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Gold Flame

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Vlad Gerasimov · 25 November 2007
Simple, abstract but, hopefully, nice and easy! Blue version is also available

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Comments 27

Caspar · long ago
Awsum soo cool maybe a green one? this is the coolest computer image I have ever seen!!

Zachary Howe · long ago
I love this wallpaper!

Anish · long ago
That's tooo hot, my computer screen is going to burnnnnn .....

person · long ago
I used the exact same thing but i photoshopped mine to be green and I love it !

LucasDT · long ago
I like the blue better, but still BEAUTIFUL!

Ariyo · long ago

jumpy-jump · long ago
that's great! Those little circles make the wallpaper so dynamic! And maybe you could make one another, f.ex., yellow?

MuiMui · long ago
Amazing just amazing!

megan · long ago
its beautiful gorgeous - this gold and blue too ... i have no words ...

emily · 4 January 2008
finally some cool wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anchor · 29 January 2008
requesting a tutorial for such a desktop wallpaper if you please...

mahdi · 18 August 2008
very very........... beautiful very perfect.........

Ivan Pedro · 24 February 2010

Naret · 19 November 2013
I can't use wallpaper clock . My OS is windows7. How can I correct it.

Unknown says · long ago
A true work of art.

andre250 · long ago
bardzo cieplutkie foto

Tim · long ago
Green would be Awesome!!! Also I took this one and your blue flame and made a half/half background, it looks sweet!!!

emily · long ago
finally some decent artwork of wallpapers! great work! i love all of em.

Mohammed Korashy · long ago
That's Another nice one

Ion · long ago
I love you're wallpapers and this is AWESOME.

Justin Murray · long ago
awesome vlad. simply brilliant. i would love to see more colors in this series. possibly a yellow, or purple one? maybe a tutorial could follow in the near future?

Haz · long ago
That's really nice! I wish I had as good ideas and as high Photoshop skills as you! :)

gokben(Turkiye) · long ago
Bu yeteneğe hayran kalmamak mümkün değil. Çok güzeeeeeeeeeel ne diyeyim...

batya shalhevet · 9 January 2008
BS"D used it on my blog. why not....

bob · 28 October 2008
its only an image.. chill

Rach · 6 April 2012
you're so amazingly talented, i love all your art! It brightens my desktop and keeps it interesting :)

aslan · 29 June 2015
the best live wallpaper clocks...god jobs...

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