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The (hidden) power of Photoshop brush tool

In this micro tutorial, I will describe my favorite features of Adobe Photoshop Brush tool. To learn all features, you can simply open Brush palette (Window menu - Brushes), change each setting and try the result when you draw a stroke. The first setting is Tip Shape. You can choose from pre-loaded shapes or you can create your own... more on that later!

Brush Tip Shape has one interesting setting: Spacing. It  is usually around 20-25% but when you set it larger than 100-150% you will get very different result.

Using Shape Dynamics checkbox, you can randomize sizes and angles of brush dots.

Using Scattering, you can randomize locations of brush dots - as you draw a straight stroke, dots are added randomly around your mouse.

You can use Count setting to control amount of dots.

Dual Brush is very interesting feature, which will get you very different results depending on which brush and which mode you choose. Compare the two lines on this screenshot - first line made with simple brush, second - with Dual Brush enabled.

You can use Color Dynamics to randomize (or fade, or control with tablet pen) brush color. I  do not use this often, though :-)


Wet Edges is simple and self-explanatory feature :-)

The most exciting thing is that you can easily create your own brush. Let's make a star brush for example. Create new image with transparent background (square for our star). Set foreground color to Black, switch to Shape tool (U), select Polygon tool on toolbar, open Polygon options, check Star checkbox, set Indent sides = around 90%, and sides = 4.

Draw a shape, rasterize it (Layer - Rasterize - Shape). Select all (Ctrl-A).

Go to Edit menu - Define Brush preset. Choose name for new brush, click OK.

Now, when you open Brushes palette window (from Window menu), you can see your new brush in Brush Tip Shape list.

Now you can enable and adjust Size Jitter, Scattering and Color Jitter, and with single mouse move, get result such as this!

Another example - I took the shape of snow flake, created brush preset from it. With Size Jitter, Scattering and Color Jitter, this is what single brush stroke looks like.

And another example - heart-shaped brush. Again, this screenshot made with only one brush move!

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sandeep singh yadav 5 Листопад 2008
great one man.....

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Very nice and effective.

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hey, that's awesome. thanks so much for this tutorial... i always learn so much from you!

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me gustaria que todos ustedes hablaran español por que yo no se nada de ingles grasias

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Fantabulous thought

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Me encantas, eres súper súper creativo!! I love you, you are very very creative!!

Lawrence77 19 Березень 2009
wow! cool!

Loren 1 Червень 2009
Really Great!!! Thanks :D

penq86 14 Червень 2009
Very nice tutorial. It really helps :)

Павел 16 Серпень 2009
Хоть и знал єто, но спасибо!;)

PS-Newbie 12 Вересень 2009

dindigala 6 Жовтень 2009
Excellent!!!. a very good one, that helps for various design... Thanks vlad...

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ak 21 Січень 2010
Super tutorial. Tks for sharing this secret.

... 13 Лютий 2010
fajnie ale mogło być lepsze;-]

imran huda 17 Березень 2010
spread the knowledge,great stuff.keep it up.

Liliana Martinez 22 Травень 2010
Thank you.

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dorin 10 Березень 2011
multumim! (that's thank you in Romanian)

Felipe 9 Травень 2015
I like this, thank you for sharing!

Janko Falli 6 Листопад 2008
super :)

me 6 Листопад 2008
nice! thanks for the "tip"

JaMa 16 Листопад 2008
Good guide, thanks

Samantha 17 Листопад 2008

Xocoo 26 Листопад 2008
Nice job

photoshop 28 Листопад 2008
absolutely splendid...............

Nicky64 8 Грудень 2008
I LOVE YOUR WORK YOU ARE VERY GOOD designer Nice job Good guide, thanks

9 Грудень 2008
Thank you, wish you could show how you created that Milky Way wallpaper (plz).

Elenka_ZP 13 Січень 2009
Хорошие иллюстрации =) Спасибо =)

tosho 30 Січень 2009
thanks vlad, you are the man :) javascript:void(0)

Alexei 9 Лютий 2009
Very inspiring, Tovarish!

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mnesie 26 Березень 2009
unglaublich! danke

4 Червень 2009
Love it!!! Thanks!

Om Vaishnav 29 Червень 2009
Hi..Friend..thanks for this important guides about brushes.. and how's your life going on...?

el 11 Вересень 2009
hiya i have adobe photoshop elements but i cant seem to get onto the expanded version on the brushes palette is there anything you can do to help?

BABUR 25 Листопад 2009
Pingooooooooooo................ Great....

WaZZuP 19 Грудень 2009
man, thankz a lot!! now I`m able to do that too :D great work thankz

diego rojas 27 Січень 2010
tas creativamente muy cabron!! thanks.

satjune 24 Лютий 2010
Very nice article

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this is great, thanks for sharing!

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Julia 21 Березень 2011
Coolies man :D

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