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Audi R8 Wallpaper 3

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Vlad Gerasimov · 2 October 2006
I am huge fan of sports cars! So  I created interface suite to make your computer look more like a car. All graphics created from scratch in Photoshop, no photos manipulated.

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Comments 29

xo · long ago
i hope you have one :)

ahah · long ago

:- · long ago
fudge cakes

BIZNIZ456 · long ago

Free??? · long ago
I hate it when people use the word Free as a tactic to get people to come to their site. Needless to say, I like many others will never come back again. Perhaps if the wallpaper was something special it might be worth it, but it's not. Good Luck, and I am sure you will make some money cause people will buy anything. Just dumb.

SCOORPIN · long ago

andy · long ago
hey why audi? you drive one? :) its ok just asking ;))

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
xo: unfortunately I do not (yet!) :-)

lietuvis · long ago
piece of is terrible Vlad, You can better :-(

Moo · long ago
Many of your wallpapers work that way, Vlad! :P your dream car is an Audi, is it?

seldomseen · long ago
vlad, here's hoping you get your wish very soon! This whole suite is wonderful. Thank you so much. Good luck in the GUI Olympics! ;-)

kahtalı mıçı · long ago
tanrım bu ne mistizm, bu ne biççim kadran, bu nassıl bir gizem. hani neredeyse bu gavır bizim hacı murat'tan daha iyiymiş diyesim geliyo. (y)

bob · long ago

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Ïîëèíà: 25 (ïî ñîñòîÿíèþ íà 2006 ã)

Josh Fisher · 14 August 2008
I like it, its going on for a while!

sara · 23 October 2008
hey vlad, I think you are amazing. My sister is professional photographer and she’s only 13 years old and she really love your work but the think is she’s not professional in Photoshop. Mr. Free??? I think you’re very rude person. If you don’t like Vlad art don’t visit the web site. By the way Vlad Audi is my favorite car and I love this wallpaper its awesome

bbcc_19 · long ago

Milan · long ago
i just wanted to say THANK YOU for your beautifull design

George · long ago
I agree Vlad, that 'Free???' person is an idiot. If he spent the time looking at your site instead of instantly trying to find something wrong with it then he would've found how amazing a digital designer you are. Some people are "just dumb" eh Vlad?

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Dear Anonymous (Free???), there a lots of images created by me that you can download for free on my website: all wallpapers in sizes from 800x600 to 1600x1200, calendars, tutorials, skins, e-cards,... If you did not particularly llike the wallpaper above, I spent some time to create another 400 wallpapers, please feel free to browse the gallery and maybe you'll find something to your liking. If not - sorry but I have my own style and vision of world and will not change it. Thanks.

Scott · long ago
very nice from a VW/Audi Fan. Impressive Photoshop work.

· long ago
Âëàä, à ñêîëüêî òåáå ëåò?

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
lietuvis: thanks for your opinion. This is not my usual "style", but I think it will find some viewers who'll like it! Oh, did I mention? This wallpapers looks best at night with all lights turned off.

Moo · long ago
PS: I forgot to mention that this version is my favourite. :) ...I wonder what kind of a car The Two would drive...

Patricia · long ago
The dash looks good, but the rest of the car looks fake. Perhaps blur the texture on the grey a bit?

Donna · long ago
I love the red/ looks awesome on my flat panel iMac. I'd like to use the icons, too, but they don't seem to work with OS X. Any chance of making the icons Mac friendly?

anita · 1 February 2008
wow Vlad that's awesome! it makes me want to be inside of the car, driving! hehe you are very good drawing!

Дима · 17 February 2011
Свобода творчества - это хорошо, но здесь больше рекламы...

Angie G. · 29 April 2011
I love Audi's! thank you Vlad!! your're very talented. Keep it coming.

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