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Vlad Gerasimov 24 фебруар 2008
Поново правим дечије, плаво-жуте позадине! Извињавам се што се понављам, али не могу да одолим :-)

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Коментари {80}

Thamil 24 фебруар 2008

vickyvulture 24 фебруар 2008
really sweet, and very cool, loving it loads

TSiRKO 24 фебруар 2008
love it!

Moo 24 фебруар 2008

K. 25 фебруар 2008
Ura!Noven'koe.)) Spasibo bol'shoe, Vlad.

Marija 25 фебруар 2008
Wow ...it's so fine,it'so good.It's so wonderfulllll....:)

Ampit 25 фебруар 2008
Thanks again and again. Go on with you poetic inspiration. It helps all of us.

sbb 25 фебруар 2008
aha...I like it

Cynthia 25 фебруар 2008
Great w'paper Vlad! I love it! Thanks

Leti 25 фебруар 2008
I love this one... good job Vlad!

Vishu 25 фебруар 2008
I Loov ya imagination..

lisa 25 фебруар 2008
Don't apologize! Fabulous! I love the expression on the giraffe's face.

asif 26 фебруар 2008

Zampa 26 фебруар 2008
I believe I can FLY... Great Vlad!

Lesya 26 фебруар 2008
я в восторге от ваших животных! Спасибо большое :)

Michaela Basham 26 фебруар 2008
Will we get to see where the giraffe goes next? (series, please!)

sudha 26 фебруар 2008
very nice....

Bibaniu 26 фебруар 2008
Wow! Polish language version of this site :) Great thing... And this wallpaper :D What can I say? I love giraffes, so this wallpaper is absolutely wonderful :) That's what I was looking for :)Thank you for sharing your talent with us :) Hugs, Barbara

Homi 26 фебруар 2008
muy buenos!!!

cathy mercury 27 фебруар 2008
it's a MIRACLE!!! i love you i love you i love you !!! i have beside my monitor a wooden-made giraffe, her name is SONIA, and now i know what is she doing when i'm not looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! ps Sonia looks exactly as you've painted her on "Micro Animals Giraffe :)))

farzan 28 фебруар 2008
good look

Mariya K-W 2 март 2008
Sammie, why the spots are coming is part of The Question.. The Giraffe is changing. Into what, we might be lucky enough to see if Vlad holds on to this one for a little longer :)

dorene 7 март 2008
I love your wallpapers! Every wallpaper is so creatively done and truly brings cheers to my working hours! Particularly this flying giraffe...it is my favourite animal, and I sense a wonderful liberating feel js looking at it.

maya 12 март 2008
great ;)

yonizkr 14 март 2008
lovely ~♥ thanks.

omar barmada 18 март 2008
so nice

Ramesh 25 март 2008
Nice creativity

iran 27 март 2008
باهال بود خارجی های زبون نفهم

natia 3 април 2008

Paramita 8 мај 2008
Beautiful, as always :). Thank you!

Alexis 10 мај 2008
This is awesome, and cute too

mkultra 18 мај 2008
iei i`m flying :D pretty smyle :P

elahe 27 мај 2008
very good.aaaafariiin

Danny 11 јул 2008
I love this one, keeps me going through a tough day at work!

eleni 4 септембар 2008

Daniel 21 октобар 2008

paige 19 јануар 2010

Gee 3 март 2010
Forgot I had the flying giraffe pic open. My 1st grade students saw it, and got excited. One boy stated, "Giraffe can't fly." One little girl told him, "Yes, giraffe can not fly, but that is a fictional picture and I like it." They were listening when we were discussing genres. I guess you had to be there. Thanks for sharing your (in the words of my students, "AWESOME!!) work.

sara 19 мај 2013
Like !

zarovicka 16 новембар 2014
This one is really great man! I feel in love with this wonderful giraffe:)

Michaela Basham 24 фебруар 2008
I really love your giraffes, keep them coming!

Ltmboy 24 фебруар 2008
Love the rays coming off the clouds. Another brilliant wallpaper Vlad.

ACTiVE.* 24 фебруар 2008
I like it THANKS

Tatjana 24 фебруар 2008

Teresamar 25 фебруар 2008
Beautiful... inspiring... I have to repeat... my poetry blog www.sabordepalavra.blogspot.com wouldn't exist without your inspiring work... Even not understanding my portuguese words... it is easy to understand why just looking. All the best! T

bel 25 фебруар 2008
Es hermosoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariya K-W 25 фебруар 2008
The Giraffe is changing - spots are coming off.. Did you notice? "Learning to Fly", Pink Floyd, awesome track!

K 25 фебруар 2008
Ne Plus Ultra- simply gr8

JOSEPH 25 фебруар 2008
You guys are amazing......Great imagination... Keep up the good work...........

mkorashy 25 фебруар 2008
Prfect job!!

Rich Guere 26 фебруар 2008
Fantastic as always! Love the spots falling off, great touch!

emma 26 фебруар 2008
Love it!! this could become a series!?!

Chad 26 фебруар 2008
Very cute, Vlad. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

harini 26 фебруар 2008

Icey6 26 фебруар 2008
Beautiful! Pls. continue this story as a series...can't wait to find out where his wings take him and what happens when he loses his spots! Love the Pink Floyd reference!

zep3 26 фебруар 2008
It"s so nice On GuiPulp.com: http://guipulp.com/?p=832

Dejan J. 27 фебруар 2008
Very, very nice :-)

sammie 27 фебруар 2008
what i dont get, vlad, is why all its spots are falling off.

Andy 28 фебруар 2008
So great, thank you

spooky_kz 28 фебруар 2008
Brilliant! I'm your fan How 'bout funny looking grey elephant

Odena 3 март 2008
Fantastic :)

EARLD 4 март 2008

Carlos Villarreal de la Rosa 4 март 2008
For wallpapers like this I suscribed to your site, please continue with this type of work...

joanna 11 март 2008
piękna tapeta:)

Ooooooo 11 март 2008

Ronald 12 март 2008
Este hombre es un artistaso!!! ponga a eso a mitad de precio por un día y hace un millon de dolares.......!!!

mondandaeg 23 март 2008
Me encanta!!! ...

Bernardo 25 март 2008
Que Lindo!

ASBIRINE 1 април 2008

akc 2 април 2008

Anurag 7 мај 2008
Really, No match for you. all others anre really very very impressive. Keep Up the good work and let others enjoy your creations. thanks

BaneX 3 јул 2008
this one is the cutest ever!!! and it's sooo... inspiring... great job man!! you're the best!! all the best from serbia!!

morvarid 24 јул 2008
ilove it........its realy cute!

song 18 септембар 2008
soooo cute!

27 јун 2009
very nice! congratulations, very good

Вадим 16 фебруар 2010
великолепные картины!

Daniele Mambelli 18 март 2010
Why not 240x320?

April 22 јун 2010
It's great wallpaper. This is art.

Zen 1 децембар 2010

Me 23 јун 2012

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