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Snow Man Snow Child

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 новембар 2007
Christmas is coming!

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Коментари {56}

DAVOOD db давно

mikeowar давно
this will be my xmas wallpaper! thx a lot

caesuras давно
I love your work. I'm glad I found your site. I always feel so much better whenever I glance at my phone and see your wallpaper adorning it.

vicky давно
Peace the slution of hummanyti

indiangiver давно
Very colorful designs

friendofraj давно

ewww давно
itss fugly

cook давно
thanks for the wonderful job

xoturk давно
amazing bro

Shelley давно
These Christmas wallpapers are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Ludmila давно
Thy will be done in Heaven as it is on earth.

Cynthia давно
Simply brilliant! Gorgeous! What a wonderful work! Thanks for share it with us!

Dave давно

amy давно
im totally agree with ashwin..its so hard to pick which 1 to use..love ur work!!

Ruby Pipes давно
I totally dig on this. And I like the little dipper.

tahmina 8 јануар 2008
snow man & snow child is a beautiful wallpaper and it is appriciated by all of my collegues.thank you very much.

Matilde 14 јануар 2008
It's very cute! I love it!! :):)

::saathiyaana: 14 април 2008
so cool n cute..!! just loveable..!! 14,apr'08

22 децембар 2008
Impressive arts!

23 новембар 2009
love it

Coline Bettson 9 децембар 2009
thank you Vlad ! Coline, in Manitoba, Canada

Tobin 14 децембар 2009
Haha! I am lmao because I can't quit looking long enough to go register and get those 2...which is now 3...wallpapers and here is one I just sent as an ecard to my grandkids in Cali, Fla., and Memphis (does this mean I can't move in now :l ?!?). This was more how I did my Harleys and hounds but yours is sooo much better ;) Hehe...I love ya anyway!

sivly 10 јануар 2010
i love it!!!!!!!11

Summer 12 јануар 2010
First it looks astonishing but when I look closer, it doesn't seem to be so SPECIAL. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Maria Isabella 25 децембар 2011
que lindo!

Karine Delvare 4 децембар 2012
This one doesn't seem to be in the all-in-one zip pack ?

Zvjezdana Katana 21 децембар 2012
Happy Christmas :))

Sophia давно
thank you sooooo very much!!!

meree azten давно
gorgeous.....love it!

Andy давно
I love your website! Keep up the good artwork

Veronika SK давно
Toto je to najkrajšie vianočné (zimné) pozadie, aké som kedy videla! This is the nicest xmas (winter) wallper I have ever seen!

amanda давно
I love your winter wallpapers, it is the closest to a white christmas we get in Cape Town, i change it weekly and adore the snowmen

FeRiaL давно
I Luv the twinkling stars so much and we now have another two new constellations in the sky...cool ~ that's an awesome xmas gift for everyone~ thx

dodong eborda давно
it a wonderful gift for us,its cool

Ashwin Narasimhan давно
Its so difficult to pick which one of these to use now.

Justin давно
this is my favorite one, although i would prefer a version without the little dipper as it looks extremely out of place. any chance you could put one up without the little dipper?

Mahrad:: давно
Nice!!! By the way, I love the blue theme you've used for the Christmas.

janedoe давно
Vlad, you are amazing and so much talented! I love you works, thank you for this as well :)

Papi давно
Nagyon jó:)

erwin давно

ruben давно
dude u still got it ;)

hero 13 јануар 2008

Ellie 27 март 2008
So cute

sanaz 26 септембар 2008
you are the best !! i love u so much !! thank u 4 your site :X its cool and beautifull

albeert 13 новембар 2008
thank´s for this web site, i like it !!!!!

l 23 новембар 2009
best ever!

essie b 29 новембар 2009
Thank you for the wallpaper!

Scott 10 децембар 2009
Oh MY Gosh! It's Almost Christmas Time Again!

it 15 децембар 2009

Aussie Jim 23 децембар 2009
nice to see, keep up the good work

Nitish 3 јануар 2010
Lovely images......these some of the most beautiful wallpapers i have ever seen..vlad is amazing...

ambili.k 22 март 2010
very nice wallpapers

jasmine 10 фебруар 2011
i like it very much.

Vaida 11 јануар 2012
thank you

Vlad Gerasimov 4 децембар 2012
Karine Delvare: I'll add it to ZIP packs in couple of hours. Thanks!

Henriette Wullems 1 децембар 2014
I found this picture today on a candle sleeve and I don't think you received any creators fee. Can people do that?

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