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Bound 4

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Vlad Gerasimov 29 September 2006
Continuing the series of small wooden talismans - this is vectorized image of indian talisman that my brother presented us from his travel to India. As with previous wallpapers from Bound series, dedicated to friendship and love :-)

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Comments {39}

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
JazzMania - Vlad is short for Vladislav in my case :-)

virus long ago
nice one

hello long ago

António long ago
Looks like a work made by M C Escher. Very nice.

JazzMania long ago
Mr. Vladimir Gerasimov very interested about elephants...:-D

Diego long ago
cute cute ute

birphborph long ago
(Y) (L) this wallpaper! keep up the good work!

Ivy long ago
Me like it :D

Bri long ago
I must find out how to get one of these -- I mean a real one.

Matt long ago
Oh very nice. The elephants make a wonderful addition to this series, looks absolutly spectacular.

pete long ago
A small point... IMHO you should use either - a drop shadow for the whole talisman or - a drop shadow near the feet combined with reflection. not all three effects.

Coccinella long ago
I like it very much! :-) I hope to see something like that with giraffes ;-)

MaGaLy long ago
No Comments about this wallpaper :-P

MaGaLy long ago
... :-P

Jaideep long ago
Nope. I went throughout all existing dictionaries but failed to find any words that could describe this. And I know it will always be that way for any and all of the great masterpieces by Vlad! (L) (Y) ;-)

Matt long ago
Nice, looks excelent.

leandro 9 August 2008
nota 10,10,10

f2guardian 22 April 2009
very nice

Tom@s long ago
Great, absolutelly great!!! I'm really excited! Good job, Vlad

christine long ago
A family all in one. Very cool (Y)

hello long ago

virus long ago
nice one

LucasDT long ago
Nice woody efect... thou I like your blue wallpapers better. Nice job...

Lucia long ago
So cute!!! ^^ i love the bound series i hope you make one with cats :-D

aks long ago
this is a nice one................

aks long ago
good work keep it up (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Bri - I think you could buy them somewhere in India!

pari long ago
so cute. thanks

Narada long ago

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thank you! Pete, Matt - you're right. I removed the reflection.

Matt long ago
I would sugest taking out some of the shadow at the feet, it takes away from the talisman, makes it look less....there, or solid....

Duarte long ago
This one is the best I've ever seen. Congratulations! It is sooo cool.

Rohini long ago
yeah...we r famous for elephants because one of our gods is an elephant nice work neway!!(Y)

natasha long ago

artist4ever long ago
Oh, to be one with nature and the animals. It's lovely! (L)

JaDe long ago

kiaune long ago
beautiful. why don't you do this with sheeps...? :)

22 April 2009
nice good

ROBIN 11 December 2009
Nice pic.. i have download many more pic.

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