknown · 22 April 2008
Awesome, one of your best abstract Vlad!!! keep up the awesome work!!!!

Why2K · 22 April 2008
nice's really work of art....

ador · 24 April 2008
vlad..i love ur work but i have noticed that most of ur work are gloomy or dark, of course there are also some of your work that are bright and lively... so i would like to give you a challenge (just for fun) make a wallpaper about Halloween thats bright, joyful and lively.. and make a wallpaper for spring (or any other occasion thats supposed to be bright and joyful) thats dark, gloomy and sad..hehe

B.L.U.E. · 25 April 2008
Amazing, Welcome back VLAD.

ckow · 27 April 2008
Kinda like Chaoscope.

Mike Cliffe · 27 April 2008
If anyone uses the Enlightenment (e17) window manager with the Darkness theme they will love this one - at least I do - excellent work!

sart · 14 May 2008
nice work vlad!! nw i bcm VLADFAN. pls post the valuable tutorials on this and BUTTERFLY. Thnx in advance.

udaya · 11 July 2008
so nice

Unknown · 13 September 2008

tiso · 14 October 2008
why can't i download it? It‘s nice

chinese people · 5 November 2008
very nice!

Nikolaj · 9 April 2009
Impossible... Is that really made by you?!

fady foucas · 30 July 2009

none of ur business y do u kr who i am · 10 June 2010
amazing!!!!!!!!!!! another great one

ayse · 10 December 2017
Every wallpaper from you has soul and mood. this is the best to explain the cool complexity.thanks

Justin · 21 April 2008
AMAZING work vlad. a tutorial on this would be greatly appreciated. this may be your best abstract yet!

Anastasia · 21 April 2008
This work is great. It makes me feel relaxed and arouses good emotions. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful work! Appreciate it greatly.

steffer · 21 April 2008

Coyote · 21 April 2008
I just love your abstract wallpapers! Thanks, Vlad!

ioan kile · 21 April 2008
cok başarılı,teşekkürler 1

Christina (Australia) · 21 April 2008
ooh la la, it's like being in a really smoky room..grooovy...!

Lili (Spain) · 22 April 2008
I like a lot your work. Could you make some happy spring wallpapers? Thanks a lot ;-)

Chris · 22 April 2008
beautiful work. your abstracts are amazing

Alizar · 23 April 2008
Hmmm, in honor of 4/20, huh? Very nice. haha.

Enzo Zanier · 25 April 2008
Veramente eccezionali! Bravi!. Per questi prezzi la qualità è veramente inarrivabile.

Red · 25 April 2008
Heres a tip if you want it in a different color. Open up Photoshop and copy the image, make sure you have the right size for your screen. Go to Image >> Adjustments >> hue and saturation. There, now choose what color you want it to be, save as a bmp. Right click on your desktop and hit properties, then go to desktop and choose the file you saved. there, custom color. (I hope this isn't stealing your work or anything Vlad.)

Olivia del Valle · 1 May 2008
Your stuff is awesome!

n3k · 12 May 2008
You Rock.

none · 11 June 2008
i like this more than the gold put the both are great great job Vlad :D

misha · 9 July 2008

wxx · 5 September 2008
great! i like this thanks

骐骥 · 6 October 2008

王兴伟 · 5 November 2008
Thank you very much! but can't dowenload it?

zxwang · 2 April 2009
Your imagination has broke through the border of human being! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, it's a great art!

nishi · 31 March 2010
OMG is... is... is... WAAAAAA (criying)

Erom and Sajid · 10 March 2011

ㅇㅇ · 31 October 2011
이야 끝내주는데

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