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Snail Racing

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Vlad Gerasimov 24 June 2008
Every snail wants to  be a winner!

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Comments {76}

Yuntao Zhou 24 June 2008
Cute as always :)

Lorena 24 June 2008
This is soo beautiful :D thnx

Ampit 24 June 2008
This is so nice. Thanks once more for your imagination.

Mak Mann 24 June 2008
GO 7!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! HURRY UP!!!!!

Mindy Johnston 24 June 2008
so adorable. you are so imaginative.

amor 24 June 2008
it is so nice and cut like alwayas thank you

Kelcey De Lyall 24 June 2008
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

Tanuj Goyal 24 June 2008

Lili (Spain) 24 June 2008
Really nice !!! Congratulations Could you make one about Summer's Solstice?

janedoe 24 June 2008
LOL LOL this is so very cute, the best ever WP you created - love it!! thank you :)

mels 24 June 2008
This is priceless, I love it, as always Vlad :) Would it be possible to have the same one with turtles ?

Rebekah 25 June 2008

Ann Temple-Morris 25 June 2008
This one is so cute! It is already on my desktop where it will stay until your next one comes insire us all!!!

Terri GottFree 25 June 2008
awesome usual :)

Nirmalya 25 June 2008
It's very thoughtful of you to let the number 13 win the race... You have again proved that "13" itself is not that an unlucky number... haven't you? Congratulations Vlad!

Erica 26 June 2008
I like it ,like all the pictures, I'm waiting for the new one everyday

Lacino 29 June 2008
The whole idea is great as always. Very very nice :-)

:: saathiyaana : 29 June 2008
x' cellent..!!

hacthuythan 29 June 2008
so cute ^^ nice colour

Marija 1 July 2008
Wow it's so beautiful,it's so cule !!! :)***

1998 1 July 2008
cooooooooooool cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee colours

Tammy 7 July 2008
sooooooooooooo cute :) I love it as I love F1 Races ;)

Judy 17 July 2008
I'm loving it :) thanks!

Krys 25 July 2008
do some designs for Gelaskins!!!!!!!! I want your work on all my apple products!!!! =D your work is truly inspirational. keep 'em coming!!!!

Panda 7 September 2008
Its sooooo cute!!!

Peter 7 September 2008

Fachri Ruzi 8 September 2008
Greatest's View........vlad.......thank

spawn 11 October 2008
uyyy harika

11 March 2009

Lucy 12 June 2009
It`s great!

LUM10333333376746345678765435678976543456789DFJHTEDFJHYTFGNH345678908765456789 29 August 2009

Allison Reynolds 12 November 2009
Pic of my cat and this wallpaper. I LOVE your stuff!!! Love it!

surbhi 22 January 2010
very cute...!!!!!!!

16 February 2010
nice .... !!!!

Trudy 14 September 2010
cute as all get as all get out!

cseh sándor 13 October 2010
ez vagyok én

Robin 17 March 2011
I love your work

mysan 18 March 2011
when all the other wallpapers make me dizzy, wallpapers here make my desktop colorful with that "uncluttered" look and feel. i always come here and this is my first time to say, "thank you very much!"

Roopak 8 July 2013

Naret 19 November 2013
It's really nice. I feel happy every time seeing these beautiful scenes. But I can't change my desktop wallpaper to these wonderful wallpaper clock. I use windows7 OS. Please tell how to fix this. Many many thanks.

marcus 24 June 2008
ThXXXXXXXXXXXXX Vlad !!! I Love F1 Snail Racing, I was waiting for something like that for a long time, Thx again, Love and greatings from Ostend,Belgium.

Purple 24 June 2008
Beautiful....thanks it's very nice

Christina (Australia) 24 June 2008
Vlad are you really Peter Pan in real life?? Clever & unique as always, love it!!

Caline 24 June 2008
This wallpaper is great!! I can't erase the smile on my face. Thank you Vlad, you are awesome!

mkorashy 24 June 2008
So lovely!!

Jay 24 June 2008
Aww. How cute XD I especially love the little eyes peeping over the hill of the snail coming 4th. You always have such an eye for detail and a creativity which I haven't been able to find anywhere else in such abundance. I love your work. Best wallpapers around are here! Greetings from Australia ^^ ~Jay

leti 25 June 2008
Cute! I love it :)

Jie Wang 25 June 2008
Love it!!

Jo 25 June 2008
Gorgeous! My money 9bet) was on the pink one, number 5

Suzana 25 June 2008
This was just adorable...I love the little fairies riding the snails.

Jaideep Nadkarni 25 June 2008
Ummmmazing. Love it!!!

Vlad Gerasimov 25 June 2008
Nirmalya: #13 did not win yet :-)

Fabi 25 June 2008
I liked it so much.

lizzy 27 June 2008
so cute thank you so much I love it, like all pictures you've made^^ (sorry for my English.I'm french^^)As far as I'm concerned i think that all those pictures are fun (.. ok i go lol)

Robin Pulda 29 June 2008
Bright and Joyful. Your word inspires me.

Gerardo Chuken 29 June 2008
Very nice work!! As always... Keep it up!!!

SEO Expert 30 June 2008
just marvelous !!! Good Job...keep it up..

Sophia Greece 4 July 2008
Vlad as always an excellent alternative for my wallpaper!! Thank you for providing me with all these magnificent options the last years!

tharumax 9 July 2008
really cool

Paula MC 24 July 2008
I'love it!!! so swet!!!

Iman 1 August 2008
Ghashang Bud:)

Leonie Adlard 29 August 2008
Very Cute!

pedro salazar 8 September 2008
apesar de que es de baja calidad, se ve bien y tiene un contexto hermoso

hugo 10 October 2008
soooooooooooo nice

Stephanie 28 October 2008
I always love your detail, like in this one #13 is winning!

KokoLurve 16 April 2009
this is such an awesome artwork! well,this is my 1st time here, n i'm really falling in lurve with ur artworks... thanx...

Tanja 21 October 2009
very cute :)

rmilana 2 December 2009
Loved all ur work (^_^)b

juan carlos rodriguez 6 January 2010
cual formulario

Bonfiglio 30 January 2010
My kids & I love your art work, thanks for sharing :-)

šmakofka 23 April 2010
Ja som slimák... :D šmakofka... :D I am the snail... the šmakofka... :D

정찬욱 10 March 2011
240x400크기는 없나요???????

Some Chick on your website that you don't know 16 March 2011

Thebeetle 19 June 2011
Incredibubble, you have done it again. Keep it up Vlad, I always look forward to your wallpapers ;)

sarah 8 December 2011
awwwwwh! so cute :)

uday 26 July 2013
a very nice wallpaper

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