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Сатови за десктоп 

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Vlad Gerasimov 22 септембар 2008
Нашао сам скицу црном оловко коју сам урадио кад сам имао можда 15 година :-) Скенирао сам је и пратворио у позадину. Изгледа чудно, али ми  се то  и свиђа! :-)

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Коментари {52}

Pascal Zumaque 22 септембар 2008
One of your hottest, in my opinion.

Hiram 22 септембар 2008
Muy bueno

Jesus Polo 22 септембар 2008
Great! I miss a good desktop.

pfennig59 22 септембар 2008
This is really cute. I like how they look like tar splodges. Thanks, Vlad!

Yuriy Gerasimov 22 септембар 2008
Black on black just disappears.

wenjy 22 септембар 2008

Christina (australia) 22 септембар 2008
Great job Vlad, Love the spikey hair & the way that light hugs the musicians bodies... really different, bit of fun...Tanks very much!

Jonathan Haley 22 септембар 2008
Excellent! Thanks a bunch. My son will love it!

Arthur Pustynin 22 септембар 2008
Забавно получилось

Maija 22 септембар 2008
Just crazy! :) Love this play with the light!

Rahul Kandathil 22 септембар 2008

katrinne 23 септембар 2008
coool ;) love it (L) thank you !

artavazd 23 септембар 2008
Waiting for the concert-series like "reggae", "jazz", "classic" etc. )) It's really nice!!! Thank you!

zibra 24 септембар 2008
definately one of my favorites...........

Beetle 24 септембар 2008
It's awesome ! I'm absolutely fond of that wallpaper ! Great ideas !

Suzana 24 септембар 2008
This one is a lot of fun, would be a cute design for a music room wallpaper on the walls.

peťulka 25 септембар 2008
musicians scare me a bit..:-( this definitely cannot be wallpaper for my pc..

Malox 27 септембар 2008
Une of ur best in my opinion

Bibaniu 7 октобар 2008
It's gorgeous! They remind me jazz band and I love jazz! :) Thank you, Vlad, for this wallpaper! :D

AHMED 8 октобар 2008

helga 15 октобар 2008
=) а контрабасист левша))

Marie 31 октобар 2008
I totally love this one and hope that it's the first of many to come : )

t0th' 12 новембар 2008
Rock oN ;) wonderfuLL

tsarmina 13 јануар 2009
creepy and rather gothic vlad. one of the few that i have found so far that i don't really like. sorry!

Moni 6 август 2009
Wow, I like it! It reminds me of a rock concert i've been last year. There was a song about someone walking through the streets in the dark and the stage was lit in blue and orange - just like your wallpaper! Well, and the song reminded me of myself walking through the streets at night. The street lamps were orange and the sky was dark blue because it was already break of dawn. Wonderful...

web 17 јул 2010

Leonel Macias 22 септембар 2008
LOL, that is pretty sweet, very sleek

Jynrya 22 септембар 2008
That is very awesome! Rock on! Love the lights too... by the way. ^^

Martin Stružský 22 септембар 2008
Great job once again!

Pedro 22 септембар 2008

Imperator 22 септембар 2008
Yeah! Rock!!! Козья морда... =)

Kareem Khazem 22 септембар 2008
Oh wow oh wow oh wow... Wonderful to see your characters haven't changed much since then :) Simple, but really cool. Love the highlights in the hair.

Mickey 22 септембар 2008

Mom 22 септембар 2008

Leti 22 септембар 2008
Cool !!!

alex 23 септембар 2008
is okay...wow

st-r 23 септембар 2008
Класс! Особенно вокалист =)

Jaideep Nadkarni 23 септембар 2008
Weird, Vlad??!!! I think it expresses a funny and cute perspective of them which we're unable to see when we see rock stars otherwise. Very cute and adorable. You also remind me of the cartoons I used to scribble away as a kid too. Thanks...

Gülbin 24 септембар 2008

Jeff Greeninger 24 септембар 2008
Why no lights in the dual screen size?

Timur 24 септембар 2008
That's pretty awesome. I think it's cool that your characters look like those little things they sell at shops. They're usually magnetic and you can stick the characters on metal and stuff. I actually have the one with the microphone!

Tade Sargsian 25 септембар 2008
одна из лучших, стильнейших работ :)

YAYME!!!!! 28 септембар 2008
Yes! I've waited all my life for this! OMG!!!!! It has finally come!

Homieee 8 октобар 2008
waaaaaaaaaaaaaw coooooooooool thing.. eh ^_-

Ramonoth 15 октобар 2008

Ally 20 октобар 2008
I really like this one.

gibran 2 новембар 2008
grax tan muy chidas

Ahmed elawa 15 новембар 2008

orico 13 јануар 2009
ewwww... I hate it! i'm really sorry, but i agree with tsarmina on this one. i like most of your darker ones, but this one is just flat out creepy and weird. i'm sorry!

Edith G 21 децембар 2009
Absolutely fantastic. A joy to have on my desktop! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from Canada. Any chance of a desktop theme? :)

Hana 29 децембар 2009

mahmoud 31 јануар 2010
wow , i like wallpaper :D

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