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Blogger (digg it digg it digg it)

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Vlad Gerasimov · 10 January 2007
Recognize yourself? Some of you might do :-)

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Comments 45

f. · long ago
This is like my Eren's and my relation..We can only speak with internet that have big crowded heads! I love u Ereeennn!!!

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Oh my! The Blogger wallpaper received Daily Deviation Award at deviantart - see That's so inspiring!

Emma · long ago
haha I love's so clever!

Câline · long ago
Love it!! Of course it receives an award! Congratulations Vlad! :-D

MikkiTaro · long ago
another one of my favorites...your pictures are worth a thousand words and more, and you know exactly how to capture that...imaginative & thought-provoking (Y)(Y)

shalun · long ago
Âëàä, ñïàñèáî çà îáîè, ÷òî âû äåëàåòå. Îáîè ýòîé ñåðèè äàâíî ïîäíèìàþò ìíå íàñòðîåíèå íà ðàáî÷èõ ñòîëàõ äîìàøíåãî è ðàáî÷åãî êîìïüþòåðîâ.

shalun · long ago
:( Cyrillic is not supported. Vlad, thank you for wallpapers you do. The wallpapers of this series revive my spirit both in home and in work.

kahi · long ago
Heheh, nice! ;-) How long takes to create such a lettercloud?

maliniak · long ago
nice, have you posted it on digg?

maliniak · long ago
okay, you have. dugg :-).

Cynthia · long ago
WOW! It's awesome! Thanks Vlad :-) :-D

Narada · long ago
Lol. Perfectly characteristic of the blogging world! Excellent. This is more of a sketch or comic strip. Vlad it seems periodically you a lot more than just wallpapers!

mostafa · long ago
it's not my head. he

angela · long ago
it's like happen to my head now. thinking too much and make my head overload :-| anyway, i love this wallpaper!! :-)

Sid · long ago
i dunno why vladstudio always create such an picture that always read my mind and suit with my situation. Exactly the same with my life. From a coupe big and small like me n my girl and now is the big brain try to dig out the letter to finish my project, Always luv you VLAD regards TUNG

luis · 14 February 2008
very nice

Fred Bayley · 27 April 2008
Really cute!

****** · 14 June 2008
well i look the same during my exams...;) awesome work buddy... u really deserve an award of.... "world's best wallpaper designer!!"

· 8 August 2009
Soooooooooooooooooo cute

chnaz · 8 October 2011
i love your art veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice

ebrahem samy · 8 August 2012
nice awy

olga · long ago
mne ochen nravyatsya vashi raboti, i tutorials tozhe. och helpful ;)) Grüße aus Köln

florine85 · long ago
I (L) THAt person. That person is ME.

Jie · long ago
This is awesome. Absolutely (L) it!

Philboy · long ago
Just saw this on winmatrix. Awesome work (Y)

vishal · long ago
A head weight for poor fellow!!!

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
kahi: thanks! it takes about an hour.

mitra · long ago

mavi · long ago
muy buenisimoooooooo! dig it?

Elyee-Ann · long ago
Je trippe raide sur TOUTES les images. Fabuleux, merveilleux ! Those pictures are WONDERFUL ! I've never seen so beautiful images before ! THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE WEBSITE ! :) Thanks for the art. x xx

Lauren · long ago
I love this! I read Digg every day. :)

sup191 · long ago
Here's the link on Digg for anybody who wants to help get Vlad's awesome work to the masses: :-)

Jeer · long ago
It´s me :-O

Pawan · long ago
Great Work Guys (Y)

Saurabh · long ago
It's just b e a u t i f u l l y expressed ! Very nice work ! (Y)

bill · long ago
looks just like my head.............. love it!

Judy K.:-D · long ago
Looking at your artwork (or anyone's art, for that matter...) is like being able to see into their mind and soul -- and your mind and soul appear to be delightful! Thank you for sharing your wonderfully unique (and accurate!) take on blogging with us! lol

sup191 · long ago
I have no idea where that sad face came from... stoopid cgi converter. :-)

susan · long ago
:-D This is great!!! It really made sense to me, as a writer, I often feel as if i have a "head full of words" all colliding..I love how you expressed it in your own unique wonderful style. (L)(L)(L) it!!

qubra · 9 November 2008
that's crazy...:D

· 3 August 2009

· 3 August 2009

MANSOUR FADUL BAKHIET · 4 September 2009
simple nd unique work.

Avril · 19 October 2011

Sara · 23 October 2012
I do admire your mind! :D

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