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Apple Stitched

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Vlad Gerasimov · 11 July 2007
Using the same Photoshop technique as  in previous wallpaper. For all Apple fans - I  am one of them!

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Comments 62

NANY · long ago
Esta muy muy cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!

morvarid · long ago
its just great!

Max · long ago
Super pour mon petit eMac. Merci beaucoup Vlad.

Ludmila · long ago
Appetite for jeans.

Nanda · long ago

LeFu · long ago
Oh! I Want more :) And who is not love Apple Inc. :)

Jazzy Bratty · long ago
wow i so love this! i really like your works? man, how do you do it?

pen pal · long ago
That's IT!!!

speedy · long ago

CJ · long ago
This is awesome! Love Apple!

mahya · long ago
its very beautiful

Eddy · long ago
This wallpaper is awesome! It fits perfect on my 15.4" MacBook Pro. Keep up the great work, Vlad.

Aleksey · long ago
Hello Vlad! Greetings from Nizhny Novgorod! May be you can give us this beautiful texture of jeans(you used for the background), cause I need a fine jeans texture and can't find it(the problem is that I haven't scanner)=(

LucasDT · long ago
Muuuuuy bueno !!! Veeeeery cool !!!! How about one on Linux? LINUX! LINUX! LINUX!

antonio Rodriguez Maqueda · long ago
me encanta!

Mikey · long ago

QTpie · 28 January 2008
Wow vlad this is perfect to match my apple mac laptop! Thx vlad;)

u wish · 22 May 2008
LOL Registered users

Nikolai · 12 April 2009
Could you also place the same one on this website but with a banana?

Emma · 3 July 2009
You have the best ideas! I love this! great idea puting the bitten apple part there, also! And the fact its stiched and you can see more jean parts, awesome! :)

Сергей В. · 14 February 2010
Довольно таки оригинально..........................

Polluce75 · 14 March 2010

· 12 December 2010
i am blessed to get this pic.......!!!!

revathi · 22 March 2011
so happy

MSDG2011 · 15 July 2011

rany · 11 December 2011
very cool

richuuuuuu · 15 November 2012
cool pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniël · 24 December 2012
Love this - love Apple too. Who doesn't?

? · 14 March 2014

CookieCupcake · 8 September 2017
Great for my laptop

Ruby · long ago
Another awesome idea. LOVE IT!!!!

Ariyo · long ago

Warren Noronha · long ago
Can we also have the vladstudios signature for the high resolution pics?

andree · long ago
wowwww...i would definitely buy this if Apple actually sell their own jeans! maybe they will in the future huh? lol

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui · long ago
I ? APPLE!!!!!!

Joseph De Blasio · long ago
Very Simple but very detailed and great! Keep it up mate! :) :D

Caside · long ago
haha. this is now on my Powerbook!!

ATiiiLA · long ago
WwwwOOOoooow, I like it soooooooooo !!!!!!!! :o) Great work, EXTRA!!!!

Paolo Zacchi · long ago
Great! my new wallpaper on 15" MacBook Pro!

Matilda · long ago
It's SO cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Peter Kahoun · long ago
Vlad, did you consider to use the same jeans texture but little bit zoomed out? I find this version (in my resolution 1280x800 / 15.4'') too raw... (Please, do not see my comment as an evil critique, I just think that things can always be better.)

Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi · long ago
Fantastico!!! Thank you Vlad!

Jessica Schneider · long ago
Very cool! Even if it is for Mac's ;)

Stefko · long ago

air · long ago
so nice

Appleboy · long ago
Wow! it looks to awesome on my 20' IntelMac!!!!

Cynthia · long ago
It will be perfect for my new IntelMac. Love it! Thanks heaps.

videoflyer · 27 March 2008
:-) This'll be perfect for my Windows machine at work. lol.

janek · 24 November 2008
super tapeta :D

deepak · 4 January 2009
very cool & nice....

Korean · 3 May 2009

fechaed · 2 November 2009
Muito chique, para pessoas com desktops limpos, sem aquele mundo de atalho trancando a tela. Lindo.

· 22 January 2010

abc · 18 February 2010
It's SO cool!! I LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!! smile

· 22 September 2010

lucky boy · 24 February 2011
cooool pic i love it

zoeliaa · 26 June 2011
este dibujo es muy ... muy.. muy ya sé , muy molónnnnn yeahhhhh soy una chica . me llamo zoe . vusco noviette . y quiero follar un rato con alguien

Prachi Verma · 19 October 2012

Zeppelin · 29 October 2012

ZaHra · 10 February 2013
Apple. Big nice!

Muhammad Munir · 15 May 2013
I really like it... But I want like in windows as well :(

Javier Diaz · 25 May

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