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Snow Leopard

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Vlad Gerasimov 28 август 2009
The new version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, is coming tomorrow, so  I wanted to celebrate it with new artwork. Hope you like it!

In some way, I designed it  in contrary to the OS box design, which is  a bit too aggressive. Well, mine is  a bit too 'sweet' probably :-)

UPDATE: Snow Leopard icon!

Download icon (Windows, Mac, PNG)

Download Adium Dock Icon

You can put this icon to folder or app on your computer, or use as avatar. Note - this is for personal use only! Please contact me if you have questions.

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Коментари {120}

mihaid 28 август 2009
ow my. beautiful.

Harro 28 август 2009
New Macbook background !!

28 август 2009
Влад! Навеял скорый выход 10.6???

Omer M 28 август 2009
absolutely wonderful, for some reason, this wallpaper makes me really happy! Thanks Vlad!

28 август 2009
Ой! Влад! Обойка и так бесплатная..... СПАСИБО!

Marina 28 август 2009
Adorable cutey

Вадим 28 август 2009
Кошатина - Супер!!!

Suit 28 август 2009
Hi! Your snow kiddie is soooo cute :-> Words are not enough for that. Great !!!

Ali Salem 28 август 2009
A version without a signature please! :]

Lim Lian Tze 28 август 2009

Isabelle Annie Bernadette FILIPPI 28 август 2009
Just so cute and lovely.

grain12 28 август 2009
Yeah!!! The perfect wallpaper for my new os x snow leopard :-)

Gianluca Mariani 28 август 2009
My new Iphone background.Wonderful

Michel Galle 28 август 2009
I love your snow leopard kitten :)

Minh Hieu TRINH 28 август 2009
Very cute ! (Can we have something like this one for Tux ?)

Mary Falcone 29 август 2009
Oh so Cute! Love it Thanks Vlad

Mary in America 29 август 2009
Too Cute! Always check your website as yours is the only wallpaper I will add. Keep it up. Gives me a smile.

Yoyo 29 август 2009
Beautiful, thanks ^_^

Vlad Gerasimov 29 август 2009
Joeby: thanks but I don't really agree - I promised signature-free images to paid members, and this wallpaper has signature on all images simply because of website mistake. I'll correct it in next couple of days. Thanks!

Vincent Garnier 29 август 2009
Cute Tiny Snow Leopard Vlad :) Featured on GuiPulp ;)

Carlos Sanchez 30 август 2009
I think is a real cutie!!! When I showed it at work on my Macbook Pro everyone ask if Apple put it there!!! I said I got it from vladstudio.com!

Groucho 30 август 2009
I actually came to see if you had done something for Snow Leopard :-) I like this one lots... It's not that I dont like your logo, but why is it there per-force on this one?

Nakiloe 31 август 2009
Il est trop adorable!!! ^^

Pawel Konieczny 31 август 2009
pure beauty

AMPRAT 1 септембар 2009

sa 1 септембар 2009
hi i do not say that is very beaut...

Cec Medin 1 септембар 2009
Awesome! How come version has signature? Can you please, make it without a signature?. Thanks heaps.

LucasDT 2 септембар 2009
Waw... so cute, so nice... so gay!

SSejKo 3 септембар 2009
Супер!!!! Ребята для такой красоты и денег не жалко!!!!

ladyj55 4 септембар 2009
This is by far one of the top 10

Donnavon Hallgren 4 септембар 2009

Andy 6 септембар 2009
Oh my god, it is so creative of you. Thank you ;)

Vlad Gerasimov 6 септембар 2009
Elektryk: no you cannot use this icon in products that you distribute (even free ones), this icon is for your personal use only.

Elektryk 7 септембар 2009
it's too bad. :( even the "sphere" icons? what a pity...thanks for answer, greetings

Elektryk 7 септембар 2009
Ok, thanks for good news, a promisse that next time i will carefully read the info about license. And by the way, i love unique style of your works. You doing a great job!

8 септембар 2009
słodkie kici

Rachel 10 септембар 2009
Vlad, I love the names of your pictures. I think it would be awesome if you have the names on them. Good job!

jb 11 септембар 2009

ikiky 13 септембар 2009

Justin 15 септембар 2009
Sweet! Someday I'll have enough $$ to get a Mac

RomKa 16 септембар 2009
На робочий стіл негайно!!!

Nand Kishor 17 септембар 2009
wow, awesome

Carole 23 септембар 2009
That is too cute. lol Thanks for the icon too.

maggie 26 септембар 2009
oh beautiful,you really have the talent.Come on!加油!

Mariya K-W 29 септембар 2009
Sorry, me again! Vlad, how On Earth Do You Do This!?!?! Wishing you endless happiness!!!

15 октобар 2009
ну просто сказочно милое животное =)

prithviraj 27 октобар 2009

Ola 14 новембар 2009

Leo 30 новембар 2009
hewow vlad, the lewowpard looks like an owl to my eyes

ru 12 март 2010
soooo cute! thanks!!!

Danielle 24 април 2010
AAAAH I love it! <3 Had the background a couple of months ago as my background on my MacBook and now with the Icons it's complete!

Graham 19 јануар 2011
The cuties snow leopard ever! Thank you so much!

10 април 2011
very nice

Vlad Gerasimov 20 април 2011
dims: Wow! Yes it is illegal and yes I feel proud too :-)

Anonymous 21 април 2011
That previous comment isn't really Vlad! Vlad has a special avatar…

puzz 17 мај 2011
MrgoZver! respect!

Mike 9 јул 2011
I noticed some people talking about disliking your watermark logo Vlad, but I have to say, I really do like the watermark! I love when people ask where I got my wallpaper, and I can simply show them where i got it by pointing to your watermark. lol

Di-di 4 јул 2012
It is very pretty

Met 21 новембар 2012
that is so cute and puffy :D and his name's Puffy:)))

Michal 21 децембар 2012
This cat is adorable! :-)

Manuel Gomes Botelho Teixeira 20 мај 2015
É um espetáculo!

Shuang Wu 28 август 2009

Kendra 28 август 2009
adorable face

Vlad Gerasimov 28 август 2009
Anonymous: совершенно верно, как я и написал описании обои (правда на англ :-) )

Cristina Calabrese 28 август 2009
Yayy!!! So lovely!!! :D

28 август 2009
Влад! Подари леопардика в 1680*1050....? В преддверии выхода то....

Nicolas Poullot 28 август 2009
Could you please create a version without signature?

Tusnelda 28 август 2009
You never run out of beautiful ideas, do you, Vlad? Thank you, so cute!

Anonymous 28 август 2009
Totally awesome. What about a lion and tiger version?

Jo 28 август 2009

Kelcey 28 август 2009
What an adorable way to celebrate, hope the update is just as good:)

bee 28 август 2009
Soooo cute! May I get one as a pet, please?

Anna Maria Wallace 28 август 2009
I would love to live in Your Mind's Wonderland, Vlad! Thank you for giving us yet another wonderful little part of it!

Ildiko Sabjan 28 август 2009

Marko 29 август 2009
Very cute, Vlad! Great wallpaper!

29 август 2009
Nice icons, make it with a piece of paper (think essay) or food in its mouth as well and it would make a perfect "Recycle Bin" replacement. :)

ChristineA 29 август 2009
Eeeeeee!! That is just the cutest snow leapord every!!! He is definitely going on my desktop. :D Thanks Vlad!

Joeby 29 август 2009
People asking for signature free versions are morons. This is how he makes a living, every artist signs their work. If you want a signature free version buy a membership. It's very reasonable and takes the watermark out. BTW - love the snow leopard... :)

Dmitriy Filippov 30 август 2009
Awesome wallpaper !!! Молодец и спасибо.

Macpages.ru 30 август 2009
Влад так держать, Барсик симпатяга :)

RipCurl83 30 август 2009

Rrr 31 август 2009
Хищное млекопитающее. Кыс-Кыс-Кыс.

sourskittle 31 август 2009
CUTE CUTE CUTE! i wanna keep her as a pet! i've been going around my friends PC's and making this their wallpaper *evil laugh* thanks vlad, big fan of your work :)

Ankit 31 август 2009
Adorable!! Great creativity!

Andrew 1 септембар 2009
Very cute! I have the wallpaper clock on my second monitor, and it looks great! Always love your work - thanks!

Daerwen 1 септембар 2009
Awwww, so cute! Thank you, Vlad :)

Micha 1 септембар 2009
LooooooooooooooooOOOOoooooL.... very nice!

1 септембар 2009
its something like...masterpiece.

Mary in America 2 септембар 2009
Here kitty kitty kitty. :-))))))))))))))

DenSosed 4 септембар 2009
Спасибо за барсика снежного! А за png отдельная благодарность!

mary 4 септембар 2009
this site is actually incredibly amazing. keep up the fantastic work :)

Elektryk 6 септембар 2009
Hi, can i use this icon as a logo of my future project (free internet application and free plugin for CMSs). Of course i will put You in credits as author of this image and also as author of icons "sphere" than i want to use in my project too. So...can I?

Vlad Gerasimov 7 септембар 2009
Elektryk: why, "sphere" icon is free to use for any project (including commercial). I was talking about Snow Leopard icon, which is for personal use only.

MANSOUR FADUL BAKHIET 7 септембар 2009
يا مان ... الدزاين جميل جدا جدا.

Julio Maria Meca Hansen 10 септембар 2009
It's a great wallpaper, but it's quite strange as it's the first one showing your logo, the usual is not to have it for registered members... Could you make a version of it without the logo? Apart from that, great work :)

Ebi Atawodi 11 септембар 2009
Awww adorable!

skye 13 септембар 2009
This site is just amazing. And the snow leopard too.

Young dai Kim 16 септембар 2009
Oh~~ pretty!!

Jane 17 септембар 2009
AGH! Love it! Very nice work!

chloe 19 септембар 2009
very cute!!!

Nina 25 септембар 2009
глаза - добрейшие)))

Sharon Robak 27 септембар 2009
Vlad, you never cease to amaze me. Awesome.

Mariya K-W 29 септембар 2009
Oh, no!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BEYOND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless!

Yong Jun Roh 8 октобар 2009
So CUte!!

Cassandra Olivia 25 октобар 2009
I love it. Everytime I use my new Macbook and see your snow leopard icon in place of my old hard disk icon, it makes me happy.

ali 30 новембар 2009
love it so much! prbly the cutest thing ive ever seen!

djrayon 21 јануар 2010
Nice snow leopard :). Cute and furry :)

IVA* 23 фебруар 2010

Yuri aka fatezoom 25 април 2010
люблю эту обои

5 август 2010
the best one :)))

anonomous 10 март 2011
soooooooo adorble

dims 20 април 2011
Hi, couple of days ago I've noticed someone using this artwork in their watches design (see the photo: http://s47.radikal.ru/i115/1104/14/3d82416f8338.jpg ) in one of the shopping malls in Sevastopol. Although it's most likely illegal, I feel somewhat proud for Vlad :))

Vlad Gerasimov 22 април 2011
Anonymous: that was actually me, I just happened to sign out. Thanks for noticing!

flatfeet109 28 јун 2011
vair vair nice.me like...

laura=9 11 октобар 2011
Ese juanma komo mola semerece una olaaaaaaaaaaaa

Simi 27 фебруар 2012
Také zlatééééé...

Di-di 4 јул 2012
It is very pretty

Met 21 новембар 2012
that is so cute and puffy :D and his name's Puffy:)))

reg 10 мај 2014

mariel 17 август 2015
i love it

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