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Old TV

Suppose you have an image you want to put into an old TV  or just apply similar effect to it.

The first step is  to colorize the image. The unsafe way to  do it  is Hue/Saturation dialog (Ctrl-U, Colorize checkbox). But you will lose original image, and though you can always duplicate a layer to aviod losing the sources, I prefer to create new layer and fill it with solid color.

... and then change its blend more from Normal" to "Color". This will make image from layer 1 use the color from layer 2. "

Next, we need a  TV grid. Create a new (temporary) image with 1 pixel width and 4 pixels height.

Use pencil tool or gradient tool to  do an image similar to shown here. Then, select all (Ctrl-A) and define a pattern (Edit menu -> Define Pattern).

Now, return to our main image, open layer 2 blending options (also known as layer style), turn on pattern overlay, and select the pattern you just created. Dont forget to change its blend mode to overlay or soft light.

So after these quick modifications, the image looks very natural inside old TV! This technique is also useful for creating elegant and soft background images.

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opus285 давним давно
I have always liked and used tv lines/scan lines. this is totally a simple way of doing it. great :-)

YAMS давним давно

aydin давним давно
please lerane to me create a old peaper

Boro давним давно
Giveing away diamonds of knowledge, realy thnx a milion for that (Y) keep up the good work i wery much apreciate it and what i see from other comments lots of us are :) as i said before thnx a milion for that tutorials Nice to see not all the web is about $ great man (Y)

Norman давним давно

V давним давно
Your method of explanation is very simple and straightforward. Thank you for keeping it crystal clear. Keep up the good work.

ssdd давним давно
you're using my favourite color there :-)

Venkatesh давним давно
so beautiful

Troy 29 Квітень 2008

SpanK 7 Червень 2008

KAL 6 Вересень 2008
u 've researched a lot................amazing!!!

clippingimages.com 18 Січень 2010
really coooooool.

enes 28 Червень 2011
yaptım oldu. thank you vlad

Helena 3 Травень 2012
Omg, luv this love and your tips. I wanted to know how to do that one!

Farid давним давно
Sorry... Very good! Thank you!

давним давно
Çäîðîâî! Ñïàñèáî!

hannen давним давно
hi plz learn me make old photo adn how iam make the edge is old

Panky давним давно
This is too good.....now even a newbee like me can use the photoshop and flaunt the creations ;-)

jalandra давним давно
thanks i will do it with your guidance

dede давним давно
hey thanks for the information GREAT :-)

Rajesh Rane давним давно
(Y) cool site but need some more stuff

Charlyk-Marlyk давним давно

Ajay jain давним давно
What a great presentations. keep it up guys(Y)

coll 21 Лютий 2008
mega coll

Vinit Kulkarni 28 Лютий 2008
I love All Your Creations.. . .Thanks for sharing them with us

Vale 18 Червень 2008
No se me había ocurrido antes..... gracias!!!

Чембомен 26 Жовтень 2009

Maxi 1 Березень 2010
Very cool dude thankxx

Helena 3 Травень 2012
Omg, luv this love and your tips. I wanted to know how to do that one!

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