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Vlad Gerasimov · 6 February 2007
I stumbled upon a photo of similar frog in internet, and immediately thought I could re-create this in Photoshop! Here is the result. Thanks!

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Comments 85

Emilia · long ago
I absolutly LOVE this wallpaper!!!!

oscar · long ago
es increible la realidad, jajajajaja muy buena (Y)

xanth · long ago

Jaideep · long ago
Hypnotic :-)(L)

listening · long ago
cool, sweet and (Y) (L) :-)

JESSICA · long ago

The_W0lf · long ago
It`s NICE ;)

ricardjorg · long ago
this one is really cool! my new wallpaper! thanks vlad for your awsome wallpapers

star · long ago
me again i think i forgot to mention VERY COOL!!!!

2rk · long ago
just cool

coolrider · long ago

speedy · long ago
there's just something about this that makes me say "another one by the master" ;)

Maddie · long ago
Oh wow that Is so awesome :PP Green is ma favee

sarahannw6 · long ago
loooooove it! frogs r cool!

Lucia · long ago
i havent got words to say how is the wonderful picture (yes i have a poor english XD) and so thanks for the tutorial

mostafa · long ago
it's CRAZZY FROG ??!! :-P

Matthias Ficht · long ago
Another really great one! Thank you so much. :) Greetings from Germany, Matthias

BalinLeSavage · long ago
Excellent. I love it. :-D

hcano · long ago
Estoy impresionado, gracias Vlad :-O

Justin · long ago
AWESOME vlad. i wouldnt mind a tutorial on how you did this recreation...

Faruk · long ago
very very NICE, thank you.

Alex · long ago
Great walpaper! (Y)

Odaiba · long ago
Thumbs-up (Y) for your creative work!

AjD · long ago
Wow, I love it! I'd love to wallpapers more like this. It's simple but beautiful. :-)

Gaul · long ago
Eeeeeek..... a frog on my desktop :)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Together with tutorial, I also published the Photoshop source file, available at (for registered users). Thanks!

luke · long ago
too cool (Y)

masih · long ago
i am frome iran , your works is so nice , tnx

SallyD · 6 January 2008
Very Cool Frog One!! LOVE IT!!

ephrem · 27 March 2008
Very nice and simple

elsie cruz · 8 April 2008
Magnifico...... vlad. gracias

Ronin · 24 April 2008
Salam dari Indonesia....

Cat · 4 June 2008
As a long-time fan of your dual wallpapers for my desktop PC I used to miss out on the others that didn't get made into duals. Not any more. First thing I did on getting my laptop was head here to find a wallpaper to really show the Vaio's black screen off. This frog is just perfect, and has led to lots of compliments from all who've seen it.

nikča · 1 August 2008
This picture are really good!!!!I´m from Czech republic

Val · 21 December 2008
Someone posted this pic in the

fred · 19 January 2009
ostie il est cool

Gio · 26 February 2009
Wonderful! I love it!

klappz · 23 March 2009
i've saw this wp on this italian newspaper page about some kind of facebook censors

Emma · 3 July 2009
This is my fav (so far!)! Its so cool! I like how you can see the whole thing! This is awesome! :) I have this as my background on my phone accually....

SweetHeart · 30 September 2009
So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything better! Suposevly

baba d · 10 March 2010

caitlynn · 13 June 2012

Virginia Ramunda-Marty · 24 February 2014
Wow.... so soft and light... Great idea. ;)

my fault · 10 October 2014
sorry i have return my question 3 times the {which animal is this?}

Aku · long ago
It's awesome. It fits well with all the Vista emulation styles out there or with the original Vista. Thanks a billion for this. (Y)

joe · long ago
yhis is really cool

GZ · long ago
Êë¸âàÿ çâåðþãà=))))))) Òîëüêî çàãðóæàåòñÿ äîëãî...

dum dum · long ago
karya2 kamu manjain mata banget (L) greeting from Indonesia :-)

Jahrel · long ago
Amazing. I love it. Thanks , Vlad!

roudra · long ago
your work is super, very nice and cool

star · long ago
very cool thankz i really hope ya keep makin more a these great thing lol once more cool!

bigdaddy · long ago
i love frogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replicante · long ago
¡Impresionante! Voy a colocarlo en mi escritorio ahora mismo ;-)

Facu · long ago
I really like this amazing wallpaper!!! Thanks, Vlad...

widHy · long ago
I Like Frog,,, n I Like Green.. So I Really Like This Wallpaper.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LucasDT · long ago
The real thing: Thanks Vlad for your inspiration. This picture is just a reflex on your wallpaper. Thaks again, you're great!

Seenu · long ago
Really cool Walls.... It is an wonderful imagination

Debbie · long ago
Super Cool

Nate · long ago
I really like this one. I love your "cartoonish" art, but I love your digital creations even more as they have longer lasting appeal to me.

Cynthia · long ago
Great ! Wonderful! Thanks Vlad.

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Justin - I actually just wrote a tutorial about Frog wallpaper! Please see here -

chad · long ago
Wow. This appeals to my minimalist taste, and looks so cool with the underside perspective of the frog. All complemented by the leaf vein pattern. Too cool.

Kelley · long ago
Wow, nice and bright! Just what I need to perk me up during these drab winter days! :)

Olya · long ago
prosto super! otlichno! :-)

emma · long ago
i love this one!

Jon · long ago
Very, very nice!

tezze · long ago
tis wel redelijk goed :-)

tmy · long ago
it's so beautiful. i like tihs one.. moreover thanks for the information about tutorial.i wondered how it was made but now i know..thanks again =)

Lakshmi · 20 March 2008
Its really cool, vlad. but i kinda hate frogs. they are so slimy.

Ivelina · 17 April 2008
This frog is sooo fresh, I place it immediately on my desktop!It's very inspired. Спасибо большое!;-)

Fred Bayley · 27 April 2008
One of my favorites

Skyrider · 12 July 2008
G'day Vlad. Great wallpaper mate.

Vanessa · 31 July 2008
You have wonderful artistic visions. I appreciate every single one of them. Fantastic work. :]

CoolMan · 29 September 2008
Cool, man

Kena · 1 November 2008
Nice picture, a shame that i cant get it in widescreen unless i register :(

_jen · 21 February 2009
this is by far, my favorite. beautiful.

CASSIE · 21 March 2009
love it!

Puerto Rico · 23 April 2009
Is not a frog is a Coqui

Michel Dias · 29 May 2009
Esse e um papel de parede maneiro!!!

shyjukesav · 17 July 2009

Adam Moore · 8 September 2009
Incredible work. This is the image that first turned me to your work :)

Jen · 28 December 2009

· 31 August 2011
k lindoooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

keller · 10 January 2013

which animal is this? · 10 October 2014
Grenouille its a french word meaning frog right i think it is a frog i can speak french not very much but a little must reply plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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