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Vlad Gerasimov · 6 November 2006
This is actually my first wallpaper about a dog!

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Comments 35

MaGaLy · long ago
I (L) dogs, you should work on more wallpapers about dogs :-)

~cole · long ago
aahh! i love it!! so cute! my aunt has two daschounds and i am definately giving her this link! (L)

Gaul · long ago
The colors are so lively, energetic and so much full of life!

vatsal panchal · long ago
i like because it's more colourfull and live like a dreem.

Dhawal Vaghela · long ago
Like stupid I even tried to match (join) the two ends in Photoshop !!

Georges G. Hayek · long ago
Awesome site! Love every single one of your pics!

Patricia · long ago
Very nice. I had a similar experience with my dog (minus the wrap-around) when I was younger... a german shepherd can pull a child when he wants. No worries though, he just got excited for a moment.

Sebastian · long ago
Really nice. Maby could remove the brush dots though. Maby you could do a Jack Russel next time. Or maby a Basset :)

Justin · long ago
awesome! great coloring. BUT.. i think that the lighter colored strokes that cover the wallapaper look out of place. i think the wallpaper would look 100x better if they were removed, but thats just my .02

Câline · long ago
It's very funny actually. I like it!! Maybe you'll could try a Napolitan Mastiff... hahaha Always love your work, keep amazing us!! :-D

Cris · long ago
Lovely!!! but i'm still waiting for another wallpaper about Bob the cat! :D

Leni · long ago
Lovely!! Try cats as well... I love your wallpapers and on my personal blog ( have your webpage advertisement ;)

Lupina · long ago
It's guay, it cheers you up in this dark november

dv8ted · long ago
woof !! ME and MY dog both LIKE !!

Harjeet Singh · long ago
it seems like a cave desktop

Annie · 15 March 2012
Have seen this picture on the copybook. Got crazy about it:) I was so upset I could find only few copybooks like this one. Now I finally found your website, and I'm merely happy 'cause I can see lots of great drawings here.

ananda · 11 September 2013
parece que uma criança de 5 anos fez :p:p:P:P:P:P

zac · long ago
pretty shit really

asdii · long ago
I like your works. they're nice;)

Melissa · long ago
Beautiful :) Your wallpapers are lovely. :-D

mellllanic(IRAN) · long ago
ina dar vaghe 2 ta sagan ke oon adame dare donbale joloi mikone on sag aghabiam donbaleshoon mire

Susan · long ago
:-) I have 3 very long dogs and feel like this girl.. I love this wall paper It made me smile today..(L) Became a registered user..

Gerry · long ago
Very unusual.... but different.... I do like it.

Janette · long ago
Do Chow Chows! Please please! (Y):-)

· long ago
Âëàä, òû ñòàë ó÷èòü íåìåöêèé? î÷åíü ðàäà. ïðèâåò òåáå è òâîé ñóïðóãå èç Êèëÿ! :)

chucha · long ago
:)) it's a quite looong dog :P great wallpaper really

Karla · long ago
(L) Es genial, el perro me encanta!!! :-)

michel · long ago
magnifique. great.

Marilyn Hamilton · long ago
I love this. I would love to see what you could do with an Irish Wolfhound...I have 2.

Luzma · long ago
yes, please do more dogs stuff. I have a doggy too and I love him.

Cat · long ago
Love it - was *so* in need of a smile today as I was getting measured for a new wheelchair. Hmm, now there's something I would love for 'the two' - a fun spin on a wheelchair (no pun intended) :-D

Matt · long ago
Looks good but i agree with justin it would look better without the marks. and if the girls colors sort of blended together better

zooooooployd · 25 June 2008
i like it.

arash · 15 February 2010
oh.full color

Lesley Hatch · 2 November 2012
I love this wallpaper and have it for all of my computers- but, the dog's head is missing on the ipad retina version. I think the head wrapping around is key to the design!

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