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All is Full of Dragonflies

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Vlad Gerasimov · 26 June 2006
See also next wallpaper (blue) - they are the series!

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Comments 33

Partho · long ago
just awesome !!!

F · long ago

Dee · long ago
I have been looking for a Dragonfly theme for my pc. This is a great start!! Any chance you could do a whole desktop theme in Dragonflies???? I would love that. There isn't one any where on the web!!!

wow · long ago
I made a comment and the image appeared. How shocking. Sort out your usability, you shouldnt have to make a comment for it to appear. Try reading some books about making websites

confuse-d · long ago
This site has horrible usability. Ive tried many images and im having to try and find out how to download images, there just not coming on it just sends you back to this page. No need for this totally weird way of downloading. It doesnt work.

kim · long ago
Thx Vlad for this wallpaper. I love it. At the moment it`s my favorite. Fantastic work!!! Greetings from Braunschweig

Merkoth · long ago
Full of life, (yet) another great wallpaper Vlad!

son · long ago

jade · long ago
...first the Butterflies and now this! They are both GREAT!...Thanx Vlad!

john paul james · long ago
vlad stduio is best wallpaper. i like it very much . (L)

AMA · long ago

سجادsajj · long ago
رنگ سبز و رنگ زیبای زندگی با هم دیگر بسیار زیباست green colour adn the beutiful life colour with togather is very very beutiful

China · 27 June 2008

bec · 24 August 2008
awesome stuff!

faeriekay · 3 June 2009
I am loving your work. Thank you for allowing us to share it.

dwunltd · long ago

madame amazed · long ago
omg...... :-O !!!!!!!!! (L)

ss · long ago

Krystal Robinson · long ago

confuse-d · long ago
This site has horrible usability. Ive tried many images and im having to try and find out how to download images, there just not coming on it just sends you back to this page. No need for this totally weird way of downloading. It doesnt work.

Charm · long ago
Breathtaking! Love dragonflies! Lovely shade of green, too! :-)

بابک  · long ago
ترا می خوانم زیبا تر از تمامی دریاها

|unknown| · long ago
awesome! (Y)

lolo · long ago
Dear Vlad Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers

Estefania · long ago
(L) I love it!!!!! it would be better white packground pruple DRAGONFLIES!!

marthie · long ago
Vlaad, could you make tutorial for this wallpaper? (L)

marcus · long ago
(Y) everyone above is wright, these are amazing, Thx Vlad ;-)

Marija · 18 January 2008
Ooo yeeesss ,Vlad our's heart see this beautiful with heart's eyessss. Blessings to You,I love it !!!

art freak · 22 February 2008
incredibly uneque

Christine · 27 June 2008
Thank you.

Shany · 8 August 2008
Yea, it got it.

David Tetteh · 16 November 2008
nothing much

Lourdes García · 8 July 2014
Me encanta su arte. Tendrán más colibrís?

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