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Size: Десктоп рачунари Мобилни уређаји Apple Android 2 монитора 3 монитора

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 9 септембар 2008
Одједном сам хтео да нацртам делфина са дететом, и  то сам урадио :-) По узорз на фотографију од Леандра Станцанија. Адобе Фотошоп, искључиво.

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Коментари {64}

Tr 9 септембар 2008
So lovely... I hope we could have this wallpaper-clock soon. :-)

Император 9 септембар 2008
Yama yama yama ya-a-a-a-ama... Cool

Nat 9 септембар 2008
I found this just when I wanted to see something smooth in blue color. You are reading my mind, aren't you?

Séka 9 септембар 2008
Very good! What tenderness and beauty !!! Bravo

marcus 9 септембар 2008
This is beyond words... Vlad you did it again like always! Grtz from Ostend in Belgium.

Arthur Pustynin 10 септембар 2008
Красиво конечно, но хочется чего-то космического.

Rogelio Tobias J. 10 септембар 2008
Excelente Diseño, Muy inspirador y excelente conjugacion de tonalidades de azul. Saludos Rogelio

Dave Weaver 10 септембар 2008
VERY nice, good work!

lisa 10 септембар 2008
beautiful. as usual. peaceful.

Jessica Schneider 10 септембар 2008
Ohh I just adore your Animal Wallpapers! They're my favourites :D

Arthur Pustynin 10 септембар 2008
Удивительное видение космических кораблей однако=)

lundi 10 септембар 2008
Me encanta, muy tierno....

mrufkojedov 11 септембар 2008

sravanthi 11 септембар 2008

Michael 11 септембар 2008
very nice work. might i suggest just a slight blurrage to the air bubbles? They were the only speed-bump if you will to my complete approval of your art.

Andrew Domaracki 11 септембар 2008
Astonishingly great! I love it.

mxsteel 12 септембар 2008
Awesome :)

t 13 септембар 2008
so sweet. i

Ludmila 14 септембар 2008
I don't like this one picture. I miss old wallpapers.

Neha 14 септембар 2008
Its really a nice one...

Neha 14 септембар 2008
its really a nice one..

EmKa 15 септембар 2008
Vlad, i love your creativity, but the best style was that one "with father and doughter" or anoder drawing people. Please, make some wallpapers in older style.

Lucy 18 септембар 2008
Hot! Exceptional! Fabulous!

ztwo 19 септембар 2008
yes!! i like that

mohamed helmy 11 октобар 2008
yes!! i like that

Marija 23 октобар 2008
It's very very beautiful :)

Maja Homen 2 новембар 2008
Aww :)

monna 11 новембар 2008
Te amo gordito precioso, mas que nada en este mundo y tu lo sabes

KAAN 12 јануар 2009
GÖTüne GODUmun

Patricia 31 август 2009

navee... 16 октобар 2009

april l. 12 септембар 2010
is great to uese

attitude braker 28 јул 2012
woooooooooooooooo..........grat i lk it :D

justin 14 јун 2016
esta buen

rafeek 9 септембар 2008
awesome..colors n composition.

Ales Kabourek 9 септембар 2008
great, Im diver and this is exactly what I need to see in my main work.. thanks

good 9 септембар 2008
It's very good..... umm... yes,good..

janedoe 9 септембар 2008
fantastic one again! so cute and beautifully done, thanks so much!

AMPIT 9 септембар 2008
Thanks. Beutiful. We were missing your wonderful screens.

Chad 9 септембар 2008
Beautiful Vlad. My wife loves it. It became her desktop immediately.

Richard 10 септембар 2008
Wow. Perfect.

Vlad Gerasimov 10 септембар 2008
Arthur Pustynin: так это же и есть 2 космических корабля, и бороздят они просторы Вселенной :-)

Rick Beckman 10 септембар 2008
Any chance for a similar work with flamingos? My wife would love that! :)

none 10 септембар 2008
WOW!!! great job Vlad :)

Leti 10 септембар 2008
thank you Vlad! this wallpaper makes me feel really good! I remember how my mom still loves me and protects me as a child, even that I'm an adult (alegraste mi día) :)

Jaideep Nadkarni 10 септембар 2008
sublime serenity!

dorene 10 септембар 2008
really love it! i changed my wallpaper as soon as i saw it! great work!

Mufaddal 11 септембар 2008
Love it ... blue is your best ... u do something magical with it .. keep up he great work... awesome!!!

Tril 11 септембар 2008
Love it!

Purple 12 септембар 2008
=O I love it its soooo cool thank you so much =D you are great

z4wil 13 септембар 2008
Another beautiful wallpaper..! with blue color (so calm), good job vlad.

mexican girl 14 септембар 2008
here in the pacific coast in tijuana... we have been seeing tons of dolphins lately swiming really close to the beach and its a delight!!!! =) thanks for the image... greetings from tijuana!! Mexicoo!!! p.s. maybe you could do some walls of somethig mexican like the indian piramids, food, animals, the citys i would really apreciate it... plus... i think its a big source of inspiration!!! greetings!

Mariya K-W 16 септембар 2008
Vlad, you blow my mind away. Thank you for your work.

Natasa 17 септембар 2008
One of the best, ever!

DeeJay.blog.hr 19 септембар 2008
I like to swim, too. ;)

tare676 8 октобар 2008
Vlad, you blow my mind away. Thank you for your work.

maiky 1 новембар 2008

dreamcatcher 8 новембар 2008
great work.

monna 11 новембар 2008
tu eres el mejor DELFIN para mi muaaaaaaaa

4 август 2009
It's very very burtiful .

Ness 8 септембар 2009
TO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

gourav 5 децембар 2009
sooooooooooooooooo sweet

Kool 1 октобар 2011
This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theodora 7 децембар 2012
Thanks, for all the fish ;)

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