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A Flying Tree

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Vlad Gerasimov · 31 January 2006
It's a flying tree! :-) Once again, made with little help of ContextFree. Inspired by  i have no idea what, but not Gorillaz video clip! (where they had flying island).

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Comments 46

M. Shakir · long ago
My all time favourite (Y)(L)

jota · long ago
(Y) & (L)

rohini · long ago
ur work is very good it charms the desktop.!!:-)

japanesemoose · long ago
duuuuuuuuuuude this rulez... im puttin this on myspace:-)

ai · long ago

Emina · long ago
I love it! One o my favourites, together with (Fost)!

jack · long ago
im not seeing anything; im trying to wallpaper it so i can see what it looks like better if i decide to buy it but nothings loading?

Anonymous · long ago
3840x1024 pretty please? :D

vitupea · long ago
putsi, sa oled andekas, vana lita

resobrain · long ago
Wonderfull.... i love it very sureallistic !

Moo · long ago
Oooh... a floating tree... It's very... dark. :) hehe It reminded me of the Good Time Inc. video, too! I could see The Two sitting on THIS island, though... *wink*wink* Or maybe one standing on it, one on the ground, trying to reach each other... That would go with the *dark* mood... :)

Friend · long ago
Thank you, again.

Maria Antonieta, BRZ · long ago
Imagem extremamente criativa, onde sugere a leveza do 'corpo' e da 'alma' ! Adorei !!! (L)

csongi · long ago
awesomw, I like it :)

Kishan · long ago
Your work is inspirational, very spirtual as well - like rasa says, a warm flying tree with rays of sunshine would be great. It's cold and dull here in the UK, a bit of sunshine would be great :-). Keep up the good work.

A. wallace · long ago
Wonderful! Has a real mood to it ... Makes me wish I could learn to use CointextFree myself, but it is taking me some time - I am better at Fractals. Your work always gives me ideas - mark of a true artist that youi are! Thank you.

Jade · long ago
This is so cool!...tree getting away from maybe the jaws of a chainsaw?Living in the NW US it's what came to my mind...good job Vlad

son · long ago
very nice.good .i like it

Any:) · 6 January 2008
Love it!One of the best!good!Bravo!!Fantastično!!!

Marcelo · 1 June 2008
The best!

qubra · 16 December 2008
very pessimist but i like it too

marcus · 3 December 2009
such a nice piture, one of favorites! Migh be dark though it doesn't mean sadness.

Annie · 15 March 2012
Gosh, I have already seen this pic, didn't know it was your work, but I loved her at once:)

Melinda · 2 July 2015

spliket! · long ago
this is my favorite of the flying trees. it is dark, but i think it is an appropriate mood for the subject. it's very eerie.

Jen · long ago
This is stunning! well done

Armando · long ago
this is great as usual. i love the emotion it gives me it makes me think

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
japanesemoose: don't forget you're required to provide link to if you use my wallpaper in your myspace page.

saz · long ago
this is isnt just artwork this is a masterpiece!!!!

Yady · long ago
Esta buenisimo...;-)

mike · long ago
tracked down the origenal artist Vlad Gerasimov

Andrey Chernov · long ago
One of the best

MoHaMMaD JahanJou · long ago
i'm X0173. this wallpaper is very beautyfull . GOOD

Caline · long ago
Love it! Es como la Ascensión, pero vegetal... ;-)

Moo · long ago
*afterthought* ... or maybe a giraffe? I haven't seen one of those for a while...

Erik · long ago
Very spiritual and a touching sensitivity! ... like so often it is the case with a lot of your beautiful work! Keep it up, you inspire my daydreams!

Dimian · long ago
Æåíà ñèäèò ðÿäîì è íå ìîæåò ðàáîòàòü ãëÿäÿ =) îõàåò, êàê êðàñèâî!

Olja · long ago
Great wallpaper, as usuall... well done Vlad (again)... :-D

Vika · long ago
Well, i love it.... Like almost all your works.:) You a special person if u can create such perfect art, wich makes a lot of people feel better. Thnx.

nancy · long ago

Zinch9 · long ago
Brilliant as usual (y) z9

Rasa · long ago
Fantastic! Coud you make this "flying tree" warm, for example in the rays of the rising sun? ;)

sandra garcia · 7 January 2008
Me me encanta todas las fotos son hemosas

Marcela · 6 September 2008
Hermosos..simplemente hermosos!! Beautiful!!!

istanbul · 30 April 2010
horrible .......!

Kamini · 9 August 2010
Superb,, i like black colour and i m just fida on that pic.

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